My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 121

Chapter 121
“Today, I’m leaving and closing the cafe early.” Jane said expressionlessly, “Everyone, please leave. There’s nothing here that you need to do!”
The few colleagues looked at each other and looked at Fiona.
Flona sneered as she crossed her arms, and gestured for them to sit. “Sister, leaving work so early, aren’t you neglecting your rent for this place?”
“The rent?” Jane raised an eyebrow. “My husband takes care of the rent, and he manages everything in this shop. He said we opened this shop to make me happy, so I’ll finish work whenever I feel like it. No need to worry about money!”
“Also,” she wiped the counter and looked up at her, “this place is for drinking coffee and having snacks, not for you to gossip and meddle!”
“Your management is already problematic, yet you still act so arrogant!” Fiona was embarrassed that she couldn’t even control Jane in front of their colleagues.
“Fine, we’re leaving. But you should know, with so much slandering online, your cafe will eventually close down!”
“Whether I close down or not, what does it have to do with you?”
“Of course it has nothing to do with me,” Fiona laughed mockingly. “But it has something to do with your husband! Ah, sister, a coffee shop could have been such an elegant place, yet you have to involve your husband in it! Isn’t this seeking trouble for yourself?”
Jane’s expression changed, and she tightly held the coffee cup in her hand.
“My husband hasn’t stolen or robbed anything. He earns money through his own hard work. What’s wrong with that? How does it amount to seeking trouble?”
“Because he used to…”
“The past is in the past!” Jane became somewhat agitated. “You don’t need to remind me over and over again!”
“Huh, are you angry?” The more Fiona saw her like this, the happier she became.
Throughout their lives, she had never lost to Jane in a battle. She had thought that by making Jane marry Dan Murphy, Jane’s life would be ruined, and she could step on her and drag her into the mud.
But she hadn’t expected that Jane would follow Dan, and their life would only get better!
Whenever Fiona thought about this, she felt like a needle had been stabbed in her heart.
Now that she had finally caught this opportunity, she was determined to humiliate Jane to the fullest.
“Hey, how do you get along so well with a criminal? I heard people like him carry criminal genes, huh… In the future, your children will not inherit these traits, right?”
Jane glared at her fiercely, ignoring her words, and turned to press the button on the coffee machine.
The coffee machine roared to life, drowning out Fiona’s cold laughter.
However, she thought that Jane was afraid of her, and mocked her even more. “Sister, your me ntal strength is truly impressivel How can you do it? You teach me too!”
Jane lowered her head to make coffee and remained silent.
“Hey, teach me!” Fiona raised her voice, “Teach me!”
The noise from the coffee machine suddenly stopped.
Jane turned around abruptly, and a cup of freshly made iced coffee was poured directly over Fiona’s head!
Caught off-guard, Flona felt a chill from head to toe. Her hair was dripping, and her false eyelashes. were stuck together, making her makeup a mess.
Everyone else was dumbfounded and remained motionless.
Jane sneered, “Didn’t you want me to pour it over you?”
“Fine, I poured it! Satisfied now?”
Fiona’s face was pale, and her hands and feet were shaking with anger.
“Jane! You b itch…
Before he could finish his sentence, Jane raised another cup of hot coffee, as if she were about to pour it on her again!
Fiona screamed in horror, instinctively covering her face.
Jane’s hand stopped in the air and finally put the coffee cup down.
“Fiona.” She gritted her teeth and said, “Listen to me carefully. I don’t care how you treat me, but my husband is my bottom line!”
“If you dare to cross that line, I’ll show you what death really means!”
“Get out!”
Jane roared.
Fiona looked at her in shock, her face Gilled with fear and hatred, but she didn’t dare to make
more trouble.
At that moment, Kate entered the door and witnessed this scene.
She could guess what had happened just by looking at the mess.
She was worried about Jane and impulsively rushed forward, pushing Fiona away forcefully! Fiona sta ggered and slammed into the corner of a table, causing her to wince in pain.
“Kate, are you crazy! Fiona was hysterical. “How dare you push me!”
“It was you who pushed the limits of our patience!” Kate protected Jane, “You brought this group of people here, just to trouble jane, didn’t you?”
“Hmph, I came to bring her some business!” Fiona glanced at her disdainfully. “Truly like dogs who bite the hand that feeds them… You’re just like Fallon Can, both ungrateful dogs!
Kate didn’t bother arguing with her and simply slapped her across the face, leaving Fiona seeing
Initially, she wanted to resolve the situation peacefully by shielding Jane. But Fiona had a talent for bringing out the strongest anger in people.
When Kate saw Fiona’s arrogant attitude, she couldn’t help but want to scold her, but in her fury, her mind went blank, and she couldn’t find the words to say.
If she couldn’t find the words, she might as well resort to action!
Kate and Fiona scuffled together, pulling each other’s clothes and hair, neither willing to back down.
Jane wanted to intervene, but she couldn’t find a way to do so.
The small cafe instantly burst into chaos, and even passersby stopped to look inside.
For the
past few days, Aaron had been observing Dominic, and often lurked in a discreet corner behind the courtyard.
When he heard the commotion, he couldn’t help but worry for Kate after seeing her entering.
But as he rushed into the courtyard, he noticed Kate in high spirits and Fiona with her disheveled appearance. It became clear that his worries were unfounded.
“Cough, cough!” Aaron cleared his throat loudly.
Amidst the screams of several women, the deep voice of a man stood out.
Instantly, the room fell silent.
Aaron found it somewhat amusing. Kate’s heroic spirit and fighting skills were still as impressive as they used to be.
“What are you all doing?” He paced through the door, pressed his lips, and looked at Jane. Is the boss. no longer running a coffee shop but a martial arts school?”
Jane took a deep breath and frowned.
It was already a mess. What was this person doing here again?
She forced herself to calm down, looked at Kate, and straightened her messy hair.
Kate, on the other hand, remained cold-faced as she exchanged a brief glance with Aaron, with a bitter self-mockery evident in her smile.
Aaron was accompanied by two men, both tall and strong-looking, and their fierce appearance alone intimidated the women present.
Fiona had suffered greatly and was supported by someone. She was about to shout angrily but was suddenly met with Aaron’s deep, cold gaze.
She shivered and her mind went blank, instinctively avoiding his eyes.
Aaron was also suspicious, and silently observing her.
“Miss,” he smiled and turned to Flona, “you seem to be quite injured. Would you like me to take you to the hospital?”


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