My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 136

Chapter 13 6
In the moment Jane was lost in thought, Linda gave her a big hug
“Sister, long time no see! Haven’t you missed me?” Linda asked with a smile.
Jane smiled and pinched her little nose.
“Of course, I missed you! Without your chattering in my ears, life feels less fun!”
Linda’s eyes curved like two bridges, and she smiled happily.
Jane’s gaze was involuntarily drawn to the middle-aged woman behind her…
Although she looked well-maintained, her short hair was curled into small waves, and she wore a bright outfit covered with LOGO patterns, carrying a limited edition Hermes bag… Her attire looked somewhat ridiculous.
“Cough, cough!” The woman cleared her throat.
Linda immediately pulled her over and introduced her to Jane, “Sister, this is my mom, who specially came to Cardiff to see me!”
Jane was surprised; so this was the Mrs. Campbell she heard about.
But isn’t the Campbell family a prestigious and noble family? They don’t look like a family that would dress in LOGO from head to toe…
Jane didn’t want to appear impolite, so she forced a smile.
“Mrs. Sarah Campbell.” Linda made a funny face, “this is Jane Fallon, my best friend in Cardiff!”
Mrs. Campbell took off her sunglasses and carefully looked Jane up and down.
So this is Jane, huh?
The one who captivated Linda and made the dignified Third Young Master Campbell come to Cardiff incognito and pretend to be a good husband…
Sarah Campbell frowned.
At first glance, there was nothing particularly striking about her; she was fair and slender, pure and clean. If we talk about beauty, her features were indeed exquisite.
However, compared to the women who used to surround Linda, she was completely different!
Huh, who would have thought that Linda would be caught by a little white rabbit!
“Mom!” Linda nudged her elbow and gave her a signal not to stare.
“Oh… Oh!” Mrs. Campbell regained her senses and immediately put on a smile. “Miss Fallon looks really beautiful, and this place is well decorated! You seem very capable!”
Jane smiled awkwardly and invited Sarah Campbell to sit down.
They sat in the courtyard, enjoying the bright sunshine and the slight coolness of late summer. The Iris flowers swayed in the breeze.
After exchanging pleasantries, Jane planned to get up and go back to the shop tortuake coffee. At that inoment, Dominic Campbell came out of the shop.
“Wifey, the cookies are ready!” Linda’s mother was taken aback.
She saw Dominic wearing a regular T-shirt and jeans, with an apron tied around his watst, looking
Chapter 13 5
like a big boy as he walked out.
When he saw Jane, he smiled, bumped his forehead against hers, and gave her a kiss on the cheek. This sunny smile was something that had never appeared at the Campbell family.
Sarah Campbell was stunned and couldn’t react for a while.
Dominic also froze when she saw her.
In an instant, the smile on his face disappeared, replaced by his usual coldness and vigilance.
Jane smiled and held his arm. “Hubby, this is Auntie, Linda’s mother. She came to Cardiff specifically to see Linda.”
“Oh, this… This is Brother in law! Linda quickly defused the situation. “Mom, he’s called Mr. Dan Murphy, Janey’s Hubby.”
She emphasized the name “Mr. Dan Murphy,”
Sarah Campbell responded quickly and immediately addressed him as “Mr. Murphy.”
Dominic’s expression darkened slightly, and he nodded lightly.
Jane smiled awkwardly.
Her Hubby was perfect in every way, except for his expression when he met strangers, which was really perplexing.
“Hey hubby…” She gently tugged at him. “Why don’t you bring us some cookies? Linda likes the cranberry ones you baked.”
“Alright.” Dominic replied indifferently and turned to go inside.
Once Dominic entered the room, he immediately saw the broad back of a man behind the counter. He quietly approached, and Dominic turned his head sharply, his icy gaze cutting through her face.
The girl’s heart trembled, and she forced a smile.
“Brother… What are you calling Auntie here for?”
“Why?” The man’s face turned as dark as ink.
Linda, not knowing what to do, quickly explained, “I didn’t have any ulterior motive! Brother, you should thank my mom. If she hadn’t stopped me, it would have been Miranda who came here today!”
“What?” Dominic raised an eyebrow, his gaze becoming even colder and more ruthless.
“She knows?’ He asked.
“She probably doesn’t know you’re here, but I’ve been in Cardiff all along. She always says she wants to come and bey me. I had no choice but to bring my mom here.”
Dominic nodded and the tension between his eyebrows slightly eased.
“Brother, don’t worry, my mom is usually talkative, but she knows what to say and what not to say at critical inoments!” Linda reassured him.
In this regard, Dominic had no doubt.
After all, Aunt Sarah had always treated him well since he was a child.
But with so many people coming to Cardiff, he still felt uneasy.
“Get back soon.” His expression softened slightly. “Uncle Ed nul the others still think I’m in Manchester. If you keep running hack and forth to Cardiff, they might get suspicious.”
Chapter 13 6
“Uncle Ed currently thinks you’re in Manchester!” Linda smiled. “Did you forget that my mon is a computer expert? Those videos of you feeding pigeons in the square that ended up in Uncle Ed’s hands were all her masterpieces! He can’t tell it’s you at all.”
“Alright.” Dominic looked at her. “Tell Aunt Sarah thank you for me.”
“My mom said we’re all family; no need to thank her!”
Dominic patted her shoulder.
Although Dominic was saying this to her, at this moment, she suddenly asked him about something: “Brother, aren’t you planning to go back to Central City?”
His eyebrows furrowed, and he looked at her suspiciously. “Why do you ask that? Recently, Miranda has been quite active, always inquiring about you and mentioning the engagement.”
“Brother, I know you like Sister-in-law, but what are you going to do about your engagement with Miranda Yeager? Linda asked cautiously.
Dominic’s expression froze for a moment, and then he became stern.
“When did I have an engagement with the Yeager family?!” He was a little agitated and accidentally knocked over the coffee pot, making a mess
Linda stood timidly on the side, her little face turning pale, not daring to say another word.
the term “engagement became his s
Ever since Jane appeared in his life, spot.
In fact, there wasn’t an official engagement, and the two families never explicitly mentioned the intention to form an alliance.
But because Miranda Yeager had been close to him since their school days, and both families were compatible in terms of social status, the parents had an unspoken understanding,
Dominic didn’t feel anything for Miranda Yeager and couldn’t even clearly remember what she looked like.
Before meeting Jane, he felt that it didn’t matter who he married in this lifetime.
However, after meeting Jane, he hoped that he could belong to her alone….
“What’s going on?” Jane hurried over upon hearing the noise, seeing Dominic’s face turning grim, Linda standing there not daring to move, and the broken coffee pot.
Uh oh!
Jane inwardly cursed; did he frighten Linda again?


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