My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 133

Chapter 133
Jane was worried about leaving Kate alone at the hospital so she decided to visit again. When she came to Aaron’s hospital ward, she saw Kate spoon-feeding him.
Kate, who was usually carefree and laid-back, was now being extremely cautious, blowing on the spoonful of soup multiple times, afraid of burning Aaron.
Who could have imagined that the man lying in the hospital bed, seemingly completely dependent on others, had been lively and vigorous in the rehabilitation room just a couple of days ago?
Jane smiled and suddenly thought of her own man.
To others, he had a stoic face, with the words “keep away” written all over him.
But once he saw her, he would stick to her like glue, and no one could make him stop talking about his wife, praising her for everything. Even the magpies in the trees couldn’t outdo him.
“You’re here,” a familiar voice suddenly came from behind.
Jane turned around and saw Josh Green walking towards them. He glanced at the ward and his expression dimmed for a moment, but soon a gentle smile returned to his face.
“Mr. Wilson’s recovery is going well,” he said softly. “He can have the stitches removed in a couple of days.”
“Thank you very much, Doctor Green, really,” Jane felt a bit embarrassed.
Originally, she wanted to play matchmaker between him and Kate, but she never expected…
“Oh there’s no need to thank me.” Josh chuckled, “I’m a doctor, saving and helping others is
“You really are a good doctor.”
She knew those words sounded weak.
But besides those words, she didn’t know how else to express herself.
my duty!”
He healed his rival with his own hands, and then pushed the person he liked into his rival’s arms.
Yet his own wounds remained untreatable.
Josh made people feel sorry for him.
“Actually… I also hope that Kate can be with the person she truly likes.” He smiled and glanced back at the ward, his gaze filled with reluctance.
“I can tell,” his voice was low, “that Kate smiles genuinely only when she’s with Wilson.”
“Aww Josh…” Jane’s emotions were complicated, “You’re too good, the heavens will surely not treat you unfairly!”
“Heh, I’ve never felt that the heavens treated me unfairly!” Josh laughed generously, “From childhood to now, my life has been smooth sailing. Although my family is not wealthy, we never lacked food or clothing, and they even supported me through medical school. Now, I’m a doctor, I have my own clinic, and to put it shamelessly, I feel like I’ve won at life!”
“I cherish everything I have now, including all of you, my friends.”
Jane’s throat tightened, and she couldn’t speak for a while.
“Heh, so if you have a chance, please tell Kate that she doesn’t need to feel awkward around me. We’re still friends! If you need any help, I’ll do my best!” Josh said with a smile.
“Yes of course! I will do that!” Jane nodded vigorously.
“Heh, I actually think that the heavens brought you all into my life for a reason,” Josh chucked, “Look, I cured Mr. Dan Murphy, then played matchmaker for you two, and now I cured Aaron Wilson, matching him with Kate… It seems my identity as a g od of love doctor is pretty firm!” Jane was amused by him, and the two of them walked a little further before Josh waved goodbye. “By the way,” he turned back before leaving, “I’ve been busy these days and forgot about your examination. I’ll definitely give you the results in a couple of days!”
“Sure thing, doc. No rush,” Jane replied.
“How can that be? I bet Dan is anxious!” Josh chuckled, “There shouldn’t be any problems, but just be careful these days, alright? When the report comes out, I’ll find a professional obstetrician and gynecologist to tell you what to pay attention to.”
Jane thanked him and then went home. However, as soon as she entered the house, she heard some commotion.
Men’s shoes were sca ttered at the entrance, not arranged neatly as usual.
Jane was puzzled and walked gently inside. The closer she got to the bedroom where the two men were, the louder the noise became.
She pushed open the door.
Dominic froze in place like a deer caught in a headlight, a hint of panic flashing in his deep eyes.
“What… What in the world are you guys doing?” Jane was very curious. She saw him squatting on the ground, rummaging through boxes and pulling out drawers. Two red booklets were tightly held in his hands.
Even more puzzled, she asked, “Why are you looking for the marriage certificates? What do you need them for?”
Dominic’s throat tightened, his lips felt dry, and he didn’t know how to explain.
He took the chance while Jane was not at home to look for the marriage certificate. As expected, the names on it were Dan Murphy’s… At the time, Jane had married him off to Fiona, Jane’s elder sister. The Fallon family had used their contrections to directly register the marriage using Dan Murphy’s
If he had known he would fall
Jane like this, he would have personally gone to the Civil Affairs
Tristan had told him that it was still possible to change it now, but it would take some time and effort.
However, just as Dominic was about to take the marriage certificate away, Jane caught them in the
“What is happening? Hubby, what’s wrong? Are you alright? She was puzzled by his dazed look, feeling a little uneasy.
“Wait…you… you messed up the place like this just to find the marriage certificates? What do you need them for?”
Dominic forced a smile, struggling to come up with an explanation.
“I’m just taking a look.”
“What’s there to look at?”
Jane widened her eyes, unable to laugh or cry, and took the red booklets back from him, locking them in the drawer.
Dominic remained silent.
Jane looked at him, and this was not the first time he stood in front of her like a big boy who did something wrong.
A tall, big man, but every time he lowered his head and said nothing, she would soften.
Jane helplessly smiled and patted his back. She walked to the messy cabinet and took out the carved sandalwood box he gave her.
Opening it, there were not only jewelry but also passbooks and bank cards.
Then she rummaged inside the drawer and took out another property certificate.
“All of these are our entire fortune.”
Dominic chuckled, “Just keep these things well. You don’t have to show them to me.”
“How can that be? This is also your home””
He felt a pang in his heart.
“This property certificate is the house my father gave me. Little Bailey is living there now.”
…In addition to the usual expenses, I save some money every month in this bank card. I bought a financial product, and it brings returns every month!”
The other part is in the passbook, in case of emergencies, we can take money from there.” “These passwords are all our wedding anniversary dates. Remember them!”
“Okay,” Dominic felt uncomfortable. “I will remember.”
“And this…” Jane smiled gently, taking out two documents for him to see. “I want to buy insurance, but I’m still hesitating about which one to get. Hubby, take a look and tell me which one you think is good.”

Dominic paused for a moment, taking the papers from her hand.
They were regular commercial insurances, where money was deposited monthly and dividends were returned periodically. If there were any major events, the insurance company would pay a substantial amount as compensation.
Although the little woman hadn’t made up her mind yet, the beneficiary on the policy was written as “Dan Murphy.”
Dominic’s eyes darkened, and he frowned slightly.
“Why do you want to buy insurance?”


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