My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 139

Chapter 139
Two men shouted in unison, “Absolutely not!”
Of course, their objections were futile.
After all, the consequences of making their wives angry were much more serious than sleeping with. another man.
Later that night, when Aaron returned to the hotel, weighed down by numerous bags, he opened the door to find the carefully chosen room with its soft and fluffy bed…
He almost exploded on the spot!
In contrast, Dominic remained calm. He took off his outer garment, retrieved a bottle of red wine from the liquor cabinet, and began to shake it gently with ice.
“Dom, whether you like it or not, we must unite against them! Aaron gritted his teeth.
“Starting tomorrow, each of us will take care of our own woman. We must not let them stay together anymore, do you hear me?!”
Aaron laid down on the bed dejectedly, feeling as if he could punch a hole in it.
Dominic remained composed, his lips curving slightly as he looked out at the vast night sky. After a while, his eyes darkened.
Germany, the Green family.
Michael Green, the pharmaceutical factory.
These thoughts lingered in his mind.
Dominic knew very well why Edward Campbell wanted to harm him, but why does Michael Green become involved?
Was he moved by a mere one billion dollars in insurance money?
Although the Green family’s influence was not as great as the Campbell family’s, they were involved in lucrative fields like medicine and information technology, and they were not lacking in wealth.
So there must be another reason behind Michael Green’s actions!
After returning from London, Jane’s smile was noticeably brighter.
Feeling a little relieved, Dominic received a call from Tristan.
“Brother, your statement has been withheld by Grandfather Campbell. I think it’s best for you to return to Central City.”
“I know.” Doininie had anticipated this when he asked Tristan to write the statement.
After ending the call, he looked up and saw Jane busily tidying up the room. He cleared his throat to cover ups momentary distraction.
Observing the situation, Tristan reassured him in a low voice, “Young Master, don’t worry. Miss Fallon has already arranged for many people. She will be absolutely fine.”
“Hmm,” Dominic replied indifferently.
During the flight back, her tender and coquettish demeanor, her soft whispers in his ear, her gentle posture leaning against his chest….
All the crazy moments they had shared filled his mind.
He had just arrived in Central City, yet he already wanted to go back. All these times were supposed to be his, but now they were occupied by cakes and cookies!
“Hubby, help me bring out a few plates!”
“Okay, coming.”
Dominic fetched the plates from the kitchen and leaned against the door, quietly watching her.
“Janey,” he hesitated for a moment before speaking. “Starting tomorrow, I need to… go for training.” Jane was taken aback, “Another competition?”
“Yes,” he replied vaguely, “This time, it might take a few more days.”
Jane looked a bit dejected, but since it was his passion, she would wholeheartedly support him.
Dominic walked over, gently wrapping his arms around her waist, and buried his face in her neck, taking in her sweet scent.
“Wifey, do you remember the moves I taught you before?”
Jane turned her eyes, not thinking too much, and began to demonstrate innocently, “If someone attacks me from the front, I do this… If someone comes from behind, I do this.
But when she touched his wrist, he suddenly embraced her even tighter!
Dominic was strong, and she couldn’t break free. Her face turned red in embarrassment. “Hubby…”
Dominic suddenly lifted her up and carried her into the bedroom without any explanation.
Jane finally came back to her senses and began to pound her small fists against his chest, glaring at him with a naughty look.
“The moves you showed just now were pretty good.” Dominic said in a low voice, his voice tinged. with a smile, “Now, let me teach you some new moves.”
“Sir, we’ve arrived.” Henry parked the car outside the Campbell Mansion.
Dominic blinked, using a few light coughs to conceal his recent embarrassment.
Henry Finn, observing his every move, spoke in a low voice, “Sir, you don’t need to worry, Miss Fallon has already arranged many people. She’ll be absolutely line.”
“Hmm,” Dominic nodded and went straight to Mr. Benedict Campbell’s study, the head of the Campbells and Dominic’s grandfather.
Mr. Benedict had just finished a bowl of bird’s nest soup, and the ser vants respectfully withdrew when they saw Dominic enter.
The study was filled with the aroma of tea, and Mr. Benedict, in his black silk T ang suit, with his silver hair, had a few wrinkles on his face that gave him an air of severity.
He still had the dragon-headed cane by his side.
Dominic stood in front of him.
The aura of oppression and strength he naturally exuded was inherited from Benedict Campbell “You’re back?” Mr. Benedict’s expression remained neutral as he looked up at Dominic.
“Yes, Grandfather.”
12:11 m
Mr. Campbell paused for a moment before getting to the point, throwing out a statement with an air
of coldness.
“I need an explanation from you.”
Dominic’s eyes narrowed.
Benedict Campbell stood up, and his eyes seemed to hide two icy blades as he asked each word. slowly, “Who is this Jane Fallon?”


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