My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 138

Chapter 13 8
Dominic glanced at him; this question had also been on his mind for a while.
But what surprised him more was that both of them were considered physically fit among men, yet they could barely keep up with the pace of these two girls and were almost exhausted.
It seemed like he would have to “teach her a lesson” later…
“Hey, why are you grinning?” Aaron waved his hand in front of him.
Dominic snapped back to reality, retracted his smile, and resumed his usual cold demeanor.
“Aaron,” he said in a serious tone, “Have you ever thought about returning to the right path?” Aaron was taken aback, his expression becoming complicated.

“Although you are now with Kate, and she can accept you, you need to think clearly. Your life is like living on the edge of a knife. You have power, but you also have enemies.”
“Last time, it was a coincidence that I was at that hotel…” Dominic looked at him with meaningful eyes. “If something similar happens again, will there be such a coincidence?”
“If you get into trouble again, Kate will have no happiness left.”
Aaron’s face slightly changed, and he pursed his lips.
In fact, he had long thought about it. Kevin Campbell had asked him to do things and promised to help him clear his identity.
However, Kevin turned out to be an unreliable person.
Aaron looked at Dominic, opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but in the end, he didn’t say a word.
“I can help you.” Dominic said in a low voice, “but the process will be complicated and not as fast as you imagine. Moreover, you’ll have to give up some things.”
“It’s okay,” Aaron replied without hesitation, “As long as I can hold Kate’s hand under the sun, I can give up anything!”
Dominic looked at him for a long time and patted his shoulder, smiling.
Jane and Kate looked over at them. Although they didn’t know what the two men were talking about, they seemed to get along peacefully.
Kate waved her hand and shouted, “Aaron, I’ve picked out so many things!”
Aaron immediately responded, “Coming!”
Dominic couldn’t help but look down on him carrying all those bags. He sneered, “You’re such at spendthrift.”
“Whatever…” Aaron rolled his eyes, “Make your wife spend money if you dare!”
What a joke! Third Young Master Campbell stared at him, “You think I can’t do that?”
“Huh, do you dare?”
These three words left Dominic speechless.
After Aaron finished speaking, he got up confidently, but suddenly felt a kick to his waist from
behind! He was kicked hard and lost his balance, sca ttering all the bags on the ground. He almost fell face-first into the wall…
Fortunately, he was agile enough to avoid an embarrassing fall.
Chapter 1 38
Behind him, Lord Dominic Campbell calmly adjusted his collar, the corner of his mouth lifting slightly, arrogantly raising an eyebrow.
In an instant, Aaron erupted like a volcano.
“You ba stard!”
“You’re so sneaky! You kicked my waist!”
“What if it’s injured?!”
If his waist was injured, it would affect his future happiness!

Later, they arrived at London’s most famous night market.
The place was bustling with lights illuminating the night sky like daylight. The night market offered a variety of delicious food and goods, attracting many internet celebrities who were vlogging here.
Dominic held Jane tightly, afraid of losing her in the crowd.
Aaron and Kate returned from the front, excitedly describing the many delicious foods on the street When they saw Dominic holding Jane’s shoulder tightly, both of them couldn’t help but laugh.
“Mr. Murphy, that’s enough! Holding on to Jancy so tightly, you’ll have five fingerprints on your shoulder!” Kate joked.
“Hey, don’t say that.” Aaron chimed in, “After finally marrying a wife, of course, you have to watch her closely…”
“It’s okay even if there are claw marks!” A nearby vendor suddenly spoke up. “I have medicine here, a special kind, I guarantee no scars left!”
Aaron and Kate burst into laughter.
Jane, on the other hand, was intrigued by the exquisite small medicine bottle on display. She picked. it up and examined it. The packaging was vintage, and the small bottle felt delicate in her hand.
It was the first time she had seen medicine packaged like a work of art.
The vendor with poor hearing smiled at her and said, “Miss, would you like to buy a bottle? This is made by Michie Pharmaceuticals, it’s been selling for over a decade, and I promise you won’t be deceived!”
“Michie Pharmaceuticals?”
“Yes! It’s the Green family’s pharmaceutical factory in Germany!”
Dominic froze for a moment, and his brows furrowed slightly.
London was close to Germany, could this Green family be the same as the Green family in Germany? After walking a bit further, they reached a less crowded area. Kate pulled Jane to try some street. snacks, and the two men followed.
Aaron noticed that Dominic’s expression was off. “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing.” Dominic replied casually. He thought for a moment and asked, “Did you hear what that medicine seller said about the Green family?”
“Of course, they are quite famous in Germany.”
Aaron had traveled around a lot with the club’s president and had heard about these things. “The Green family has some influence in Germany. I heard they originated from practicing medicine, which is why they still have a pharmaceutical factory.”
My Husband Is A Secret Dilanice
“But how come their medicine is being sold in the night market?”
“It seems that Michie Pharmaceutical has affordable prices and effective medicines, which are very popular. They don’t have that large-scale pharmaceutical factory appearance, so their medicines are everywhere. And no one counterfeits them because they keep their prices low enough for ordinary people to afford.“
Dominic narrowed his eyes. “So, they are a conscientious business.”
Who would have thought that the philanthropic Green family would secretly collude with Edward Campbell?
“Michael Green is currently in charge of the Green family.” Aaron rarely had such gossip moments, “Hey, do you know why the medicine bottle is called Mirbie Pharmaceutical?”
“Its original translation is “Michie.’ ‘Mi’ means ‘Michael Green’s meaning. As for “Chie’, there are various speculations, some say it’s someone Michael once loved but couldn’t get.”
Dominic nodded with a calm expression.
In his heart, he was full of doubts.
He wasn’t interested in Michael Green’s romantic affairs. He only wanted to find evidence of Edward Campbell colluding with Michael Green to harm him.
At this moment, Jane’s sweet voice, calling him “Hubby,” pulled him back from his heavy thoughts. “What are you two doing?” Jane happily waved her hand, “Come over and eat something!”
Dominic and Aaron hurriedly went over and sat down.
The roadside stall was crowded, and the seats were small, making Dominic, who was tall, look awkward on the small stool.
“Oh no, hubby, is the seat uncomfortable?” Jane gently leaned against him and placed some peeled crayfish in front of him, “Endure it for a while. After eating, we’ll go back to the hotel!”
“Mm.” Dominic chuckled softly and whispered in her ear, “After going back to the hotel, you need to compensate me well…”
“Oh but tonight, I’m afraid it won’t be possible.” Jane blinked her eyes, revealing a cun ning fox-like
“I told my dear Katie that we want to share a room.”
“Cough, cough, cough…” Aaron choked on the grilled fish he had just swallowed.
He looked at Kate in disbelief, “Is it true?”
Kate laughed and nodded.
“Janey and I still have a lot to talk about, so tonight, you two…”


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