My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 131

Chapter 131
The slender and charming figure caught Aaron’s eye, and he involuntarily gripped the wheelchair’s
“Why did you bring her here?”
Dominic’s expression remained indifferent, “You just said that if there’s any misunderstanding, it should be explained as soon as possible and not drag it out.”
“I was talking about you!” Aaron glared at him.
Dominic smiled faintly and looked at Jane, waving his hand gently.
Kate’s steps were heavy as she walked towards him.
The closer she got, the clearer the memories from the past became in her mind.
Aaron’s face turned cold, and he slightly turned away. But in the moment he bent down to push the wheelchair, his movement was somewhat abrupt it made a necklace slip out from under his hospital
Kate’s chest tightened.
She is currently wearing the exact same one around her neck.
Strictly speaking, it wasn’t a necklace; it was just a regular chain with a ring threaded through it. The ring wasn’t valuable, and the chain wasn’t made of any high-quality material; it had turned black with time.
Kate remembered that she gave this gift to Aaron, brazenly persistent, when she was sixteen. She saved three days’ worth of breakfast money and bought this pair of rings from a small shop across the school. As a teenage girl, she had just started to fall in love, but the boy she liked was playful and mischievous. Instead of expressing his love for her in a more conventional way, he teased her even
Kate stubbornly handed one of the rings to him.
“What does this mean?” The boy blushed, asking a rhetorical question
“It means… that you have to treat me well from now on and not bully me!” “Tch, what a worthless ring… not even made of silver, just two iron hoops!”
“Aaron Wilson, do you want it or not?”
“I didn’t say I don’t want it; having something is better than having nothing!”
“That… Kate May!” Even though he was secretly delighted, the boy pretended to be tough. “This gift of yours is not that great! When I make a go d-awfully lot of money in the future, I’ll buy you one with a diamond! That’s what a real ring is!”
Kate’s hand slowly touched her neck, clutching the ring tightly in her hand.
He now had a different status and had made a lot of money.
But had he forgotten his promise from hack then?
Aaron turned away from her, clasping his hands tightly and biting his lip.
“Aaron.” After a moment of tension, Kair spoke softly, “I know you don’t want to talk to me. Since you said there should be no more contact between us in the future, let’s just cleanly break things off.”
Jane was taken aback and hurriedly went forward to stop her. “Wait Kate, what are you saying?”
“Janey, I understand your intentions,” Kate took a deep breath, forcing a smile, “But this Mr. Wilson… well, he obviously doesn’t want to talk to me anymore.”
“It’s not like that, Kate! He…” Jane tried to explain.
“He should give me back my things!” Aaron froze, feeling his heart constrict painfully, as if fresh blood was spurting from his chest.
He knew that by “my things,” she meant the ring around his neck.
But she didn’t know how he had desperately protected this ring for the past ten years. When he was imprisoned, he felt hopeless about the future, and this ring became the motivation for him to survive. In prison, life was hard, and he often got into violent fights with other inmates. Even if he was beaten and bleeding, he clutched the ring tightly to his chest, over his heart. This cheap, iron. ring that holds the utmost value bigger than his life.
Everyone knew he had such a precious possession, and everyone thought he was crazy for risking his life for something worth less than twenty bucks.
Aaron instinctively raised his hand to protect the ring, slowly turning to look at Kate.
“Sorry, this thing is mine.”
“But I bought it for you back then.” Kate’s expression was indifferent.
“You did buy it, that’s true, but… you gave it to me.” Aaron’s eyes narrowed as he held it tightly, “You gave it to me, so it’s mine. What right do you have to take it back?”
“I gave it to the man who would treat me well for a lifetime! And clearly that’s not you!”
Kate glared at him hatefully.
She hated his pretense of indifference, his lack of explanation, and his choice of the stu pidest and most foolish way to love her despite having so many other options.
Aaron’s heart trembled, and the wound started to ache. He had been out in the scorching sun for too long, and his strength was waning. His face turned paler, and large beads of sweat rolled down his forehead.
Dominic’s expression changed, and he immediately went forward to check on him..
It seemed that the wound had opened up, and blood was soaking through the gauze.
Jane hurriedly went to find a nurse.
Kate looked worried as she crouched in front of him, holding his hand. “Aaron… How do you feel? Are you… seriously hurt?”
Actually, a knife wound wasn’t that serious for Aaron; he had endured much worse gunshot wounds in the past.
What troubled him were Kate’s words and the look in her eyes.
He didn’t know how to defend himself or gain her forgiveness.
He wasn’t sure if they could return to the way they were before…
“Aaron! Aaron!” Seeing him remain silent, Kate thought his condition was critical, and tears welled up in her eyes.
Jane fetched a nurse, and they pushed Aaron into the hospital room, where his wound was quickly treated and rebandaged. It wasn’t a serious issue.
Throughout the process, Kate never took her eyes off him. She was holding his hand tightly.
Dominic and Jane exchanged smiles.
“Hey hubby,” Jane whispered, “I don’t think Kate will leave today. 111 go out to buy her some food and necessities, and then we can go home together.”
Dominic nodded.
After Jane left, the nurse asked Kate softly, “Are you a family member of the patient?”
Kate was taken aback. And she did not have a chance to reply before Aaron, lying on the bed immediately nodded vigorously, like a chick pecking at rice.
“Tamily members should be more careful,” the nurse frowned. “It’s so hot outside, how can you push the patient out in the sun like that? Sweating in such high temperatures is not good for his recovery!” “Oh uh sorry…” Kate nodded absentmindedly.
“Kate…” Aaron pulled her, his voice suddenly weak, “It was your best friend’s Hubby who pushed me out into the sun.”
Dominic’s face turned even darker. In that instant, he saw a trace of mischievous pride in Aaron’s eyes.
“So, it’s you!” Kate turned around to face Dominic. Crossing her arms she scolded, “What were you trying to do? On a day like this! You pushed him out deliberately, didn’t you?”
“Let it go, Kate,” Aaron forced a look of pain, “He’s doing it for my own good. He said it’s to get some sunlight and absorb calcium…”
“To hell with calcium! You’re ignorant as a pinecone! You’ve deliberately hurt him while he’s injured! Kate’s voice rose several octaves, “I know you, Mr. Dan Murphy and Aaron had some conflict in the past, but that was a long time ago. After those two times, hasn’t Aaron stopped bothering you?”
How could you take advantage of his injury and treat him like this!”
Dominic: …
“Given how much you dote on Janey, I had a higher opinion of you!” Kate rolled her eyes one after another, “I never thought you were so narrow-minded and ruthless!”
Aaron watched Dominic’s darkened gloomy face and couldn’t help suppressing his laughter, continuing to play the pitiful act in front of Kate.
Kate turned back to look at him and noticed that he had two blisters on his lips.
“How did you get these?” she asked.
“Oh, those…” Aaron said indifferently, “They were caused by him taking care of me the other day.” “He did what? Why, you little!” Kate looked like she was about to fight him.
“Hush, Kate Aaron tried to sound weak, “He was just trying to help. I’m really not in pain… really! He’s already taking good care of me, and we should all be considerate towards each other…” “You’re hurt like this, and you’re still speaking up for him?” Kate raised her voice, “Mr. Murphy, you will not be allowed to take care of hit from now on! Honestly, you’re so unreasonable!”
Dominic’s face turned even darker, and he kept taking deep breaths.
He narrowed his eyes at Aaron, who continued to suppress his laughter and looked at Dominic with a teasing glint in his eyes.
How about that, Master Campbell? I have a woman who cares for me tool


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