My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 134

Chapter 134
“Just in case!”
She touched her belly and smiled gently at him, exuding a warm and firm sense of determination.
“If I really get pregnant, we have to plan for the child. But this insurance is something I want to buy for you…
She held his hand tightly, her heart and eyes filled with him.
“Hubby… This is my first time being pregnant, and I’m really nervous. These past few days, I’ve been reading a lot of materials, and I’m afraid that, just in case something happens like what they said in the forum, and then I’ll…”
“What nonsense are you talking about!” Dominic’s face darkened, he glared at her with utmost seriousness, “Don’t think randomly like that, you won’t have any problems!”
“Don’t be so agitated!” Jane leaned against his shoulder. I’m just saying that just in case something. like this happens, you must remember to use this money.”
“There won’t be such a situation! There won’t be any ‘just in case!!” Dominic couldn’t help but raise his voice, his face terrifyingly grave, even scaring Jane.
She stared at him, her heart beating wildly.
His movements were decisive, and he tore the two insurance policies into pieces with a few quick actions.
The world fell silent for a moment, as if entering a vacuum.
And the chilling oppressive aura emanating from Dominic made jane involuntarily take a step back.
Dominic suddenly snapped out of it, realizing that he frightened her.
He hugged her tightly, his voice low and deep, “I’m not angry with you; I just want you to know that such accidents won’t happen.”
“Even if there really is any accident…”
His eyes flickered, and his voice choked up, “I don’t want a child; I only want you!”
Jane’s heart warmed, and her nose felt a bit sour. She gently caressed his broad back with her small hands.
“Silly Hubby, why are you saying such silly things again!”
“The child belongs to both of us. Are you really willing to let go of it?”
“I am!” He said these two words without hesitation.
Jane couldn’t help but chuckle. She playfully pinched his face with her fair and delicate hand, her bright eyes shining like stars.
His appearance was deep and serious, and his solemnity was intimidating.
But she knew that he was nervous.
“Alright.” She softly said, “Let’s not talk about these inauspicious things anymore. Let’s both live a lang life and become old monsters together, alright?”
Dominic finally showed a faint smile on his face.
But this incident served as a wake-up call for him.
A few days later, he met with Tristan at the law firm, “How did the last thing I asked you to do go?” Tristan stroked his chin and pulled up several templates from the computer.
“Look Dominic, compared to the insurance you mentioned… I think it’s better for you to personally write a statement, stating that all of your property belongs half to Jane or something similar.”
“Will such a statement have legal effect?” Whenever it involved Jane’s interests, he now had to ask if it was legally recognized.
Tristan smiled, “As long as it goes through notarization, it will certainly have legal effect!” “Well.”
“But bro, are you really going to do this?”
“Of course. Since she’s my wife, my belongings should naturally be hers too.” Although the matter of the marriage certificate hadn’t been resolved yet, he wanted to give Jane some assurance first
“You doing this will soon reach Grandfather’s ears. After all, you are the most hopeful successor of the Campbell family, and your assets are immeasurable.”
Dominic slowly exhaled a smoke ring, his eyes becoming ever deeper.
“It doesn’t matter if he knows. Sooner or later, Janey will have to face the people of the Campbell family.”
Tristan nodded, understanding his intentions.
Perhaps Jane might not be accepted by the Campbell family for a while, but Dominic’s actions would force the Campbell family to acknowledge Jane’s status.
No matter what, he would stand by her side and face the whole world with her.
“Oh, by the way, bro,” Tristan’s expression turned serious, and he lowered his voice, “While researching commercial insurance, I made an unexpected discovery!”
Dominic’s brow furrowed, “What is it?”
“Take a look at this.” Tristan handed him a photocopy.
Dominic quickly read through it from start to finish and let out a cold snort.
Before he flew on a private plane to California for business, Edward Campbell had earnestly presented him this massive insurance policy, all with a serious smile. He claimed that flying in the sky was unsafe, so he should have some security for his eldest nephew.
The Insurance had various projects, involving all aspects, and the beneficiary was written as his own father, Alex Campbell.
“Uncle Ed really went all out with this act, making it seem like he’s caring for me in every way.” Dominic sneered and tossed the document onto the table.
“I had even forgotten about this thing until you mentioned it!”
“Hey bro, take a closer look!” Tristan signaled to him with his eyes.
Dominic didn’t understand, so he read through it again line by line and finally found something unusual on the last page!
“Michael Green?” He couldn’t help raising his voice. “What’s going on?”
Tristan smiled meaningfully, “This is my unexpected discovery.”
“When Uncle Ed gave you that insurance policy, the beneficiary was written as your father. But on this insurance policy, the beneficiary was secretly changed to Michael Green.”
My lin
Dominic’s eyes narrowed, a trace of fierce coldness flashing through.
Back then, he didn’t pay much attention to this insurance policy, thinking it was just a superficial gesture from Edward Campbell. After all, in order to please their grandfather, Edward had been putting on an act for years.
But he never expected that the plane would actually crash.
“So, if I really died in that air crash…” He said in a deep voice, “This billions of dollars of insurance. money would Ko into Michael Green’s pocket?”
“Exactly.” And it was done so discreetly.
Dominic’s expression darkened, and he murmured the name. Michael Green….
“I checked the Green family,” Tristan continued, “They have some influence in the Southeast Asia region and are involved in information technology and pharmaceuticals.”
Dominic nodded.
But the Green family had always kept their distance from the Campbell family in the capital, never cooperating, almost like two parallel lines. How could Michael Green be colluding with Edward?
Looks like he needed to investigate further.
He extinguished the cigarette, intending to leave. At this moment, his phone suddenly vibrated.
“Mr. Murphy, it’s me.” Josh’s voice sounded a bit urgent. “Are you busy right now?”
“No, what’s the matter?”
“Then come and accompany Jane. She… is not feeling well emotionally.”
Dominic’s heart tightened, “What happened to her?”
Josh couldn’t explain clearly on the phone and asked him to come to the hospital quickly.
Jane walked out of Josh’s office, looking dazed and pale. She sat in the corridor, her eyes vacant.
Her heart was pounding, her breathing unsteady, and her back felt cold.
Josh’s words still echoed in her ears.
“Jane, the test results are out. Actually… you’re not pregnant at all.”
“But through your examination report, I found something else…”


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