My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 124

Chapter 124
“Master!” His subordinates feared he might get into trouble, and each of them was itching to take
Aaron waved them off.
The dissatisfied group walked away, and Dominic watched their backs disappear into the twilight, and then slowly put down the gun in his hand.
“Yes, I’ve already seen that you’re not Dan Murphy.” Aaron sneered, “But so what? After seeing that, I haven’t troubled you again, have 1?”
Dominic’s face darkened.
What he said was not wrong, and the last time Fiona came to the store to bully Jane, he was the one who chased those people away.
Even so, Dominic still had strong suspicions about him.
“You know I’m not Dan Murphy.” He looked at him coldly, “Then you know who I am?”
Aaron paused, then glanced at him, then suddenly laughed
“I only know that your woman and my woman are good friends!”
Dominic frowned.
Aaron exuded a rogue aura from head to toe, and the scar on his face added a touch of fierceness to his appearance.
Whether such a person was an enemy or friend… Dominic was also a little confused.
“Dan!” A clear voice suddenly came from not far away. “Are you at the cafe?”
Dominic and Aaron looked at each other and quickly walked out of the bushes.
Josh was standing in the courtyard, holding a large box in his hands. However, when he saw Aaron, the smile on his face instantly froze.
Dominic nodded at him, trying to keep his expression as natural as possible.
“I had just arrived when I happened to run into Jane, who was rushing out,” Josh smiled at him. “It seems she said she was going to the neighboring shop to get some coffee beans and would be back
The owners of the several nearby coffee shops were all about the same age as Jane. Jane was at person who was easy to get along with and soon became friends with them.
As the package of new coffee beans had arrived, they all thought about Jane and wanted to give her some to try.
Dominic Jooked at Josh, “How come you have free time to come here today?”
“It’s all because of this!” Josh brought the large box inside and placed it on the table, handing him the receipt.
The words “wedding dress” and “customized” were clearly written on the box.
Dominic suddenly remembered that on the second day after he and Jane got married, she went to return the wedding dress.
He couldn’t stand the cold and mocking attitude of the salesperson toward her, and ended up buying
Chapter 124
the most expensive wedding dress in the store in a fit of anger.
Oh, 30,000 dollars! And Jane had been nagging about it all the way.
“A few days ago, I went back home,” Josh told him, “and I found this big box right in front of your house door! You rarely interact with people and nobody passes by your door. I don’t know how long this box has been there; it’s covered in dust!”
“As soon as I saw the receipt still attached to the box, I hurriedly brought it to you
“Is this the wedding dress you and Jane wore when you got married? It’s almost your first wedding anniversary, and the dress is just being delivered now?”
Dominic did not say anything and just smiled.
Yes, it was true. Time flies, and their wedding anniversary was coming up soon. The arrival of this wedding dress was quite timely! Maybe they could let Jane wear it during their anniversary celebration; it might add a sense of ceremony.
“Thank you.” Dominic patted his shoulder, “Take a seat and have a drink. I’ll make it for you!”
“No need!” Josh smiled honestly, “It’s just a small favor. I still have to go back to the clinic at night. I’m on duty tonight, so I won’t be able to stay here and drink tonight.”
“You need to stay alert during your duty, so I’ll still make one for you. It’ll be quick!”
“There’s really no need…”
“If I don’t make you one, my wife will say I’m not a good host!”
With that, Dominic turned on the coffee machine.
Josh laughed helplessly, “Dan, you’ve really changed a lot since you got married.”
“Now you extraordinarily listen to your wife’s words!”
Dominic turned to look at him and laughed.
Josh glanced at Aaron and whispered, “Dan, didn’t your wife tell you to stay away from those
former inmates?”
Dominic was taken aback and took a moment to understand that Josh was referring to Aaron. “Dan, you’re already married and have a good life with Jane. You shouldn’t have anything to do with that kind of person anymore.”
“Don’t blame me for meddling. It’s just that I consider you my good friend, so I thought I should advise you about this.”
“Dan, whenever you do anything, think about Jane… Your life shouldn’t be disturbed by that kind of person!”
“I really can’t stand it anymore!”
Aaron, who was sitting in the corner of the bar, violently kicked the stool over and threw the lighter in his hand to the ground.
His whole persona exuded a chilling and sinister aura.
Several tables of customers, who were halfway through their coffees, quickly made a run for it.
For a moment, the room seemed to be enveloped by some kind of low pressure again.
“Oh, you keep saying ‘that kind of person’,” Aaron sneered, “What kind of person are you then? You really think that you are the savior of the world just because you wear a white coat!”
Chapter 121
Josh remained calm, staring fearlessly at him.
He really did not understand why Kate couldn’t let go of such a person!
“I’m not qualified to be the savior of the world, but I think I can still persuade Dan as a good friend should!”
“Good friend?’
Aaron’s tone was mocking. “Dan and I were already good friends when we were inside! How long have you known him!”
“Mr. Wilson, the bond between people is based on fate, not on the length of time they have known
each other.”
Aaron clenched his fists tightly.
Fate? Is this guy talking about him and Kate?
“Also,” Josh continued, “If you really think of Dan as your friend, then what about all those times you humiliated him? Is that how friends behave?”
“The matter between me and Dan is none of your business!”
“Dan is my friend, and his affairs are my concern!”
Josh and Aaron stood on opposite sides, with Dominic in the middle, looking very unhappy.
But it wasn’t enough for the two of them to just arigato. Every time they quarreled, they had to drag him into it!
Dominic had been dragged back and forth by the two, and the fire in his heart had reached its limit.
At this moment. Aaron ruthlessly tugged at him-
“Are you the Pacific Police? Why do you meddle so much?”
Josh immediately followed with another tug-
“Anyway, I won’t let you ruin my friend!”
“Enough, both of you!” Dominic shouted.
The scene instantly quieted down.
However, after the silence, a timid voice spoke, “What are you guys doing?”
The three big men were all stunned.
They saw Jane standing at the door, staring at them in amazement.
Those agile gazes swept over the three men before finally returning to Dominic. Josh and Aaron reacted at the same time and suddenly let go of Dominic’s arm.
Jane pressed her lips together, wanting to laugh but finding it hard to hold back.
It was the first time she had seen three men acting like this.
So, it turned out that the scene of men get jealous and fight over a woman could also be eye-catching “Honey, I…” Dominic did not know how to explain, and his fierce gaze shifted between Josh and Aaron.


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