My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 111

Chapter 111
Dominic also opened his mouth to reply, “You’re itching for trouble!”
Linda burst into laughter and enjoyed eating cranberry cookies heartily
Crumbs of cookies were sc attered everywhere.
Jane went to water the flowers in the yard, and Dominic walked beside his sister with a serious expression
“After you finish eating, clean up yourself!”
Linda was startled by this sudden order. She swallowed the last bite in her mouth, although reluctantly, but eventually yielded to her older brother’s authority. She obediently took the broom. from his hand and slowly cleaned up the mess.
“Brother, you’re quite a character now.” She teased him while working. “A model man with all twenty-four virtues, the epitome of a filial husband, aren’t you?”
Dominic glared at her.
Linda smiled and, after finishing cleaning, quietly put the remaining cookies back into the bag.
“For whom are you saving those?” Dominic suddenly said.
Linda was startled, her small hand holding the edge of the bag tightened discreetly.
Oh no, he had figured it out again.
Who knows how her older brother always sees through everything with those bright X-ray eyes of his, nothing could escape him…
Linda was racking her brains to come up with a random excuse, but she was told by Dominic again. “You definitely didn’t save it for yourself!”
After a moment of hesitation, she surrendered and confessed, “I’m taking some for Eric to taste.”
Why is it this person again?
Dominic’s eyes were slightly cold, and there was a hint of doubt between his eyebrows.
The last time he went to the hospital to find him, she had said that she came to Cardiff with Eric.
At that time, he didn’t even remember that there was a person named Eric in the Campbell family.
After thinking about it carefully, it seemed that Eric’s grandfather had been a long-time laborer in the Campbell family. They only did some cleaning work and generally would not appear in front of him.
But how did this person make Linda care so much about him?
Dominic remained calm and asked Indifferently, “Hasn’t he gone back yet?”
“Of course he can’t go back! If I’m left alone in Cardiff alone, how can he be at case!”
“He doesn’t trust you?”
“Well… yes!” Linda looked uncomfortable, “He originally came to… protect me.”
“You need someone to accompany you when you go out. With so many bodyguards at home, why did you choose to bring him, who only trims the lawn?” Dominic said sternly.
“Linda!” Dominic looked serious. “You’d better he reasonable and keep your distance from that Eric!” “Why?”
“You’ll hurt yourself!” he said with emphasis, “That person is not worthy of you. You better distance yourself from him!”
“Are you implying that he comes from a humble background?” Linda pouted, “Then whats the matter with you and Jane? You’re in Cardiff incognito, posing as the model husband, and yet you dare to criticize me…”
“I’m not the same as you!” Dominic was furious as he growled h oars ely.
Every word of this girl was poking at his sore spot. The more he didn’t want to hear something, the more she said something.
She really did it on purpose!
“Linda, I’m warning you, you’re only eighteen years old! Instead of studying properly, why are you blindly pursuing love? Break up with that ba st ard right away, or I’ll take care of that Eric as soon as 1
return to London!”
You… Linda was frightened by his outburst, her eyes turning rett, feeling wronged yet not daring to retort. She mumbled, “You dare! If you lay a hand on him, I immediately tell Jane who you really are!”
Dominic glared at her with anger, choking on his words.
The little girl continued to wipe her tears, I’m eighteen, so what? Who said that you can’t fall in love at the age of eighteen? When you were eighteen, wasn’t Miranda pestering you all the time?”
“Linda, say one more word!”
Dominic’s anger made the whole room feel like a vacuum.
Linda could only hear her own heart pounding
She hung her head timidly, twisting her fingers together, biting her lip, not daring to say a word.
At this moment, Jane came in with Kate and Josh, followed by Tristan,
They were all here to celebrate the successful opening of the new store
Dominic took a deep breath and forced a more natural smile, welcoming thein.
He was polite and courteous while exchanging pleasantries with them, displaying the demeanor of a gracious host.
Jane stood by his side, affectionate and full of admiration, with a devoted expression that made Kate unable to help but laugh.
Jane regained her composure, her cheeks turned slightly red, and she pursed her lips before turning around and busying herself behind the bar
“I see it every day, isn’t it enough?” Kate followed and smiled, “But I must say, Dan Murphy has done a good job, and I now have a better impression of him!”
“Anyway, as long as he spends all his money on you and doesn’t mess around outside, I’ll accept him as my brother-in-law!”
“Alright!” Jane smiled and showed her the menu. “What would you like to drink?”
“Not drinking for now. Is everyone here?”
“Bailey has a supplementary class today; he’ll come over after school. As for the others… they should all be here.”
Upon hearing this, Tristan chuckled lightly.
At this moment, his phone rang and he went out to answer it laughing even more.
It was Young Master White who had been absent.
“Brown, do you think there’s anyone like Campbell?” Hector complained in a loud voice as soon as Tristan picked up the call. “Why am I so unwelcome? It’s the grand opening of the new store, and they won’t even let me attend.
Tristan suppressed his laughter and kindly advised, “You should understand Campbell’s position. You were once considered a jerk by Jane and you even caused her a car accident. If Jane sees you all of a sudden, who knows how she’d react?”
Hector was unhappy, and sighed.
“So, then Dominic is the typical type who prioritizes love over friendship!”
“Well, you can’t say that… Tristan suppressed his smile. “Actually, Dominic Campbell has been quite good to you. He even let you stay at his vacation home for a few days of leisure!”
Hector was almost wailing. What kind of leisure was this? Clearly, he was being exiled as far away as possible!
Dominic knew him too well and knew that he liked to join in the fun.
Even though he warned him not to come on the opening day, he couldn’t be sure that Hector wouldn’t act rashly and stir up some other trouble.
In order not to alarm Jane, Dominic could only sacrifice his brother.
He claimed that he was allowing Hector to go on a vacation in the capital and pamper himself in a guesthouse, even reserving the Golden Pavilion for him to use exclusively.
But in reality…
Hector gripped the fishing rod tightly and looked up to the sky, letting out a long roar. “If he has the guts, he should openly reveal his identity! Let’s see if it was me or him who scared the Jane in the
“Shh! Stop talking!” Tristan looked concerned. “You’d better keep quiet!”
“Hmph, he only knows how to use red crucian carp to please women…” Hector gritted his teeth, “I’m going to catch all the red crucian carp from the bottom of his family’s Mount Bright Radiance now. Let’s see what he can use to coax sister-in-law…”
“Ahli!” Tristan was taken aback. They were talking just fine a moment ago, but he didn’t know why Hector had suddenly shouted.
“White?” Tristan felt uneasy. “What’s wrong?
“White? Hector White! What’s going on with you?”


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