My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 118

Chapter 118
Aaron stared at Kevin closely, unable to say a word for a while.
“As for grandfather’s suspicions, I will help him dispel them.” Kevin looked at him,
“Aaron, you only need to help me get rid of the people I should get rid of, you don’t have to worry about the rest!”
This ambiguous tone made Aaron even more convinced that he wanted to get rid of the old man as well
Kevin told Dan to step aside, then took out a land plan and drew a perfect location in the center of the city.
“This place has a high traffic flow, it’s considered a golden location,” he chuckled. “After the plan succeeds, I will arrange for you with the relevant departments, and this piece of land will be yours!
How about that?”
Aaron pursed his lips and did not say a word.
“Aaron.” Kevin patted his shoulder, “You’re an ambitious person, ruthless, cun ning, and malicious. That’s why I’m interested in you!”
“This matter is beneficial to both of us and won’t bring any harm. Consider it carefully!”
Aaron’s finger touched the planning map. The land area was quite large, and its appreciation potential was immeasurable. In this area of London, it was an understatement to say that it was a golden land.
Dominic’s life was really valuable!
Aaron smiled and looked up at him. “Excuse me, Eldest Lord Campbell, may I ask… where is your third brother now?”
“It is said that he is in Manchester,” Kevin squinted his eyes. “It could also be London. After the plane crash, he sought refuge with his grandfather.”
“How do you expect me to get rid of him?”
“Regarding the specific location, I have to rely on you to investigate!” Kevin smiled, “Otherwise, why would I invite you here?”
Aaron nodded and drank the red wine.
It seemed that this guy didn’t know that Dominic was in Cardiff or that Dominic was married.
Aaron returned to Cardiff with a black suitcase in his carry on luggage.
It was filled with cash, twenty neat stacks. It was the “token of appreciation” Kevin had given him.
Aaron sneered and handed over the suitcase to his subordinates for them to handle.
“Sir,” his subordinates rolled their eyes and whispered, “Killing Dominic is very easy for us. Should
we do it now?”
Aaron’s eyes darkened. After a long time, he slowly said, “Dominic is Wendell Campbell’s very favorite heir. In the future, the Campbell Corporation will most likely fall into his hands.”
“But Lord Campbell meant to get rid of the old man together…
“Huh, does he really think his grandfather is old?” Aaron lit a cigarette and took a deep breath. “Wendell Campbell is an old fox. No matter how old Lord Campbell is, he’s still stronger than
Chapter 118
inexperienced guy, who has just sprouted like a green onion!”
“If we really kill Dominic, and if the truth comes out to the public in the future, Kevin will put all the blame on me!” Aaron sneered. “Besides, given his character, he might not only involve me in killing Dominic Campbell but also drag others into it!”
His subordinates were a little confused.
Aaron pondered for a moment, then continued to say to himself, “But if I reveal this plot to Dominic and alert him, maybe I can still make him a friend…”
“Sir, what do you mean?”
Aaron paused for a moment and said solemnly, “Let’s not make a move for now!”
After he finished speaking, Aaron took out his jacket and quickly disappeared into the street.
He drove around aimlessly, and finally stopped in the small alley behind “Purple Iris”.
He was a little curious about what Dominic was doing at this time.
So he quietly approached the small courtyard. It was already past afternoon tea time, and through the French windows, he saw that there were not many customers in the cafe.
Jane sat behind the bar, tallying the accounts with great seriousness, using a calculator while looking very focused.
Dominic was beside her, occasionally fanning her, pouring her a glass of water, or massaging her shoulders.
Jane said something to Dominic with a serious expression. Dominic, a big man who was nearly 1.9 meters tall lowered his head in front of her as a primary school student who had made a mistake.
This scene shocked Aaron.
When Dominic and Jane were together, they were a family of husband and wife. He respected his wife and was even disciplined by her.
Aaron was a little stunned.
He had never imagined that a man like Dominic Campbell, who was so high and mighty, had such. an ordinary side. He didn’t care about the status he used to have, admired by thousands. However, he cherished the days without status now.
Aaron’s heart trembled as he clenched his fists.
He moved closer, and the cafe’s door was open, allowing him to clearly hear the conversation between the couple.
“Husband, just listen to me, we should really lower the prices!” Jane said seriously.
“But we are selling good stuff. We can’t compromise on quality,” Dominic replied.
“We are not selling at a loss, just slightly lower than the regular prices. It’s better to sell these desserts at a discount in the evening if we can’t sell them during the day, rather than keeping them until the next day when they won’t be fresh anymore!” Jane insisted.
Dominic looked at her dotingly, and the corner of his mouth rose slightly.
Having grown up in the Campbell family, how could he not understand the rules of business? However, Jane had to go to work and take care of the cafe, making desserts and brewing coffee from morning till night. He didn’t want her hard work to go to waste by selling the products at a discount.
He would rather eat them himself than let others take advantage of this opportunity!
“If they don’t sell, it’s okay,” he said softly. “After all, with me here in the shop, I will…”
Chapter 118
“You will what? Jane tapped his head with her pen. “Husband, we are running a business! If you eat like this, our cafe will go bankrupt!”
Dominic also laughed.
In the past, he hated sweets the most. When they had first gotten married, Jane had wanted to buy him a cup of milk tea, but he had refused with a stern face.
But now he was addicted to sweets.
Not just sweet food, but also his sweet and tender wife. They were both his life.
Jane felt helpless and poked his stomach with her finger, her dor eyes mischievous and playful. “Hey, have you been eating too many sweets lately, or are you lacking exercise?”
Dominic was startled. “Am I looking fat?”
She smiled deliberately, “I think you might be getting a little belly!”
He touched his stomach and looked at her. “Wife… If I really gain weight in the future, will you dislike me?”
“Well, I don’t know.” She teased him. “Let’s wait until the day you are middle aged! If you’re really horribl I think I’ll urge you to lose weight! Not because of appearance, but for your health!”
Dominic paused, a warm feeling welled up in his heart.
“Miss Jane,” he said in a deep voice, if I really get fat in the future, it will be because you have fed me and made my stomach grow big. So you will be responsible for me!
“You…” Jane couldn’t help laughing and finally fell into his embrace.
She quietly touched his stomach. In fact, it was still hard. His abdominal muscles were like small bricks, and there were clear mermaid lines.
Her cherks blushed slightly, and she chuckled to herself.
At this moment, she noticed a figure passing by the courtyard.
Dominic also noticed and became alert. He walked forward and coldly stared at the person-Aaron who was slowly walking in.
His face darkened.
“Oh, are you not welcoming guests?” Aaron smiled. He found a seat and glanced at the menu. ‘Give me an afternoon tea sel. Don’t add sugar to the coffee!”
Jane stood still.
Dominic shielded her behind him and took a step forward, coldly fixing his gaze on him. “Aaron, what exactly do you want?”


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