My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 119

Chapter 119
Aaron laughed lightly, looking innocent.
“Isn’t this a cafe? Why else would I come here?” he said.
Dominie scrutinized him carefully, not letting go of even the slightest expression.
He was not as aggressive as the last time, but he could not easily conclude whether he was acting with good intentions or malice.
Dominic turned around and hugged Jane’s shoulder, and whispered to tell her to go home first. He was here to deal with it.
Jane was a little worried, but seeing that he insisted, she could only slowly walk out.
Once she was far enough, Dominic looked at Aaron with a half-smile.
“So, you want the afternoon tea set, right? I’ll make it for you!”
“Are you capable of that?”
“I am the owner here. There’s nothing I can’t do.”
Dominic returned to the hark of the har. Though he handled the tools skillfully, the sounds of clanging pots and pans were quite loud, leaving Aaron wondering if he needed such a show of noise to drive him away or not..
After a while, a fairly delicate plate appeared in front of Aaron.
A beautiful red velvet cake, a cup of fragrant hot latte, and a small purple iris flower as decoration on the tray
Aaron pinched the flower between his fingers and smiled. “It’s definitely not your idea to be so meticulous.”
“Yes.” Dominic said indifferently as he wiped his hands. “My wife has the final say. I learned from her.”
Aaron took a bite of the cake and frowned slightly.
“Isn’t this the leftover from today?”
“Of course not.” Dominic snorted, “This is the leftover from the day before yesterday!”
“…” Aaron looked at him for a while, barely managing a wry smile. “It’s okay; I’ll taste the chef’s
“Oh, you misunderstood.” Dominic continued to be expressionless, “This wasn’t made by my wife either.”
“The day before yesterday, a customer wanted a red velvet cake, but Jane hadn’t learned how to make it yet, so I bought two pieces from the cake shop nearby.”
Dominic’s eyes were cold, and there was a smile on his lips. “I didn’t expect this cake to go bad after two days!”
Aaron held the fork, his face turning dark, unsure if he should take another bite.
“You can’t taste my wife’s craftsmanship. But you can taste the taste of this preservative!” “Huh!” Aaron straightened up and looked at him with a complicated expression.
“You can’t bear to let me taste the dessert made by the shop owner?”
My Husband Is A Secret Talliamaino
“It’s not that I am reluctant.” Dominic said clearly. “It’s just that you are not worthy of it.”
Aaron’s face darkened, and he placed the fork and knife on the plate, making a loud sound. ‘Great, I’m not worthy!
Dominic Campbell, you probably don’t know that I could take your life here in a minute!”
Aaron took a deep breath as he thought this, and suddenly found it both infuriating and amusing.
He looked at the person in front of him, and asked in a low voice, “What are you going to do with the leftovers today? You really don’t eat them, do you?”
Dominic glanced at him. “Is it any of your concern?”
“I’m just reminding you.” Aaren stood up and put a hand on his shoulder and pressed it twire. “Lating sweets might bring joy, but eating too much is bad for your teeth
“And how will a fierce beast rule a kingdom without its fangs?*
Dominic suddenly raised his eyes. The depth in Aaron’s eyes made him suspicious.
“Heh, ruling a kingdom? Who needs that? After a moment of silence, Dominic sneered. “I don’t need to rule a kingdom. Just being with my wife for a lifetime is enough!”
“Mr Wilson, the coffee has gone cold; let me make you another cup for free!”
Aaron smiled meaningfully and did not say more.
In the past few days, Dominic had been having people search for Dan Murphy’s whereabouts.
But the strange thing was that Dan seemed to have disappeared out of thin air in that area. Henry rushed to Cardiff and quietly brought him the news. “Young Master, our people have searched all over the city, but we couldn’t find Dan”
Dominic’s expression was cold.
How could a living person suddenly disappear!
Now that no one could find him dead or alive, Dominic had already thought of the worst outcome…
“Continue to look for him in London!” He gritted his teeth. “I suspect that my Uncle and the others may have found him one step ahead of me. If they want to do something, they will definitely find
someone to deal with me in secret!”
“Young Master, this…” Henry opened his eyes wide and looked nervous.
“You don’t need to worry about my side,” Dominic ordered coldly, “It’s Jane… Find a few reliable people to follow her on the way to and from work, and make sure to ensure her safety!”
After Dominic said this, a chill suddenly crept up his spine.
Whether it was Edward or Kevin, or the other forces in the Campbell family that were just about to move, lie was never afraid of confronting them.
But this time he was afraid.
He and Jane were in the open, while they operated in the shadows. If they couldn’t move against him, they would surely target Jane….
Dominic pursed his lips tightly, his handsome face became as cold as ice..
Darling!” Just then, Jane’s delicate voice rang out from outside the cafe.
Chapter 113
Henry and Dominic looked at each other, lowered their hats, and quickly ran out.
Jane brushed past him.
She only felt that this person was mysterious. Just as she was about to take a second look, Dominic walked out.
“Are you off work?”
“Mmm!” Jane retracted her gaze and walked into the store.
There were no customers in the store, it was empty, and now was people’s leisure time after work. which should be the best time for business.
Several large cans of coffee beans were still neatly arranged in the back cabinet. There was almost no shortage of cakes and desserts in the glass cabinet on the bar.
The smile on Jane’s face gradually froze, and there was a hint of loss in her big eyes.
Sweetheart, what’s the matter?”
“Nothing…” Jane forced a smile. “Business hasn’t been good the past few days, hasn’t it?”
This time. Dominic stopped.
In fact, from the beginning, he didn’t care if the business was good or not. The purpose of opening this store was to make her happy.
However, she couldn’t be happy even if the business was bad….
He frowned. Really, how could he have neglected this!
It seemed that Hector and Tristan had to bring some more people over in the next few days.
As he was thinking about it in his heart, he heard Jane speaking angrily:
“There must be someone behind the scenes! Otherwise, it was fine a few days ago, why would there be no business all of a sudden!”
“What?” Dominic was startled.
Jane took out her phone and opened several commonly used review software.
There were a lot of reviews for Purple Iris Cafe, but almost all of them were overwhelmingly negative!
“I heard the owner of this shop has a criminal record and has been to jail!
“Yes, everyone, please don’t go to this place! How can a cafe run by someone who’s been to prison make good coffee?”
“I wouldn’t even give
It one star! It’s a shady place!”
Jane flipped through the pages with her hand trembling slightly.
“Husband, look…” She felt wronged. “I only found out today that there are so many accusations online calling us a shady place!”
“How is that possible? We’ve never offended anyone since we opened!” Jane looked at him, some words on the tip of her tongue but hell back
“Honey…” She licked her lips. “Could it be, someone from your past? Like that Aaron Wilson?”


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