My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 126

Chapter 126
In London, at a private clubhouse.
Edward held a cup of tea and sipped it slowly, occasionally glancing at Dan Murphy standing in front of him with a contemptuous expression on his meaty face.
Kevin smiled proudly and raised his eyebrows. “Dad, what do you think of my idea?”
“With this person, we can get rid of Dominic without anyone noticing. He will be our puppet, and the Campbell corporation will be in your grasp!
“Huh.” Edward chuckled dryly, waved his hand, and had someone take Dan away.
“No one knows you brought this guy here, right?”
“They are all my people! You can rest assured!” Kevin played with the amber bead necklace in his hand and crossed his legs nonchalantly.
Edward couldn’t stand his arrogant attitude!
Whenever he gets too confident, he’s bound to suffer a great loss. In the Campbell family, one must tread carefully to find a place and seize the opportunity to eliminate whoever needs to be removed! His anger flared up, and he swung his cane, hitting Kevin’s leg!
“Sit properly!” He rolled his eyes at him. “In front of me, you dare sit like this?”
Kevin dared not speak but sat up straight, looking at his father with a puzzled expression.
“What’s wrong with you again?” He asked, thinking that his father might have suffered some injustice from his grandfather.
“What else can it be?” Edward glared at him. “You’ve been causing trouble and making me angry!”
“Kevin, your grandfather is neither deaf nor blind. At his age, he’s healthier than I am! Do you really think you can deceive him with a fake Dominic?”
Edward sighed heavily, “I know you want to get rid of him, but you can’t do it this way! You need to find something legitimate…”
“A plane crash?” Kevin scoffed, “Dad, the last plane crash didn’t kill him. The guy has too much luck! So we have to directly eliminate him to get rid of future trouble!”
“But over your grandfather’s side…”
Kevin blurted out, “Let Grandfather go with him!”
Edward instantly widened his eyes and looked at him in disbelief,
“What did you say? You’re even plotting against your own grandfather?!”
Edward slammed the table with the cane and lunged towards him.
“Oh, Dad, listen to me!” Kevin panicked, “Anyway, Grandfather doesn’t like you, why are you thinking about the father-son relationshipHe’s so biased, always favoring Uncle over you, and yet you endure his mistreatment! It’s better to take this opportunity and directly.
“Shut up!” Edward’s voice changed and he was panting. “L… how did I raise such an unfilial brat like you?”
“I’m doing this for you, Dad! Don’t you want to get the Campbell family?”
“Oh, it seems like it’s you who wants it!” Edward gritted his teeth, “If one day I become inconvenient
My Hall A Seri Bilare
in your eyes, will you also try to kill me?”
“Get out! Get out of here!” Edward was annoyed when he saw him. “Kevin, let me warn you, if you keep this up, not only will you meet an ugly end, but you’ll also drag me down with you!”
Kevin was defiant, rolling his eyes,
“The people you found are all from the underworld, as if I don’t know!” Edward continued, “I don’t trust those people. You might end up getting betrayed and sold by them!”
Could Wendell Campbell be easily dealt with? If they act against him, it will lead to chaos. If the family falls into disarray, it will bring even more trouble. Edward Campbell didn’t have the ability to
power. So it would be better to curry favor with the old man, and secretly deal with Dominic,
eventually having Lord Campbell hand over the Campbell family secretly deal with Dominic,
power to their branch
“Kevin…” Edward heaved a sigh of relief. “You are not allowed to act rashly without my orders. Did you hear me clearly?”
“Also, this Dan has been hidden so that no one can see it! Don’t let anyone see him! Contact the people in Scotland in the next few days.”
Edward sneered, a vicious light flashing in his
The secrel account set up by Wendell Campbell for Dominic required face recognition. The plan for the land in the western suburbs of Lo ndowas delayed due to a lack of funds. Dan’s face might come in handy in the future!
Holding hands, Dominic led Jane all the way to the Emperor HotelUntil they entered the luxurious suite on the top floor, she felt like she was in a dream, looking around in confusion.
“Honey? What is this…”
“This is my treat for you.” Dominic hugged her from behind and rested his chin on her shoulder. “The wedding is over and next… It should be the wedding night.”
Their wedding night had been interrupted before, so this time, they needed to make up for it.
“You” Jane’s eyes were stunned by the luxurious suite.
She suddenly turned to look at him, her eyes full of doubt, “You won the lottery or something? How much does it cost for one night?**
Dominic was stunned, then he laughed.
This didn’t sound like a question a bride would ask.
“Tell me!” Jane playfully punched him. “How much does it cost per night?”
“Tim not sure, he looked at her affectionately, “a few days ago, I participated in a competition and won some prize money. I didn’t tell you.”
“You used your prize money to pay for the room?”
Jane sucked in a breath.
She knew he had won quite a bit of money!
Now, it was all spent on this luxurious suite… That really hurt!
Doininic couldn’t help but chuckle when he saw her like this.
My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire
“Wife, do you feel sorry for the money? He teased her,
Jane looked at him, blushing slightly.
“Since you find it expensive, then we have to make the most of it. So let’s hurry up and get to business!”
Jane hadn’t fully reacted when he pushed her onto the bed.
The bed was soft, and the man aggressively pressed down on her, causing her to sink inile smirked,
eyes ablaze with desire. His large hands deftly undid her clothing…
“You did this on purpose, right?” Jane complained, “Choosing such an expensive place…”
“Yes,” he said with a h oa rse voice, igniting a fire within her, so we must not waste any time… doing what needs to be done!”
Jane bit her lip. “If you can, don’t stop tonight!
The man’s eyes lit up. “Is this what you said?”
Jane’s face was red, and she grinned.
“Uh?” Jane blushed, playfully biting her lip. Her pair of deer like eyes shimmered alluringly. “My dear wife,” Dominic whispered, “ain I the kind of person who stops easily?
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