My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 135

Chapter 13 5
“Jane, your constitution is weak, and this time it’s actually a rather rare false pregnancy phenomenon. But it’s not a big problem; take good care of yourself, and you can still get pregnant.” “Also, about this matter…” Josh took out a medical report form.
The name on it was David Fallon.
“I need to apologize to you first about this matter. Chairman Fallon once had a medical examination. here, and a few of my medical students, during their internship, took some blood samples as test specimens without permission. This included samples from both you and Chairman l’allon.”
“This seriously violated the hospital’s regulations, and they have been disciplined.”
“But I looked at the identification report they produced, and the result shows… you and Mr. Fallon have no blood relationship!”
Jane’s ears buzzed, and her mind went blank..
Dominic rushed up the stairs three steps at a time, anxiously searching for that petite figure in the
But when he looked up, he saw Josh coming out of the office.
“Where’s Janey?”
“I had the nurse take her to the rest area first.”
“What happened?” Dominic was very anxious; even his nose was sweating.
Josh briefly explained the whole incident.
After hearing it, Dominic was also shocked and couldn’t come to his senses for a while.
“Could they have made a mistake?”
“I thought the students might have made a mistake too at first. After all, there were many blood samples in this batch, and it’s possible they mixed them up or missed one,” Josh whispered, “So1 personally did the identification again. There is absolutely no mistake.”
Dominic furrowed his eyebrows tightly, “What about the labels on the blood samples…”
“The labeling is done by a specialist. After drawing the blood from each person, the labels with their information are immediately attached.”
So, it was impossible for there to be a mistake with the blood samples.
The identification process was also personally done by Josh, so there shouldn’t be any mistakes.
“So… Janey is really not David Fallon’s daughter?”
Josh nodded.
Dominic’s expression became complex, and his gaze turned towards the rest area. The door was half-open, and he could faintly see the small woman leaning against the sofa, her thin back appearing fragile and helpless.
He clenched his fist, not knowing what to say to her after he went lu.
“Mr. Murphy,” Josh noticed his changing emotions, “you… you won’t change your attitude towards Jane because of her background, right?”
“Although she is not the young lady of the Fallon family, she is really something!”
“You’re overthinking it,” Dominic said in a low voice.
If he cared about her background, how could he have fallen into this situation?
He pursed his lips, his sharply-defined face still cold and indifferent, but a hint of pity surged in his deep eyes.
He walked over and gently embraced her.
Jane was startled but then was pressed into a warm embrace, once again hearing that familiar heartbeat.
“Hubby…” After a while, she tremblingly uttered these two words, her voice choked up, her heart a mix of emotions.
He knew everything now, right?
What would he think?
Even she felt that this matter was absurd.
She wasn’t the daughter of the Fallon family, but she had inexplicably endured years of humiliation and blame.
Perhaps Fiona and joy could never have imagined that the thorns in their eyes all these years actually had nothing to do with the Fallon family.
But did David Fallon really not know about this?
Then why did Joy Bernard mention the term “ba stard” when she scolded her in the past? Now thinking about it, “ba stard” might not have been a hasty and impulsive remark from Joy, but rather based on solid evidence…
So she and Little Bailey were indeed children of unknown fathers?
Jane’s mind was a mess, her heart felt like a pile of weeds, blocking her breath.
Dominic squatted in front of her, lus gaze gentle. He lifted her head and gently stroked her hair. “Wifey,” he spoke softly, “let’s go home.”
“Forget it; I understand. I know you’re not in a good mood right now, but there are some things we can’t figure out in a short time.”
“Janey wife, let’s take it slowly. No matter what happens, I will always be with you. Don’t worry, okay?”
Jane looked into his eyes, feeling like she wanted to cry.
This matter should not be celebrated prematurely. She should clarify everything first and not let him get excited for nothing…
“What’s the matter?” Dominic’s deep voice carried a hint of indulgence.
“Doctor Josh said that my constitution is weak, and although it doesn’t affect pregnancy, the chances of conception might be lower than normal.”
Dominic looked at her seriously, “Janey, whether we have a child or not is not that important to me.” Jane was taken aback; his low voice carried a trace of doting.
“If you like children, we will have them. If you don’t want to have children, it’s fine for us to live our lives together.”
“But. Don’t all men want their women to bear their children?
My Hisal Is A Secret Billionaire
“If you have any psychological pressure because of this, you don’t need to worry about it.” He chuckled. “There’s no throne to inherit in my family.”
was amused by him and leaned against his embrace, enjoying his tenderness.
“Having a child depends entirely on you,” Dominic’s warm breath roamed around her ears, “If you want to have one, I’ll fully cooperate!”
Jane felt his rising temperature and the change in his body.
Even the air in the room began to heat up.
Dominic smirked mischievously and suddenly lifted the blanket, covering both of them inside.
The weather was getting slightly cooler, it was late summer, early autumn, and the sky was a clear blue with clouds resembling large cotton candies floating in the distance.
Jane added a few more tables in the courtyard, matching them with parasols of the same color as the iris flowers, giving off a particularly fresh and serene feeling.
On this morning, there weren’t many guests. Jane was quietly making coffee behind the bar when she suddenly heard a sweet voice from outside, “Sister Jane!”
She walked out and saw Linda Campbell running in like a little bird under the sun.
However, there seemed to be someone following her from behind.


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