My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 128

Chapter 128
Chapter 128
Dominic paused, then walked over to her and said softly. “There are police outside the door now. It’s very safe. Stay here and don’t move. I’ll go out and be back soon. ‘
He had seen just now that there were many people in the corridor, not only the police, but also the people he had told T ang Han to send to protect Jane.
Jane nodded and told him to be more careful. After he went out, she carefully checked the door lock and fastened the safety chain on the door.
Dominic was familiar with the hotel’s structure, so he easily avoided the crowd and went up dark passage to the top platform.
As he expected, through the dim light, he could see bloodstains on the stairs.
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Dominic’s expression changed as he ran up a few steps. The bloodstains appeared and then disappeared, so he slowed down, wary of his surroundings, and quietly reached for the small pistol
at his waist.
At this moment, there was a low cry for help…
“Who?” Dominic was stunned. He saw that there was a shadow not far away, and there seemed to be a shadow moving. He chased after him and was surprised to find that Aaron was covered in blood!
Aaron had another subordinate beside him. He was also slightly injured.
Dominic grabbed his wrist and knocked away his dagger!
“Jeremy, come back!” Aaron growled.
Dominic squatted beside him, not getting too close, his eyes were cold and deep, revealing a hit of suspicion.
“What’s going on?”
Aaron barely licked his lips.
Dominic thought for a while. “T’ll send you to the hospital first.”
“No way!” The man named Jeremy immediately said, “There are policemen in the hotel now, and those people must be ambushing outside the hotel! If we go out now, we will die!”
“Those people?” Dominic’s eyes narrowed.
“That’s right…” Jeremy panted, “It’s the original leader of the club. They want to kill Sir!”
“They asked Sir to come here to negotiate today, but they didn’t keep their promises. We fell for their tricks! These villains!”
Aaron lay on the ground, barely conscious, his face growing paler due to excessive blood loss.
Dominic took a deep breath. Although he did not agree with this guy, after all, Aaron had targeted Dan, not him.
“Your name is Jeremy?” he asked in a deep voice.
Jeremy was stunned and looked at him in a daze.
“If you don’t want your boss to be in trouble, then help me drag him back first. I know there is a way, and it won’t attract anyone’s attention!”
The police and the crowd slowly dispersed in the corridor, and everything returned to calm. Jane
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was a little worried when suddenly the door made a loud noise, followed by the sound of a door card unlocking.
She was startled at first, then she realized that it was her husband who had returned, so she quickly untied the safety chain.
However, the scene in front of her almost made her scream!
Dominic came in with Aaron on his back, quickly put him on the bed, and tore off the sheets to bandage him to temporarily stop the bleeding.
Jane’s hands and feet were weak, and she was sweating coldly. Her entire body was trembling and she could not say a word.
“Husband, this…”
“I can’t explain that much now.” Dominic whispered, “His injury is very serious and he must go to the hospital!”
“But, how did you send him to the hospital?” Jane recalled what the hotel manager had said about someone from the underworld, and then thought of Aaron’s identity, and quickly guessed.
“Husband, you can’t call an ambulance, but if you send him out. I’m afraid it’s not peaceful outside, right?”
Dominic looked at her and nodded gently.
Jeremy was also stunned, and could not help but look at this woman a few more times.
Although Jane was afraid, she quickly calmed down. After thinking for a moment, she turned around and took out her clothes from the closet.
Dominic was startled and did not understand what she was going to do.
“I have a solution,” Jane said softly.
“Honey, quickly replace his clothes with these and dress him up as a woman!”
“Then you can take him out of the hotel, and people won’t suspect you!”
Dominic thought for a while. The most important thing right now was to send Aaron out. He could really give it a try!
Jane left the bedroom, and soon they were ready. When she opened the door, Aaron had already changed into her clothes.
Although he was quite tall, fortunately, Jane’s clothes were loose and it was a long skirt that covered him entirely.
Jane took a few glances, then took out a beautiful hairpin from her bag and put it on his head.
“I’ll pull his hair forward in a fringe… There! Now they cover his face!”
Now, he really looked like a woman
Dominic asked Jeremy to support Aaron, and the two of them walked out unsteadily. If you didn’t look closely, they looked like a couple deeply in love.
“You two, leave through the back door of the hotel. There are not many people there, and there is no surveillance on the way. It should be safer.” Dominic drew a simple map on the back of a business card and handed it to them.
“After you go out, go to this clinic. I’ll be right behind!”
Jahe was puzzled and looked at hlin strangely.
Chapter 128
He hadn’t come to this hotel many times, how did he know which door had fewer people and no surveillance?
How could he draw a floor plan so calmly, as if he knew this place like… his own home?
How could he draw the floor plan so calmly, as if he was familiar with this place as if it was his own home?
“Sweetheart, what’s the matter with you?”
“Oh,” Jane returned to her senses, “Nothing…”
“Fortunately, I brought an extra outfit.” He took it out for her.
“You, hurry up and change. Let’s leave the room quickly.”
“But in this room…” She looked at the teared sheets and blood stains with some worry.
Dominic paused, then took out the red ink from the drawer of the writing desk, making it look like it was overturned.
Jane was even more puzzled.
Honey, how did you know there was red ink in this drawer?”
“Usually there are suites like this. He replied calmly. “One bottle each of red, black, and blue ink, because some people only use fountain pens to write.”
“You even know this?”
“Have you ever stayed in this kind of room before?”
Dominic’s heart tightened, and his expression suddenly changed.
Jane licked her lips. Her throat was dry. For some reason, her heart was beating wildly,
“Honey, you..
“Let’s hurry up and leave quickly!” Dominic looked at her. “Aaron is probably already out. He can’t go to an ordinary hospital in his condition; we have to find someone familiar. So, we need to take him to Josh’s clinic!”
Jane nodded. Saving someone was the priority right now.
As for the matter just now, maybe he was overthinking it. Maybe he wasn’t always poor, and he came to live and enjoy a good place after earning money?
She suppressed her doubts, changed her clothes and quickly left with him.
After arriving at the clinic, Josh saw them in the emergency room. When he saw that the person lying on the bed was Aaron, he could not help but frown.
Dominic and Jané were both a little worried, as it was a meeting between rivals in love.
However, Josh only looked at it for a few moments and quickly organized first aid. Soon the lights above the operating room went out. He walked out, took off his sweaty mask, and looked at the two of them with a complicated expression.


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