My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 125

Chapter 125
“Am I… Interrupting something?” Jane pursed his lips and chuckled lightly.
It turned out that her husband was more attractive than she had imagined!
The faces of the three men turned darker and darker, especially Dominic, who stared at them like they were his enemies.
“Both of you, argue outside if you have to quarrel!” he roared, “Can’t you see my wife is here?!”
The two of them were startled at the same time.
Josh showed a guilty look, smiled apologetically at Jane, and quickly left.
Aaron wore a complex expression, looking meaningfully at Dominic. He patted him on the shoulder and walked slowly out of the courtyard.
Jane finally burst into laughter.
“What are you laughing at!” Dominic hugged her and simultaneously glared at her.
His strong masculine aura overwhelmed her.
Jane leaned on him like a little bird, playfully poking his chest with her finger.
“People say that same-s*x relationships are true love… Sigh, it seems I came at the wrong time. Did I ruin something?”
Dominic lowered his head and looked at her mischievous face. Suddenly, a strong desire to have hist way with her surged within him.
“I don’t have that kind of a hobby.” He leaned closer to her, his warm breath brushing against her nose. His voice was low and husky, “If you dare to speak like that again, I’ll give you a little punistunert!”
“A little… punishment?”
Dominic pursed his lips and lightly hit her blushing earlobe.
Jane let out a small cry and pounded him with her little fist, her face as red as a ripe peach.
The man became entranced, and a certain part of his body also became enthusiastic…
However, with a jingle, the wind chimes at the shop’s entrance chimed, signaling the arrival of two girls with cheerful smiles.
Jane immediately broke free from his embrace and hurriedly greeted the guests,
Dominic covered his face and sighed.
At this moment, he wished more than anyone else that the shop would just close its doors and let the two of them be alone.
Jane returned to the bar, her blush not completely fading. She lowered her head and brewed coffee silently.
Dominic came behind her, gently encircling her slender waist. However, the person in his arms moved and gave him a signal, indicating there were still customers around.
He smiled helplessly and walted for her to bring coffee to the guests before he had time to speak to her.
“Look at that.” Ile pointed to the big box in the corner.
Jane was stunned. “Did Josh bring that?”
My busband Is A Secret Bl
“Yes,” Dominic nodded, “Do you remember the wedding dress we bought the next day after our wedding?”
Of course, Jane certainly remembered that incident.
The dress cost 30,000 dollars, and at that time, she was trembling with pain. Her heart, liver, spleen, stomach and lungs were all quivering!
“It’s a custom made by a designer,” Dominic chuckled, “I think it looks good; you will definitely look beautiful in it!”
Jane stroked the fine veil on the skirt, adorned with glittering diamond fragments that shone like
It was a pity that the wedding had already been completed.
“It’s alright.” Dominic saw through her thoughts and held her hand tightly, “Don’t I still owe you a wedding?”
Jane looked at him with wide eyes.
His indulgent smile was as sweet as maltose, continuously melting into the depths of her heart.
A few days later, Dominic mysteriously said he wanted to take Jane somewhere.
It was on the outskirts of Cardiff, surrounded by mountains, like a tranquil and beautiful paradise.
The creek flowed down along a large stone, and a Gothic-style chapel stood amidst the water and clouds, presenting a unique scene.
Jane was surprised and delighted, unable to help but widen her eyes.
Dominic held her hand and led her inside.
There was only an elderly priest in the chapel, who smiled kindly and graciously when he saw them, After some simple greetings, he excused himself
Dominic explained. “This chapel has a history of more than a hundred years, but this area is not a tourist attraction, so the chapel isn’t well known.”
“Although there are few people here, those who come are all looking to hold a wedding.” He smiled as he looked at her, “There’s a small room in the back. Go and put on your wedding dress!”
Jane nodded.
In no time, she changed into the wedding dress and walked slowly back. Dominic stood at the other end of the red carpet, quietly watching her.
Sunlight poured through the stained glass windows, illuminating Jane’s pretty face.
With a beaming smile, she looked at him, and the sacred or gan music started to play. The bride stepped forward happily, walking towards the man who promised her a lifetime together.
The light in Dominic’s eyes only reflected Jane’s smile.
His eyes suddenly welled up, and his heart was full of emotions.
“What’s the matter with you?” Jane walked up to him, “What are you stunned for?!”
Dominic snapped back to reality and could only smile foolishly.
She was so beautiful in this wedding dress.
He held her hand and the two of them faced the altar together.
He swore to G od that Jane would be his only wife in his life, and no matter if they were poor or rich, healthy or sick, he would always be by her side, never abandoning her until they grew old together. Jane met his serious and determined eyes. At this sacred and solemn moment, she felt like she wanted to cry.
you?” Dominic’s voice was low and gentle, “Would you like to be with me for the rest of
She nodded vigorously, her voice choked with emotion.
“Wife,” Dominic caressed her face with a deep meaning in his eyes, “No matter what happens, you won’t leave me, right?”
“Of course not
“If one day you find out that I’m not the person standing in front of you right now… Will you still recognize my husband?”
Jane was startled and frowned.
This… Did wedding vows say something like that?
However, she only hesitated for a montent and then smiled sweetly at him. Perhaps he was too nervous, and his meaning wasn’t clear.
“Silly husband! Could it be that you re going to transform?” She tiptoed to touch his head. “You will always be my husband! No matter who you become in the future, or if you turn into someone else one day, I only recognize you as my husband!”
“What if I changed my name?”
She didn’t think much about it, thinking that he was joking, so she followed his words.
“No matter what you change it to, you’re my husband! You can 1 escape from this in your Lifetime!”
Dominic froze, staring at her dumbfoundedly, before bursting into laughter.
Jane took his arm and gently kissed his face.
“What’s the matter with you recently? Her voice was soft and sweet. “Why do you keep asking silly. questions?”
“What if I become stu pid in the future, would you still want me?’
“Here you go again!”
Dominic smiled and hugged her tightly.
In the past, he had always thought that his world was very big and vast, and that he would not stop for anyone or anything.
Even when he inel Jane, he thought this woman would only occupy a corner of his world.
But later, he realized….
In fact, his entire world only had that one corner.
“Hey, what are you doing?” Jane looked at him strangely.
Dominic took out his phone and videotaped her.
“Wife, you said those things, and if we can’t finish saying them, I need evidence!”
Jane didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
When they first got married, she only thought that he was stern and cold.
My Husband Is A Secret Fillanar
But she never expected that, after almost a year of marriage, she would increasingly experience his childishness and occasional cuteness.
“Wife, say it again!”
“Okay…” She held back her laughter. “I swear, no matter what my husband becomes, I will stay by his side, no matter what happens!”
“Be more specific!”
“No matter if he becomes fat, st upid, old, or ugly, even if he becomes bald like a meatball, acting silly every day, I will still love him just the same! Satisfied now?”


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