My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 127

My Husband K&Serret Hilliar
Chapter 127
Dominic’s breath was heavy, and his eyes were filled with the charming figure of this petite woman. He pursed his lips, suddenly wanting to try something he had never tried before…
Jane exclaimed in surprise, then shyly sat on him in a timid posture, Her small face flushed, feeling embarrassed and afraid, she softly pleaded, “Let me get down…
“Husband, don’t be like this!”
Although she said not to, her body….
Dominic’s gaze was hazy, and a wickedness appeared on his face.
You said we can’t stop tonight, right?’ His voice was h oa rse, I won’t stop, and you better not stop either!!!
The fiery passion spread in the room. Moonlight filtered through the floor to ceiling windows. illuminating the sc attered clothes on the floor and the entangled figures on the big bed, a scene of endless intimacy.
In the early morning. Dominic slowly opened his eyes and saw Jane snuggled up in his arms, still sleeping soundly. He couldn’t help but smile and kissed her lips.
Although they had been married for almost a year, last night’s intensity was still quite rare.
He carefully pulled out his arm from under her, lifted the blanket and got out of bed. He called the front desk and asked them to bring breakfast to the room.
Jane lazily rolled over on the big hed. The vacancy beside her suddenly made her fully awake.
She hopped out of bed, searching around barefoot.
Dominic came in from the balcony, and she rushed into his arms.
“What’s wrong?” He smiled and touched her hair, “Why are you in such a hurry to find me?”
Jane’s nose wrinkled, then she raised his eyes and stared at hum with scrutiny.
“Did you go to the balcony to smoke?”
Dominic’s forehead was already starting to sweat.
“Wife,” he smiled apologetically, “I actually smoke much less now. I know you don’t like the smell of cigarettes…”
“It’s not that I don’t like the smell, smoking is just not good for your health!” Jane earnestly lectured
And he was sincerely being lectured,
“Besides, I didn’t tell you to quit completely. I know it’s hard to quit, so let’s take it step by step!”
“But honey, you shouldn’t go out and smoke a cigarette early in the morning!”
“Actually, let me tell you…” Jane rolled his eyes. “Smoking too much also affects, you know, that aspect!”
“Really?” Dominic raised his voice,
Jane suddenly felt that the man’s gaze was not right.
My Husband JA Serie Bilberr
Dominic leaned closer, and suddenly his big hand firmly held her waist. She wanted to run but couldn’t escape; he completely locked her in his embrace, unable to move.
“So, you suspect me.”
“No!” Jane’s head shook like a rattle.
Originally, she wanted to use that thing to tease him.
Aren’t men very concerned about their abilities?
But… it unexpectedly backfired, backfired indeed!
“No way!” Dominic was extremely serious. “If my wife suspects me, I must prove it to her!”
“No need, no need! You already proved it very well last night!”
“It’s not good enough…” He smirked, “I still have better ones!”
As he spoke, he bent down and carried her princess-style, and she fell back onto the bed….
After this round. Jane was completely exhausted
When she woke up again, it seemed to be close to noon. The little woman turned over and mumbled, “Husband, I’m so hungry.”
“Still hungry?”
Jane immediately covered her mouth in shock.
She glared at him softly, and his eyes narrowed with a smile.
He carried her to take a shower and carried her out of the bathroom.
Jane’s eyes lit up when she saw the lunch being delivered.
Dominic looked at her fondly, placing all her favorite dishes in front of her as if he wanted to feed her directly.
But she didn’t need to be fed at this moment.
Although her living conditions had been a hit poor since childhood, it was the first time she truly felt so hungry!
Just that she didn’t expect this feeling to be because of….
Janglared at him and then lowered her head, blushing all the way to the tips of her ears.
“Darling,” Dominic teased her, “Are you satisfied now?”
She was taken aback, “What?”
“I didn’t waste the room fee!”
Jane felt too embarrassed and was about to punch him. However, at this moment, a sudden loud bang came from outside.
Jane screamed in fright, instinctively covering her ears. Dominic immediately hugged her, his expression cold and alert.
There was a lot of noise outside the room, and there seemed to be a lot of people running past the door.
Soon, a piercing alarm sounded.
Doininic’s eyebrows knitted tightly, and his first thought was that Edward was making a move on.
But this was in a hotel and it was broad daylight. No matter how st upid Edward was, how could he dare to do something so obvious and harm him?
“Husband, what’s going on?” Jane curled up in his arms, trembling slightly.
Dominic told her to stay in the room and not move. He walked to the door and wanted to go out to find out.
Although Jane was very afraid, she still followed his instructions to find a hidden place to hide, watching his back anxiously.
Just as he was about to open the door, there was a knock on the door.
Dominic’s footsteps froze, and a chill ran up his spine.
He stared fixedly at the door.
The knocking on the door became more urgent, and he clenched his fists, with the veins on his arms bulging.
If he was alone, he wouldn’t be afraid of anything.
But there was Jane behind him…
No matter what, he couldn’t let anyone hurt her!
He was thinking about how he would lure them away if Edward’s people wanted to kill him, when there was movement outside the door.
“Hello, I’m the hotel’s room manager: Is anyone inside?”
Dominic’s eyes flickered.
He tentatively opened the door slightly, and sure enough, there was the guest room manager, standing respectfully at the door, smiling apologetically at him.
Only then did Dominic open the door completely.
“Sir, Madam, I’m very sorry that this happened in the hotel!” The manager bowed.
“What’s wrong?
“It’s our security omission, we didn’t check thoroughly… Last night, some gang members stayed here, and it caused this commotion today, disturbing all the guests. I’m really sorry!”
“Now we’ve already reported to the police, and they have taken the suspect away. Sir, Madam, the hotel will waive your charges and compensate for your m ental distress. We apologize again for the fright and inconvenience you’ve experienced!”
Dominic looked around. There were many people in the corridor, several managers were going from room to room explaining and comforting the guests.
And at the end of the corridor, there were police officers standing, and a police line had been set up.
So, for now, this place was safe.
Dominic frowned.
This did not seem like something Edward could do. If his “honest and good” uncle wanted to kill him, he would take a more roundabout approach and not be so direct.
The manager just mentioned gang members….
Could it be?
My Husband Is & Secret Filliatuler
Chapter 117
Dominic took a deep breath, turned around and closed the door, quickly changing his clothes.
Jane was in shock. When she saw that he was about to go out again, she couldn’t help but ask, “Darling, where are you going?”


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