My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 129

Chapter 129
“He suffered a stab wound to his abdomen, nearly puncturing his liver. The wound is deep, but we’ve already performed a surgery and sutured it.
Jane’s heart trembled as she subconsciously clenched Dominic’s hand.
“Don’t worry,” Josh smiled wearily,
“It won’t be life-threatening. But now we have to send him to the ward for observation. It’s best to have someone to accompany you. In case of an emergency, I can organize a second rescue in time.
“Excuse me.” Dominic patted his shoulder.
Actually, sending Aaron to Josh’s place made him feel bad.
But there was no other way.
Sending him to a regular hospital would be tantamount to exposing Aaron’s identity. In ordinary private clinics, those doctors might not have such good medical skills.
The nurse pushed Aaron into the ward.
The man who was usually domineering and arrogant, but now his face was as pale as a sheet, his body was wrapped in countless bandages, and he lay there quietly.
The fragility of life is often in an instant.
Jane looked at him through the glass window and couldn’t help but have mixed feelings.
“I don’t know when he will wake up.”
Dominic gently wrapped his arms around her shoulder.
He recalled the urgent situation at the hotel. If it were any other woman witnessing her husband carrying a bloodied gangster, she would have been terrified. But this woman was smart, composed, and quick-witted. Not only did she remain calm, but she also came up with the idea of disguising Aaron as a woman to sneak him out
He smiled, his eyes were gentle and joyful.
However…she was too smart to see the problem with just a single stroke of red ink.
Dominic’s expression darkened, perhaps it was time to confess his identity to her.
“Honey?” She tugged at his sleeve.
“What is the thing you are so confused about?”
“It’s nothing.” He replied calmly, “By the way, Josh mentioned that someone should stay here to take care of him…. I guess, in his current condition, the person he’d most want to see when he wakes up
isn’t the two of us.”
Jane was stunned for a moment as she paused, pondering silently.
“I’m a man too, so I understand very well what he must be thinking now.”
Dominic’s voice was magnetic and doting, “The thing he wants to see the most at this time is the woman he loves.”
“But,” Jane expressed her concerns, “Is it appropriate to have Kate come and take care of him?”
“This is Dr. Green’s clinic, after all. And although the relationship between Dr. Green and Kate isn’t clearly defined, our friends think that they are a couple.”
“If we call Katie over and Dr. Green sees her taking care of Aaron… Dr. Green would be upset?
Chapter 129
Dominic paused and smiled at her.
He admitted that what she said was reasonable. He had also thought about these issues.
But it was obvious who Kate had in her heart.
Since Josh could not get her, he had to face reality. It was better for him to be hurt now than to fall even deeper into it and get hurt later,
Yet, he still ruffled her hair and said softly, “Yes, you’re right.”
“Then how to solve this problem now?”
“Hmm…” Jane thought for a while and said, “Let’s take care of him ourselves for now. Once he recovers from his injuries, I’ll slowly explain things to Kate and then bring her here?”
“Alright.” He smiled. “It’s all up to you.”
In the past, he used to be commanding and decisive.
And now, he had become someone who would do whatever his wife said.
Jane went to prepare the daily necessities for the hospital stay, while Dominic walked into the ward alone.
At this moment, Aaron had just had his dressings changed. He was regaining consciousness but still looked pale, lying on the bed.
The effects of the anesthesia were wearing off, and the pain in his wounds felt like someone tearing them open.
Even though his head was sweating profusely, he still gritted his teeth and did not say a word. Dominic frowned and stood for a while. Finally, he took the towel and wiped his face in circles.
Aaron: “…”
(Dude, you’re wiping my face, not the floor!)
“What’s wrong?” Dominic was puzzled when he saw his pained expression.
(I’m helping you wipe your face, and you’re nitpicking so much! Even if there are a thousand complaints, keep them inside!)
“It’s alright.” Aaron forced the corner of his mouth.
“The wound is quite deep.” Dominic looked at him. “You need to take good care of it, avoid moving too much, and if the wound opens up again, you’ll be in trouble.”
“What place is this?”
“Josh Green’s hospital.”
“What?” Aaron was so excited that he almost sat up, accidentally pulling at his wound, and winced in pain.
Dominic glanced at him calmly.
“I can’t take you elsewhere. Josh Green knows everything about you. He’s the one who saved your life, so you should be thankful to him!”
Aaron scoffed, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth
“If I remember correctly…” He looked at Dominic meaningfully, “Third Master Campbell, he also saved your life, right?!
Doininic’s expression suddenly changed, his eyes were cold, and his eyebrows showed ruthlessness.
Chapter 12
“What did you say?”
The atmosphere in the ward suddenly became tense, and the temperature seemed to drop to the freezing point.
The two of them looked at each other as silently as two lions were about to fight, waiting for their opponent to take a crucial step.
After a long silence, Aaron was the first to say, “Actually, you saved me. You found me on the rooftop and didn’t abandon me. ”
Tm from the underworld and I’m not a good person, but I understand the principle of reciprocating kindness.”
“I knew your identity long ago.” Aaron locked eyes with him, his voice low and deliberate. “You are the Third Young Master of the Campbell Family Dominic Campbell!”
“Dominic Campbell!” Dominic’s face changed drastically, his eyes cold, and a trace of sharpness between his brows.
Due to his injuries, Aaron seemed exhausted after speaking so much. He pursed his lips, his voice weak but clear.
“Kevin…has already found Dan. He will attack you at any time, and then make Dan take your place. deceiving everyone to achieve his goal. You’d better prepare to deal with him!” Dominic’s eyebrows twitched, and a cold light appeared in his eyes.
“So you’re working for Kevin?”
Aaron shook his head, “He just wants me to do things for him.”
“So at the beginning, you came to kill me?”
Aaron raised his eyes to look at him, his eyebrows raised, and there was a slight mocking smile on
his face.
“If I wanted to kill you, your woman would have been a widow by now!”
“Then why are you telling me this now?”
Aaron was speechless. He took a deep breath and let it out.
The wound was already hurting, but the question after question made him even more upset.
“Bro,” he said with a hopeless expression, “when someone harms you, it’s natural to wonder why. But when someone helps you, do you need to ask why?
“My second uncle and big brother are my relatives by blood.” Dominic’s expression turned cold “Even my blood-related family members want to harm me. Who in this world can be trusted?”
“Who knows if you’ll turn around and tell Kevin my whereabouts again!”
“Heh, heh heh…” Aaron grinned wryly, feeling like a herd of ten thousand camels running wild in his heart.
He knew that the Campbell family had a sickness, a severe hereditary disease suspicion!
He shouldn’t have been so moved and wanted to repay the favor. He shouldn’t have revealed this
Now, he had ended up in a situation where he was neither here nor there!
*ay, okay!” He sneered, “Mr. Campbell, do whatever you want! I’m an outsider and I’m not
ected to your bloodline. My nonsense is not worth believing!”
Chapter 125
“But…” Aaron looked provocatively, “If 1, an outsider, tell your beloved wife about your true identity. do you think that innocent little girl will believe it?”


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