My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 117

Chapter 117
Hector nodded firmly.
“I met that person by the stream last week, and I was taken aback! Third brother, Dan really looks like you…”
Dominic’s expression grew even more profound and sinister.
“But apart from your looks, you two have nothing in common.” Hector continued, “I had some doubts, so I discreetly had someone investigate, and it turns out that Dan didn’t actually die.” “After he was released from prison, he offended several bigwigs from Cardiff. He owed them money, and got his fingers chopped off before being kicked out of Cardiff.”
Dominic did not say a word, and Tristan widened his eyes in shock.
“So… Tristan reacted, “Could it have something to do with Aaron?”
“Brother! Maybe Aaron would have already realized that you’re not Dan!”
A cold glint flashed in Dominic’s eyes.
That was indeed his concern. After several encounters with Aaron, the man was acting suspiciously. perhaps having already discovered the truth.
Hector licked his lips, then hesitantly said, “Could Aaron Wilson… be connected to your uncle?”
“Can’t rule out that possibility!” Dominic lifted his gaze, “But there are too many suspicious points, and we can’t jump to conclusions.”
He recalled the time he and Jane had gone to the hot spring resort together, and Jane got scared by a homeless man on the beach.
Come to think of it, that homeless man must have been Dan!
Dominic clenched his fists, a fierce expression on his face. “Since Dan isn’t dead, we need to capture him quickly! If we let him continue to operate in the area of Mount Bright Radiance, I don’t know what troubles will be caused!”
“Understood!” Hector nodded, “I’ve secretly informed our people, telling them not to make any noise, but to give their best efforts!”
Dominic nodded lightly and patted his shoulder.
After they left, Dominic sat alone behind the bar, his mind in turmoil.
He took out Dan’s ID card and saw the face on it, that resembled his owIL
Tristan’s words suddenly echoed in his ears-

“Brother, you married Jane by taking the identity of Dan Murphy. Legally speaking, Jane is Dan’s wife, and Dominic Campbell is still single… The relationship between you and Jane is not protected by law at all!”
Dominic tightly held the ID card, almost crushing the thin plece of paper.
Jane was Dan Murphy’s wife…
And that bas ta rd was still alive!
Dominic’s heart beat faster and he gasped for breath, as if a large stone was pressing against his
Chapter 117
When Aaron arrived in London by the first flight, it was just dawn. Kevin Campbell had already sent someone to wait at the VIP exit.
With a polite nod, Aaron got into the luxurious business car arranged for him by Kevin and soon. arrived at the Campbell family’s private clubhouse.
Kevin was eating breakfast.
A piece of bloodied steak, the blood seeping out after being cut with a knife and fork, caught Aaron’s attention. Kevin immediately dipped his finger into the blood and sucked on it.
Aaron frowned, a touch of disgust flashing across his face.
“Oh, do you want to sit down and eat together?” Kevin teased with a raised tone.
Aaron indifferently refused, “Thank you Lord Campbell, I’ve already eaten.”
“In that case, how about having a drink?” Kevin ordered someone to pour red wine and brought it to him.
Aaron sat across the long table, which was not his usual habit. Normally, when he discussed business with someone, he would sit in a convenient spot for conversation, not like now, where he was sitting as far away as possible.
Kevin wiped his mouth with a napkin and smirked. He gestured for his men to hand Aaron an envelope.
Aaron hesitated for a moment, then opened the envelope. There were only a few photos inside.
However, the person in the photos surprised him!
Dan Murphy?
Aaron suddenly raised his eyes to look at Kevin, his eyes filled with disbelief.
“What’s the matter? Don’t tell me you’ve seen this person before? Kevin scoffed lightly.
Aaron put down the photos, his face unchanged.
“This is the person I asked you to deal with,” Kevin stared at him, “Aaron, make sure you’ve got it right, don’t make a mistake!”
“What do you mean?“
Kevin laughed strangely and laughed for a long time until Aaron was about to lose his patience. “Alright, enough heating around the bush,” Kevin said coldly. “This person is Dominic Campbell, the third son of the Campbell family! Grandfather just flew to North America yesterday to meet some dignitaries, and now there’s no one at home… This is the best time for us to act!”
Aaron frowned.
He never expected Jane Fallon’s husband to be Dominic Campbell!
Based on their recent interactions, Jane didn’t seem to know Dominic’s true identity, yet she still went to great lengths to protect him. If he really harmed Dominic, this woman would probably fight him with everything she had.
He was not afraid of a woman, but this woman was Kate’s best friend…
Aaron let out a breath and looked at Kevin with mixed feelings. After a long silence, he decided to decline.
“Eldest Lord Campbell,” he said in a deep voice, “this matter is not easy to handle. Please think carefully.”
Chapter 117
Kevin casually played with the lighter in his hand, lit a cigar, and took a few puffs, looking at him. coldly with a smile.
“I am considering your well-being.” Aaron smirked. “I’ve heard that this certain Young Master has won the favor of your grandfather. There are even rumors that your grandfather will hand over the Campbell family to him in the future. If such a figure suddenly disappears, wouldn’t your grandfather investigate it thoroughly?”
“Oh, Eldest Lord Campbell, you don’t want to mess with the Campbell family. If they trace it back to me… I wont be able to bear it!” Aaron said.
“So, you’re afraid of that?” Kevin’s face showed a sinister expression. He raised his hand slowly and clapped twice.
The door opened, and slow and heavy footsteps came from outside.
Aaron stared at the door. When that person appeared, his mind suddenly went blank….
“You?” He was shocked. He looked at Kevin and looked at him again, dumbfounded. “Da- Dan..Murphy?!”
Dan was wearing a well-fitted suit, and his hair was neatly groomed.
At that point, he could indeed be Dominte’s stand-in.
However, the sleazy manner, evasive eyes, and inherent servility in him were worlds apart from Dominic!
“Heh, Brother Wilson!” Dan said, putting on a simile full of flattery, appearing just as unreliable as before when he saw Aaron.
Aaron looked at him and noticed that he was missing a finger. His left hand’s little finger was wrapped with a finger guard.
“How is it?” Kevin was very wood and walked over to pat Dan’s shoulder. “Can he pass as Dominic?
Aaron took a deep breath and licked his lips, “Eldest Lord Campbell, this…”
“As long as you quietly get rid of Dominic, this person can be useful to us in the future!
At this point, Aaron fully understood Kevin’s plan.
Get rid of Dominic Campbell and have Dan replace him. Dan Murphy would become Kevin’s puppet!
“Eldest Lord Campbell,” Aaron sneered disdainfully, “do you really think your grandfather’s eyesight has deteriorated to such a level?”
“Lord Wendell Campbell, he’s the famous head of the Campbell Corporation! He’s experienced all kinds of storms and tempests in his life. Do you think he wouldn’t be suspicious if you replaced his successor with such a waste? He may be old, but he’s not a fool!”
At one point, Aaron wondered if Kevin’s brain was also addled.
But as soon as he finished speaking, he saw Kevin’s cold smile. He suddenly realized that if he wanted his grandfather not to suspect anything, the only way might be to…
Even get rid of Lord Wendell Campbell?


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