My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 130

Chapter 130
Dominic’s eyes were fierce, exuding a chilling and compelling aura.
“Are you looking for death?”
“Heh, it looks like you’re afraid?”
Dominic suddenly raised his hand and grabbed his throat!
Aaron was startled.
Dominic’s eyes narrowed slightly.
Aaron raised his hand and tried to grab his wrist…
However, the door opened and Jane happened to come in to see this scene.

Honey!” She was startled and quickly ran over to hold his arm.
“What are you doing?
Dominic regained his composure, slowly loosening his grip, and pushed him away.
Aaron suddenly coughed, fearing that his wound might open, so he didn’t dare to cough too hard, but he glared at Dominic.
Jane was only concerned about her own husband, completely ignoring the injured person on the hospital bed.
“Honey, are you alright?”
“Hult, what could have happened to him!” Aaron gritted his teeth.
“Miss Fallon, didn’t you see just now? It was your husband who almost choked me to death!”
“Can you just shut up for a moment? Jane glanced at him, “Do you think I don’t know who my husband is? I know my husband better than anyone. If you didn’t provoke him, would he have choked you?”
“So tell me, did you not say anything to provoke him just now?”
“If it were me, no one could ever have saved you!”
Jane puffed her checks, put the lunchbox on the cabinet, and hurriedly comforted Dominic.
“Honey, let’s not be angry with him… considering his current injuries, let’s not stoop to his level”
Dominic’s expression softened a little, and he held her hand.
“Honey,” Jane continued with a chuckle, “if we want to deal with this person, we’ll have plenty of opportunities once he’s healed! We’ll be noble and take revenge, there’s no hurry!”
“Hmin.” Dominic finally smiled, “I’ll listen to you.”
Jane held his face and caressed his face.
The two of them once again completely ignored the man who had been lying on the hospital bed…
Aaron’s eyes widened.
This… They’re not protecting him like this! It’s so unjust and insane!
Cough, cough! He coughed heavily twice.
Dominic and Jane looked at him at the same time,
“You two, have you heard the famous saying?” Aaron laughed dryly, “Those who show off their affection will die quickly…”
“Shut up!” The couple said in unison, showing a perfect understanding.
Aaron raised his hand in surrender and tightly closed his mouth.
Who let the family of two people be present when he was alone!
If only there was someone to help him right now, he wouldn’t have to endure this forced display of affection…
Jane sighed, shook her head, and walked to the side to open the lunch box.
this… all made by you?” Aaron’s stomach had been rumbling for a while.
Jane gave him an unfriendly look; this person had caused trouble for her husband and hurt Kate.
She really didn’t know why she had saved him!
“Eat them.”
She spit out two words dryly.
Aaron took a deep breath and looked at her with a wry smile. He raised his bandaged hand, “Beautiful, can’t you see this? I can’t move.”
“What do you mean? Don’t tell me you want me to feed you!”
“I definitely wouldn’t dare to ask for that from you!” Aaron smiled hilariously,
“But if…If there was someone who could take good care of me, just like you took care of your husband, I think I’ll be fine soon!”
Jane immediately realized that he wanted Kate.
But Mr. Wilson, didn’t you say you didn’t know that woman, when the two of you met again? Did you swallow your own words?
Jane pressed the corner of her mouth, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.
Not knowing how to deal with him, Dominic stood up with a sullen face.
“I’ll take care of you.”
Aaron’s expression changed. “No, I’m not talking about you…”
“Besides Jane, I’m the only one left here.”
“Bro,” Aaron held back for a while, “Otherwise, why don’t you call Jeremy?
“Jeremy is also slightly injured. After bandaging him up, I let him rest.”
“It’s fine,” Dominic’s cold face showed a half-simile, “I can take care of you.”
Aaron’s face was ashen, Jane covered her mouth and secretly smiled.
She handed the lunch box to Dominic and said in a clear voice,
“Honey, I’ll go back to the cafe first. I’ll make dinner for you tonight. And while you’re here, you have to take good care of Mr. Wilson!”
Dominic pursed his lips, the two of them exchanged glances and laughed in tacit agreement.
Chapter 13 5
Aaron leaned against the head of the bed.
This was the first time he had ever noticed that the saying “couples look alike” was true. When this couple had been together for a long time, they really did resemble each other!
Jane turned around and left the ward. When she closed the door, she heard a voice from inside-
“Don’t, bro, I really don’t need you to feed me!”
“Haven’t you been wanting to taste the boss’s cooking? Today, I’ll fulfill your wish.”
“I can eat it myself! Big brother, big brother, I really can… Ah, da mn it, you’re scalding me!”

Aaron was in good health and recovered very quickly. He was able to get out of bed in a week. Although Dominic hadn’t completely regarded him as a friend, he was no longer his enemy. Even if Aaron knew his identity but kept his mouth shut, he shouldn’t be his enemy.
Dominic pushed his wheelchair and led Aaron to bask in the sun.
Aaron was sweating; it was the middle of summer, and Dominic brought him out to bask in the sun, claiming it was doctor’s orders to help him get some vitamin D.
Dominic absolutely did it on purpose!
“Hey,” Aaron was blinded by the sunlight, “Can we go back?”
Dominic slowly raised his hand to look at his watch and shook his head.
“We haven’t basked long enough.”
“Aaron, be content.” He spoke lightly, “I personally pushed you out to bask in the sun, not everyone gets this treatment!”
Aaron rolled his eyes.
“Bro, it’s 32 degrees today, do you know?”
“I know, that’s why we need to bask more. Sunlight is good for people!
“Then why the hell are you under the shade of the trees! And playing with your phone!
Dominic cast a stern look at him.
Aaron pushed his wheelchair to him and suddenly looked around. He saw Jane’s picture on his
“What are you looking at!” The man immediately became irritable.
“Tsk tsk…” Aaron smirked, “You’re into this kind of thing? Even though you sleep together every day. you still can’t get enough?
“Can you handle it?”
“Do you have a say in this?”
“Of course, I have no say! Ha, can anyone in your Campbell family have a say?”
Dominic’s expression darkened as he tightened his grip on the phone.
“Third Master Campbell.” Aaron hekl back his smile and looked at him indifferently.
“Misunderstandings are best explained as soon as possible. Don’t end up like me… dragging it to the end and missing everything.”
My Delu
At this moment, from not far away came a clear voice,” Honey!”
Dominic raised his eyes and saw Jane wave at him and quickly walk over.
And behind her, there was still someone else…


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