My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 122

Chapter 122
Fiona bit her lip and tried to turn her body around, her hair hanging down, so that he could not see
her face.
“No need,” she whispered. “Today, I’m unlucky… I met these two troublemakers!”
“What did you say? The moment Kate raised her voice, Fiona immediately shrunk back.
She walked towards the exit, muttering resentfully, “Jane, just wait and see! If you wish to, you can guard this dilapidated shop every day; but still one day I’ll smash it to pieces!”
Just as Kate was about to step forward. Jane tightly grabbed her hand.
“Forget it.” Aaron propped up a wobbly chair and sat down, calmly adjusting his cufflinks, smiling faintly at both of them, “You’ve been bitten by a dog, do you really want to bite back?”
Who are you to care?!” Kate redirected the fire towards him
The words made Aaron’s heart tremble.
In an instant, he was transported back to those youthful days, a season when the grass was lush and the birds were singing.
The headstrong and willful girl by his side used to shout at him just like this, but he loved hearing her yell. No matter how unreasonable she was with him, he always responded with a smile.
But ever since he went to prison, he hadn’t smiled like that again.
Yet, tonight he looked at her, at her angry red face, and the way she protected her friend at all costs.
He suddenly wanted to smile again.
“Miss,” Aaron gently curled his lips, “you really shouldn’t act like this. The most important virtue for a woman is gentleness and grace. If you act crazy and wild like this, who would dare to want you?
“Learn from your friend and how she treats her husband!”
Kate’s expression changed and she turned to look at him. Her cold star-like eyes met his gaze.
“Mister,” she spoke with the same tone, her words clear, “the most important character for a man is to be consistent. A person who acts so fickle like someone I know, who would dare to be with him?”
“Learn from your prison buddy and how he treats his wife!”
Aaron’s eyes darkened.
“Kate, are you teaching me how to behave?”
“Oh, how surprising!” Kate sneered, “You finally remember my name!”
Aaron’s expression gradually turned serious, and the room felt like it was entering a vacuum, the silence making people feel uneasy.
“Uhm… Would you two like to sit for a while?’ Jane’s voice was small as she was trying to mediate. “I can make coffee for you…”
“No need!” Both of them responded in unison this time.
Jane felt awkward and nodded.
Kate asked Jane to lock the door of the cafe and accompany her home, so that they could discuss how to solve the current predicament.
Aaron knew she was giving him a clear signal to leave, so he stood up, took big strides, and quickly disappeared into the evening darkness.
Chapter 122
The scenery outside the car window rapidly repeated, and the sun’s rays dyed the earth a golden red.
Aaron pinched his chin in one hand, his eyebrows knitted together, and there were thousands of thoughts in his mind.
“Sir, what’s the matter with you?” his subordinates asked him with concern.
“It’s nothing.” Aaron paused. “The woman in the store just now…..”
“You mean that Mrs. Falling?”
“You know her?”
His subordinates laughed. “Sir, isn’t that the one who often comes to the Night’s Blossom for drinks!”
Aaron was slightly taken aback.
Night’s Blossom was a business in a gray area, but it was also the hottest night venue under his control.
Many young masters and daughters of rich and powerful families in Cardiff often visited there, using it as an outlet for their emotions.
It turned out that Fiona was actually one of them.
A spoiled rich daughter who always competed fiercely, and when she wasn’t in a good mood, she would get drunk at Night’s Blossom.
“Sir.” his subordinates smiled contemptuously, “I heard that Miss Fallon enjoys herself very much over there””
“Is that so?” Aaron smiled too, as he asked, “What’s the trick?”
“I don’t know. You have to ask those handsome guys who worked hard at night! Haha…”
Aaron’s eyes darkened- he was smiling, but there was a coldness in the corners of his eyes and lips.
A few days later, Fiona was thrown into a small dark room at the Night’s Blossom.
At first, she was very arrogant, relying on the strength of alcohol to act crazy and shout loudly.
“Who are you? Dare to tie me up! I’m a VIP guest here, are you all blind!”
“Of course I know you’re our VIP guest.” Suddenly, a cold voice came.
The room gradually became brighter, and in the center sat a man with an imposing aura, sharp eyes, and a scar on his brow, particularly prominent.
Fiona’s heart thumped, and she gasped.
“Miss Fallon,” Aarón sneered, “Even VIP guests with a level higher than you don’t dare to yell at me like this!”
Fiona knew that Aaron was ruthless, and she recognized him from Jane’s cafe that day.
But she didn’t understand what was the relationship between Aaron and Jane?
“What… What do you want by locking me up here? Fiona’s voice was trembling. “I’m a guest here. I always tip generously when I drink! Why did you arrest me!”
Aaron clapped his hands, and several surveillance images flashed on the screen in front of Fiona.
They showed her drinking and indulging herself in Night’s Blossomn.
The once well-behaved daughter of the Fallon family was now wearing a strapless dress and believing recklessly in the night club, opening expensive bottles of wine like they were soft drinks.
My Husband Is A Secreta
Chapter 122
Fiona instantly felt a chill creep up her spine.
“What the hell do you want to do?”
“Ha,” Aaron pressed the pause button on the footage, the scenes too unpleasant to look at.
“Miss Fallon, I just wanted to know, if your father sees his precious daughter drinking and doing drugs here, would he still have high expectations for you?
“No! Please” Fiona was trembling in fear.
“I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t tell my dad! He’ll beat me to death… Il die miserably!!
“You can really do anything?”
Fiona could not help but nod her head.
“Actually, I don’t have any other requirements. I just hope that Miss Fallon will stop going to my friend’s coffee shop to make trouble.”
Fiona was stunned for a while, trying her best to piece together her chaotic thoughts. “Jane…is she your friend?”
Aaron looked at her coldly, “Just do as I say.”
Every time he thought about how this woman had fought with Kate, he wanted to beat her up. Aaron clenched his fists tightly with his hands behind his hack.
“Also, there are a lot of comments online that are unfavorable towards the coffee shop, which has already caused a very bad impact”
“It wasn’t ne…”
“I don’t care if it was you or not,” Aaron sneered, “You go and remove those negative comments!”
“As for how to remove them? Do you want me to teach you?”
Fiona shook her head vigorously, just wanting to be free from this situation.
For the next few days, Fiona remained locked in her room, tasked with getting rid of the negative reviews that she had previously ordered her army of internet trolls to post.
Now, she had to spend the same amount of money to have them post five-star reviews instead
Purple Iris’s reputation and popularity gradually improved, but Aaron still sent her the screenshots of the surveillance footage.
Fiona’s heart almost jumped out of her mouth.
“Aaron Wilson, what… what else do you want to do?”


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