My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 114

Chapter 114
Aaron sat in the car, even though the air conditioning was set to the lowest temperature, he still felt
He pinched between his eyebrows and his headache cased a little.
But the pain in his heart was getting stronger.
From the first day in prison, he knew that he and Kate May were no longer people from the same world. He couldn’t take care of her for a lifetime; he could only look up to her, miss her, and protect her with all his might.
So when he saw her interacting with Dan, he was both shocked and afraid.
Because he knew what kind of person Dan Murphy was, and he would never let this kind of hooligan have an opportunity to harm her!
As long as someone threatened her, he would do whatever it took to get rid of them.
That’s why he repeatedly caused trouble for him.
But today, he confirmed one thing for sure…
That person was not Dan Murphy at all!
The subordinate hung up the phone and turned to look at him with a solemn expression. Ele whispered, “Sir, the news from London says… Dan is not dead yet
“Are you sure?” Aaron looked alert. “Dan is in London now?”
“Absolutely certain.”
“Hmm.” He nodded, but his eyebrows knitted again.
Then who was Janie’s husband?
At present, Jane did not know that the person she married was not Dan.
So what was that person’s motive?
One question after another surfaced in Aaron’s mind, and he felt like he had entered a maze, unable to find a way out.
“Sir, since that person isn’t Dan, can we stop now?”
“Alright,” Aaron said in a low voice, “If there’s no grievance or vendetta, let’s not bother them anymore. But have you figured out who that person really is?”
“Well…” the subordinate hesitated.
“Forget it!” Aaron leaned back and closed his eyes, trying to rest. However, not long after, his phone vibrated.
His subordinate handed it to him, and he frowned when he saw the words “Kevin Campbell on the
Originally, he didn’t want to have any dealings with Kevin Campbell, but he was still not strong enough in Cardiff, and couldn’t easily offend any powerful forces. With the Campbell family as a backing, he would always have a place for himself in London or Cardiff in the future.
Aaron took a deep breath and reluctantly answered the call as Kevin’s patience seemed to be running out. “What the hell are you doing? It took you forever to answer the phone! Are you looking for death?”
Chapter 114
Aaron’s expression turned gloomy, but he had to force a smile, “Eklest Lord Campbell, what can I do for you?”
“I heard that those bosses you took care of in Coltsvor Countryside had their subordinates come looking for revenge?” Kevin complained.
“That’s true.” Aaron replied calmly. “But when the tree falls, the monkeys scatter. That’s an undeniable fact. They can’t afford this revenge.”
“Huh, you little brat…” Kevin sneered. “I’ll give you credit for having some guts!”
“Lord Campbell, you flatter me.”
“Since you’re so capable, help me with something
Aaron listened quietly.
Kevin said word by word, “I want you to take care of someone for me!”
“Eldest Lord Campbell, are you joking?” Aaron said indifferently. “In a society governed by the rule of law, it’s not that easy for someone to disappear.”
“It’s not easy for others, but it’s like a piece of cake for you” Kevin smiled, “Brother, if you can do this, I don’t mind if your nightclub is next to the Campbell family Manor! When the time comes, you’ll have your territory in the main city of London, and you won’t fear not making a name for yourself!”
Aaron paused and asked in a deep voice, “Ellest Lord Campbell, whom do you want to disappear?” After a strange silence, Kevin spit out a few words:
“The third son of the Campbell family, Dominic Campbell!”
A cold light flashed across Aaron’s eyes.
“If you’re free, come to London, and we can talk in detail!” Kevin said before hanging up.
Jane looked at Kate who was curled up on the bed, feeling a tinge of heartache. She gently patted her
Since coming back, Kate had not said a word. As soon as she entered the house, she locked herself in the bedroom. Her eyes seemed unfocused, like a soulless shell.
“Katie, are you hungry?” Jane tried his best to speak to her. “Dr. Green and Dan are both outside. Shall I let them cook something for you?”
Kate’s eyelids moved, and a teardrop ran down the corner of her eye.
Jane’s heart clenclund.
The Kate she knew was always energetic, like a seagull soaring in the wind, seemingly able to overcome any obstacle in the world.
But now….
After a while, Kate took a deep breath and slowly sat up from the bed. She wiped her tears and forced a smile at her.
“Jane,” she said softly, “I’m really sorry for today…”
“Why are you apologizing to me?” Jane said anxiously, “It was Aaron who came to cause trouble, not you who invited him!”
“But I’m still involved in this mess.”
Chapter 114
“Katie,” Jane’s eyes widened, “Do you mean that he’s here for you?”
“But I don’t think so. He’s here for Dan! They have had conflicts in prison before.”
“Oh, yes, you are right.” Kate self-deprecatingly smiled. “Jane, look at me. I used to look down on Dan in every possible way and thought he wasn’t good enough for you!”
“But in the end, what kind of person was my ex boyfriend? Not much different from Dan. They both came out of prison!”
“He went to fail because of me!’
Jane was stunned. His mind went blank. It took a long time to hear her soft voice.
She had on…
Jane half of her story with Aaron last time.
And this half was too tragic, and it was also her most unbearable memory.
“Actually… my parents divorced when I was very young.” Kate murmured. “The court gave my custody to my mother, but she was just an ordinary medicine practitioner, working hard and struggling to make ends meet. She remarried to give me a better life, and found my stepfather. Jane was slightly startled. She had seen Kate’s stepfather. He was a kind and amiable man. Ite had started and managed a small business by himself.
Although he wasn’t wealthy, he could still provide her with a worry-free life.
“My stepfather had a son, and I always called him brother,” Kate wiped away her tears, her lips. trembling. “but while I saw him as a brother, he had other intentions toward me! It was during my senior year in high school when he tricked me to the back of the school to a construction site and forced himself on me…”
Jane’s heart tightened as he held onto her cold hand.
“But he didn’t expect that Aaron had been secretly on me, Aaron stabbed him with a knife…”
me. When he was about to force himself
“I was in panic, my mind went blank, and all I could remember was blood all over the ground. Aaron stabbed him over and over again, he was covered in blood, and my brother was twitching in
a pool of blood… Until someone passed by and called the police.”
Jane took a sharp breath, “So, he got sentenced because of this?”
Kate looked at her silently, her pale face showing a sorrowful expression.


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