My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 120

Chapter 120
Dominic looked at the comments on his phone, and there was a sadness in the bottom of his eyes.
A new store would not attract so much attention. The only possibility was that as Jane said, someone was behind the scenes.
These comments were obviously made by hired internet armies, maliciously leaving negative
Dominic had also suspected Aaron, but the thought only flashed through his mind before he rejected
With Aaron’s personality and status, he would not use such a low-level and circuitous method.
Moreover, this method looked like a petty fight between women. If Aaron really wanted to deal with him, he could just declare war.
It also didn’t seem like the work of competitors. While there were indeed several cafes nearby, each had its own unique selling points and a fixed customer base, and they generally coexisted peacefully.
So, whoever was behind the hired internet trolls, it was likely directed at Jane..
Dominic’s answer gradually became clear in his heart, but when he saw the glimpse of sadness on his wife’s face, he chuckled and took responsibility upon himself.
“Your analysis is right. I have offended many people before, and I don’t know who took the opportunity to retaliate.”
His voice was h oar se.
“Wife, I am useless as your husband. I’ve caused you trouble again.”
“What did you say!”
Jane looked at him seriously, his two small hands gently rubbing his face.
She could not listen to anyone saying that her husband was useless, not even him!
“My husband is the most capable man in the world! When something goes wrong, we have to find a way to solve it, instead of blindly pursuing the past, right?”
“But my past may cast a shadow on our lives forever.”
“So what?” Jane smiled. “Whether it’s a shadow or a storm, I’m your wife, so I’ll bear it with you! From the day I married you, I’ve been ready for this!”
Dominic’s eyes flashed happiness.
“Silly husband, of course it’s true!” Jane tiptoed and playfully rubbed his nose. “I can’t just separate you from your past. I want all of you, not just parts of you.”
“Regardless of my past identity, you’ll accept ine?”
“Of course! Why are you saying silly things today?”
He stared at her in a daze, then suddenly laughed in relief.
The big stone in Dominic’s heart seemed to slowly move away.
The sunset that day was particularly beautiful. The purple Irises in the courtyard were blooming gorgeously. Even the air was filled with a sweet smell.
There were no customers in the store, but Dominic was almos
Jane looked at him strangely, not sure what was going on with this man.
“Darling, did you listen to what I said?”
Dominic finally regained his senses. “Huh?”
Jane was helpless. “I just said that the solution I thought of was to spend some money to find
someone to remove these bad reviews! As for how much it will cost, and what kind of person I want to find. I have to find out more!”
“No need to ask, leave this to me.”
Dominic paused and explained in a low voice, This… This is something what a man should do. Don’t worry about it.
Jane chuckled, and lightly laughed and leaned affectionately against his side.
With him by her side, she felt completely secure.
For the next few days, the business remained dismal, and even the desserts in the display window couldn’t sell, becoming moldy.
Jane was worried about the coffee beans getting damp, so she would take them out for ventilation every day, and the aroma of coffee beans would permeate the shop.
But even when she put up a “Buy One Get One Free” sign, still, no one came to buy coffee.
Tourists passing by would point and whisper, then quickly run away as if they had touched something unclean.
Jane was very anxious, but this situation was quite in line with Dominic’s wishes.
He was too lazy to make coffee and serve the guests.
He just wanted to watch over her every day, wishing that there were only the two of them in the
However, in order to make Jane happy, he still asked Tristan to investigate. The results of the investigation were not as he expected.
“Dominic, I consulted a few new media companies. They quickly released the data. The data shows that these navy soldiers are all from the Fallon Corporation.”
“Oh, it really was Fiona Fallon who did it?”
“Anyway, the account that made the payment to the army of internet trolls was Fallon’s financial
Besides Fiona, who else in the Fallon family would do such a brainless thing?
Dominic pinched his eyebrows and was about to hung up.
He did not bother to fight against the Fallon family, and the Fallon family could not fight against him.
But he cared about Jane..
Tristan said in a low voice,
“If you want to mess with the Fallon family, it’s not difficult at all. Just treat them in their own way!”
Dominic was silent and hung up.
There was still no customer in the shop that day. Jane told him to go home to rest and stay in the
“Did you see it? This is our Miss Jane’s shop!”
Jane’s heart tightened.
This mocking voice was like Fiona!
“Miss, the reviews here are very bad. I’ve seen it online!”
“Yeah, do we still have to go in for coffee today?”
“So what if it’s like this?” Fiona sneered, “This is my sister’s shop, so you should all help out more! Her husband used to be in jail, but he has changed for the better now. It’s not easy!”
“But our Miss Jane has it even harder, always guarding such a person like a treasure!”
The few colleagues covered their faces and laughed.
Inside the room, Jane heard these words and clenched her fists. A little while later, she walked out, holding the wastewater from cleaning the coffee machine, and then poured it into the courtyard..
“Ah!” Fiona screamed and hurriedly avoided it.
The water almost splashed her.
“Jane, there’s something wrong with you!”
“Heh, my elder sister is here.” Jane smiled lightly. “Im so sorry, I seemed to hear the dog barking just now. I was afraid that the stray dogs would step on the flowers in my yard, so I came out to have a look.”
Fiona glared at her angrily.
To tell you the truth, the environment of this cafe is really good. She studied design and had always wanted to have a studio, but David did not support her.
If she could drive Jane away and take this house as her own, then she would have her studio…
And now it was already half done. The navy she bought was starting to pay off online. The place would soon close down due to poor management.
When the time came, she would take over. Jane could only pack her things up and leave!
Fiona snorted coldly, and when she looked at Jane again, her eyes were a little more sinister and
“Sister, I heard the business has been had lately?” She swayed her hips as she walked towards Jane. “I’ve seen those comments online, hehe, don’t take them to heart!”
“Let me tell you, that Dan Murphy is just not reliable. At critical moments, you have to rely on your family! Today, isn’t your big sister here to support you?”
“You all car sit wherever you like!” Fiona winked at the people behind her. “Today, I’m here to cheer for my sister. I’ll pay for what you all want to drink!’
Saying that, the group of them walked into the room noisily and sat downL
Jane’s eyebrows furrowed, and she looked disgusted.
Was Fiona really being kind? Oh, this acting was too fakel


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