My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 137

Chapter 137
Jane shook her head at Dominic, signaling him to calm down, and then continued to comfort Linda.
Linda wasn’t actually scared; in fact, she had long been immune to her brother’s stern expression since childhood.
On the other hand, Jane felt extremely apologetic and quickly cleaned up the mess on the floor. Dominic wanted to help, but Jane gently stopped him, smiling tenderly, “I’ll take care of this; you’re not good at handling these things. Don’t hurt your hands.”
She swiftly cleaned up the mess, and just then, a customer came in. Jane hurriedly went outside to greet them.
Sarah Campbell had been watching from the side, glancing at Dominic’s expression. She took the opportunity to approach him discreetly and chuckled, “Your wife is pretty good!”
Dominic was taken aback.
Sarah Campbell narrowed her eyes and smiled, “Although I’m not your birth mother, I’ve watched. you grow up all these years. I can tell that you have real feelings for Miss Fallon!”
Dominic glanced at her, but his cold expression remained unchanged.
Sarah Campbell understood his thoughts well: she pitied the children of the Campbell family. They seemed privileged and respected in public, but they had no say in their own marriage decisions. As someone who valued personal freedom, she found it hard to accept.
So she was willing to do her best to help Dominic and Jane.
“Dominic, when do you plan to bring Miss Fallon back?” Sarah Campbell asked.
Dominic pondered for a while and replied in a serious tone, “I can’t rush into this matter. Each person’s marriage in the Campbell family involves too many interests and complexities. I’m afraid. they will…”
“They will harm Miss Fallon?” Sarah Campbell sneered, “Hmph, let them try! Anyone who dares to have such thoughts, I, Sarah Campbell, will be the first to take them down!”
“But, what about Grandfather… Janey you really do that?”
Sarah Campbell’s confident and imposing manner suddenly weakened as she made two awkward twitching movements, as if the scene froze.
In a moment, she forced a laugh twice.
Oops, that was abrupt; she embarrassed herself in front of her good child!
Dominic chuckled, turned around, and went behind the bar to clean the coffee cups in the sink.
“Do-Dominic!” Sarah Campbell had to regain some face no matter what, “Hey… I can’t go against your grandfather, but my family isn’t easy to mess with! If your grandfather wants to say something, he still needs to consider my family, right?”
“Well, anyway, my vote is definitely for Miss Fallon! Once she enters the Campbell family, I will
pave a golden path for her to walk on, making her journey smooth and unimpeded!”
Dominic pursed his lips and sincerely said, “Thank you, Aunt Sarah.”
“Why thank me? We’re all family!”
“What about my father’s side…”
“Oh, don’t worry about your father! This timid guy listens to me on everything!”
Dominic: “…”
“Ah, hahaha…”
Mrs. Sarah Campbell couldn’t shake off her habit of speaking faster than she thinks.
“Dom, let me tell you seriously!” She coughed lightly twice, “Actually, I have no objections with your father, but you need to ask your mother. After all, she is your birth mother, and it only counts when
she agrees.
“Moreover, with the support of your grandfather’s family, Miss Fallon’s chances of success will be even greater, right?”
Dominic’s hand washing the cups suddenly stopped, and a deep contemplation flashed in his eyes.
Sarah Campbell was not wrong in saying that, but gaining his mother’s support would probably be difficult.
His mother was not as carefree as Sarah Campbell; she was more dominant, decisive, and resolute, even comparable to a man.
If she hadn’t been so impulsive in her emotions back then, she wouldn’t have divorced Alex Campbell.
Dominic took a deep breath, and laughter and chatter could be heard from outside where Jane and Linda were talking.
The two of them sat in the sunny courtyard surrounded by blooming irises, the aroma of cranberry cookies and macchiatos filling the air. The scene at that moment seemed like a timeless snapshot.
“Don’t worry.” Sarah Campbell smiled. “With your sister liking Jane so much, I, as her aunt, will do everything in my power to help!”
“Actually, the rest of the Campbell family can be persuaded, it’s just that old immortal Edward! And that little brat Kevin Campbell, they…”
Sarah Campbell’s words suddenly turned into sweet talk.
Dominic smiled helplessly. Over the years, he had heard what Edward had said about him behind his back from Sarah Campbell, and now she repeated it all.
Since learning about her own background, Jane appeared to be happy on the surface during that period, but Dominic could tell that she was actually feeling melancholic.
When there were customers in the shop, she seemed a bit busier and more energetic.
But when the shop was empty, she would sit alone on the steps in the small courtyard, gazing at the sky with a desolate look.
He wanted to make her happy, so he mustered up the courage to seek advice from Kate.
Kate was currently planning a trip with Aaron, and their destination was London.
“Why don’t you come with us?” Kate happily suggested, “When Jane and I were in college, we planned to save money and travel to London. Now we have the chance, and she will definitely be thrilled!”
Aaron’s face changed, and he quickly pulled her aside.
Kate glared at him, “What are you doing? You don’t want to come?”
The man awkwardly smiled, covering half of his face with his hand and winking like crazy.
Unexpectedly, Campbell Third Young Master raised an eyebrow and calmly said, “I think that’s a
good idea. The more, the merrier! Besides, I wonder if Mr. Murphy is willing to join us. Hehe, Dom, you and Jane might have your own plans for a romantic trip…”
“Exactly, Mr. Murphy!” Aaron tried to look natural and said, “Maybe the two of them want to have some private time together!”
Campbell Third Young Master chuckled and strolled leisurely, a faint smile playing at the corners of
his mouth
“Aaron, can you act a bit more like a man? Look how happy they are!”
London was known as a shopping paradise, with all the top international brands offering tax-free shopping. Kate and Jane happily linked arms and hopped around various luxury stores and large shopping malls, satisfying their shopping desires,
By the end of the day. Aaron’s arms were full of her loot, and his legs began to tremble.
Dominic wasn’t in a much better situation; it was just that Jane wasn’t buying anything.
When they arrived at a beauty store, the two girls went inside to try different lipstick shades, while the two men saw a bench outside and their eyes lit up. They rushed over like lightning!
Dominic gained the upper hand and took up more space on the bench.
Aaron rolled his eyes and put down all the bags on the ground with a heavy sigh.
“How come they aren’t tired?”


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