My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 112

Chapter 112
Hector squinted his eyes and shook his head vigorously.
Did he just see a ghost?
That scavenger…..
Although he only caught a glimpse of him, the facial features were exactly the same as Dominic!
“White? Hector White!” Tristan called from the other end of the phone, “Did you fall into the water or something?”
Hector didn’t respond; he had forgotten to hang up the phone and just stared blankly as the person walked away. The person realized someone was following him and quickened his pace.
Perhaps he was familiar with this area; it was all mountain roads, and after a few twists and turns, he vanished from sight.
Hector stood still, his whole body stiff, and his hands and feet felt cold.
Maybe he was familiar with this area. It was all mountain roads.
Hector stood there, his entire body froze, his hands and feet cold.
The hot spring inn and the Mount Bright Radiance across the street were not far apart, but the area in between was a public space, not under the Campbell family’s control.
Bai Hector had been fishing here just now, and he didn’t have any bodyguards with him. Now, even if he wanted to chase, he wouldn’t be able to catch up.
The homeless man who rummaged through the garbage was nowhere to be seen…
“Hello!” Tristan covered the phone with his hand and whispered, “White, what’s wrong with you?
“No, it’s nothing.” Hector regained his composure, taking a deep breath, “I won’t tell you for now, something urgent came up!”
Tristan frowned..
What urgent matter could he have other than chasing after girls? He had probably seen some rare beauty just now!
Back at the bed and breakfast, Hector immediately called his subordinates.
“The security in the neighborhood is not very good. Have you seen anyone suspicious?”
The subordinates looked at each other, hesitated for a moment, and shook their heads one after
“Except for the area on both sides being under the Campbell family’s control, the middle area and the beach are unclaimed. Are you talking about this area?” one of them asked.
“We haven’t kept an eye on this area much, but…”
“Go on!”
The subordinate licked his lips. “It is said that there’s a recently released ex-convict who often hangs around here. Ile doesn’t have a proper job, survives by scavenging, and has even scared away several tourists playing at the beach.”
Hector narrowed his eyes, full of suspicion.
“Go check the surveillance cameras,” he ordered in a deep voice. “Retrieve the footage from every
Chapter 112
corner; nothing should be missed!”

The coffee shop was hathed in bright sunlight, and it was bustling and lively.
Jane stood behind the bar, making coffee and desserts, listening to her friends chatting and laughing. and smelling the fragrance filling the room. A sense of happiness surged in her heart, and her lips couldn’t help but curl up.
A large hand gently rested on her shoulder, and when she turned her head, she met his deep and doting eyes.
“Are you tired?” he smiled softly, “You can take a break. Il take care of this.”
“No need.” Jane shook her head. “I’m happier the busier I am!”
Dominic had a new hair tie on his wrist. He stood behind her, gently pulling up her sc attered long
“By the way, there are some things you still have to learn Jane looked back at him, “When I’m at work, you’ll have to take care of the shop. Making coffee and tea is fine, but the most important thing is… you shouldn’t always have a stern face. You need to learn to smile; otherwise, you’ll scare away the customers!”
That was something Dominic couldn’t do.
He could smile at her, but he couldn’t smile at others.
“Go on,” Jane nudged him, “Go chat with them and smile for them; practice a bit!”
“Honey! Are you listening to me?”
Dominic was speechless, hesitatingly taking steps towards the group. He kept turning back, hoping that his wife would revoke her order.
But Jane continued encouraging him with her eyes and smile, leaving him in a dilemma.
In the end, he gritted his teeth and stomped his foot before walking to Linda’s group.
At that moment, the group was engaged in lively conversation, but when they suddenly looked up and saw him, they all froze for a moment.
“Mr. Murphy… Dan,” Kate was the first to notice something was off and cautiously asked, “Is there something wrong?”
Dominic was extremely serious, his face tight and rigid, standing stiffly in place for a few seconds…. Then suddenly, he grinned, revealing a row of neat white teeth!
Everyone stared at him in astonishment, their bodies leaning back, unable to believe what they were seeing.
After a few silent seconds, the small coffee shop erupted in roaring laughter!
When Jane heard the sound, she hurried over and saw a few people laughing. Linda and Tristan almost fell off their chairs!
She turned to look at her husband again…
Ilis lips slowly came down from their grin, and his face turned even darker than before.
Jane didn’t know whether to laugh or cry for a while. His face was already cold enough, but when he smiled like that, it was even more frightening. It seemed that this guy was not cut out for the service
“Alright, stop laughing, everyone!” Jane linked her arm with him, afraid that his self esteem. would be hurt and tried to save face for him. My husband might look call on the outside, but he has a warm heart. He did a great job just now! Besides, everything takes some getting used to, right?”
“Honey,” her gaze was warm, “you looked really good when you smiled just now! Keep it up in the future!”
Dominic was started and clenched the Inle woman’s hand.
Kate stood up and put her hands on Jane’s shoulders. ‘Yes, your Superman husband is omnipotent! He’s a treasure!”
“Of course.” Jane looked at the man beside him with admiration. “As long as my husband is here, our store will get better and better!”
“Mmm!” Josh stood up. “Your life will become more and more happy!”
“Yeah!” Kate smiled. “The days are getting better. Shouldn’t you two consider adding a new member to the family?”
“Kate…” Jane’s checks were slightly red.
“What’s so embarrassing! This is a big deal. When will it he put on the agenda? Hey, I’m waiting to be a godmother!”
Josh anxiously shouted, “Then I’ll be the godfather!”
Tristan protested. “What should I do?
“Why don’t they have a few more habies? Let’s each have one!”
Laughter filled the cafe, and the atmosphere was lively and warm. However, at this moment, several black Porsches suddenly parked in front of the shop.
Then a group of black clad individuals carrying flower baskets arrived, their faces expressionless. They placed the flower baskets in the courtyard and stood solemnly on either side.
Everyone inside the room was startled.
Dominic’s brows tightened, and he immediately blocked Jane behind him, vigilantly looking outside.
“It’s not bad here!”
Aaron Wilson walked over, a sly smile at the corner of his mouth.
He leisurely looked around, seemingly indifferent, and casually chose a table and sat down, his legs
Kate stared at him intently, trembling all over, but she didn’t know that behind the sunglasses, a pair of eyes were also fixated on her at the moment.
The smile on Aaron’s lips froze for a moment. He took a deep breath, then stood up and walked in front of Duminic. He patted his shoulder arrogantly.
Dominic leaned away, dodging his hand, and a hint of coldness dashed in his eyes.
“Oh, Dan, we’re still brothers, after all!” Aaron sneered, “It’s such a big celebration for the opening of the new store. How could you not let me come and congratulate you?”


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