My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 113

Chapter 113
Dominic coldly stared at him, with a vigilant and dangerous glint in his eyes
“Mr. Murphy,” Aaron sneered and looked at him meaningfully. “The rent and decoration of this house must not be cheap, right? Where did you get so much money from?”
“That’s none of your concern,” Dominic said coldly.
We’ve been like brothers all along, even in prison, I’ve taken care of you,” Aaron’s eyes seemed to look through him, “Oh, if you need money, you can just tell me. I’ll lend it to you. Don’t make yourself suffer too much!”
“Thanks, but it’s not necessary.
“So, you have such a backbone now? Dan Murphy, are you really relying on your wife to support you, as others have said?”
When Aaron said this, his eyes kept staring at Jane who was behind him.
Dominic clenched his fists. The blood vessels on his sturdy forearm were clearly visible.
“Stop talking nonsense here,” a sudden voice came from the small woman.
Jane stepped in front of Dominic, her pair of beautiful big eyes firm and fearless.
On other matters, she might appear weak, but when someone targeted her husband, she wouldn’t back down.
“Mr. Wilson, this shop was a gift from my husband to me. We don’t lack money! My husband is diligent now, and he takes all the money he earns and gives it to me. In my eyes, he is the best husband in the world!”
So, please be mindful of your words in the future, and don’t always judge people with the same old perspective!”
Aaron’s eyes flickered as he carefully examined the petite woman in front of him.
After a while, he let out a light hun, and slowly said, one word at a time, “Beauty, it’s not that I have an old perspective, but your husband is really not that great!”
“Oh, do you know what crime he was imprisoned for, in the first place?”
“Aaron Wilson!” Kate suddenly stood up, her eyes fixed on him, “You are not welcome here. Please leave!”
Aaron’s heart tightened.
He turned around slowly and took off his sunglasses. Eight years had passed, and the person in front of him was the same and yetz she was no longer that same person.
Their eyes were no longer what they used to be.
Aaron pulled the corner of his mouth and forced a smile, “Miss May, long time no see. How have you been?”
Kate did not realize that he was trying his best to make his voice not tremble.
“Aaron” Kate took a deep breath, “Today is the grand opening of my friend’s business. We don’t want you to spoil the celebration. So, be sensible and leave!”
“Who said I was here to sabotage them? Aaron scoffed lightly and pointed to the two rows of flower baskets outside. “I’ve brought congratulatory gifts!”
“Besides, are you treating this kind of person as a friend?” Aaron’s eyes showed disdain, and a touch
Chapter 113
of scorn appeared at the corner of his mouth.
Kate’s brows furrowed, and her body trembled slightly. “Jane is my best friend! Since she is married. to Dan, then Dan is also my friend. I won’t allow anyour to cause trouble for my friends.”
Aaron’s fingers tightened around his sunglasses.
He looked at her quietly, and a fleeting warmth appeared in his deep eyes. This woman was still the same-righteous, protective, and deeply emotional
But did she know that this world was full of traps, and one careless step could lead to a bottomless abyss?
Aaron remained silent for a long time, then smiled lightly and waved to his men outside, signaling them to come in.
More than a dozen men in black filled the small cafe, and the atmosphere suddenly changed.
“Miss May, you must be joking.” Aaron pursed his lips, “I’m not here to disrupt anything, I’m a guest here!”
“Mr. Murphy, Mrs. Murphy.” He locked at the two of them. “Please please make a cup of coffee for cach of us, a latte without sugar!”
Jane had never experienced such a situation before. Even though she tried to remain calm on the surface, her heart was pounding like a drum.
She subconsciously grabbed Dominic’s arm and glanced at him timidly.
Dominic’s expression remained calm as he stepped forward and said in a deep voice, “Today, we don’t have enough materials to make coffee for so many people. If you want coffee, Mr Wilson, you can come back tomorrow!!
“No coffee? Then how about some desserts? Aaron noticed there were still some cookies on the table and grabbed one.
However, Dominic quickly cleared the tray and shot him a sharp glance.
Aaron was taken aback, his eyes instantly revealing a fierce light as he tried to grab his hand!
But Dominic was already prepared and sidestepped, grabbing his wrist! The two stood in a tense standoff, the atmosphere becoming extremely tense.
The dozen or so men in black were all ready to act!
A cold sweat broke out down Jane’s spine.
Aaron threw out a fist. Dominic opened his hand and clenched it tightly. His expression was gloomy and cold.
“Mr Wilson,” Dominic smiled sardonically, biting each word, “If you want to practice boxing, you can come to my gym, and I’ll accompany you to your heart’s content. But today is the opening of my wife’s cafe/It’s better if you don’t cause trouble; otherwise, this group of people may not be a match for mel
Aaron frowned, and suddenly his eyes fell on the back of Dominic’s hand.
Dan Murphy had a scar on the back of his hand from a burn, but this man’s hand was clean, without any traces of injury!
Aaron bit his lip, slowly straightened up, and stood with his hands down.
Janeanxiously ran to Dominic’s side, keeping a watchful eye on Aaron.
“Oh, it’s truly blissful to have a wife who cares for you, “Aaron sald sarcastically. “But, Mrs, Murphy,
Chapter 111
with your looks and figure, you’d be better off with anyone other than this man! I also have a lot of talented young men under my command. How about 1 introduce one to you?”
Jane was furious, about to say something, but suddenly, Kate rushed forward and slapped him hard!
“Get out of here.” Kate glared at the man with hatred, “Go away!”
The over a dozen black-clad individuals stood up, but Aaron raised his hand to stop them.
He touched the half of his face that was slapped, the scorching pain seemed to penetrate deep into
his heart.
He chuckled softly, his lips curved, and he looked at Kate with a hint of sadness in his eyes.
Why have you become like this now… Kate’s voice trembled, “Aaron, leave here with your people immediately, don’t disturb my friend again!”
Aaron nodded, quickly reverting to his usual rogue appearance.
He put on his sunglasses again, waved his hand, and the people followed him out of the courtyard. The several Porsches at the door started, raising a cloud of dust.
The cafe calmed down, and everyone was still trembling from the encounter.
Dominic gently embraced Jane in his embrace.
Jane looked at Kate worriedly.
She looked very pale, her face devoit of color, and had to lean on the table to steady herself. The moment Aaron walked out of the shap, he seemed to have taken her soul with him.
Josh summoned up the courage to hold her hand, but was startled by her icy temperature. “Katie,” Jane went over to hug her and whispered in her car, “Let me take you home first!”
Kate was silent for a long time, and then she said three words to her, “I’m sorry..
Jane smiled and shook her head, gently tidying up the loose hair by her ear. She asked Dominic to take care of the guests and supported Kate as they left the courtyard together.


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