My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 140

Chapter 140
Dominic’s gaze darkened, and his broad back tensed slightly as he fell silent. The air seemed to freeze, and Grandfather Campbell’s eyes locked onto him.
He asked again, his tone heavier, “Who is Jane?”
“She’s my wife,” Dominic replied.
Grandfather Campbell’s hand shot up!
The tea set on the table crashed to the floor in disarray!
Dominic clenched his fists tightly, the veins on the back of his hand standing out.
Grandfather Campbell sternly questioned, “When did you get married? When did you get involved
with this woman?”
“If I hadn’t stopped this statement, were you really planning to hand over half of the Campbell family’s power to her!”
The butlers and ser vants outside the door heard the commotion but didn’t dare to intrude. Even Henry was taken aback.
Grandfather Campbell was usually calm and composed in handling matters, and there were very few instances when he displayed such anger.
Today, the two of them seemed like two confronting lions, and just hearing their voices made people. shiver in fear, let alone approaching them.
“All your assets, shares, funds, including overseas properties and cash, you want to split them in half with that woman?”
“Dominic,” Grandfather Campbell questioned coldly. “What are you thinking?”
Dominic licked his lips, his gaze cold and determined. “Not half… everything.”
“What did you say?”
“The statement only mentions half because she hasn’t officially become my wife yet. Once she becomes my true wife, everything I have will be hers.”
Grandfather Campbell’s eyes flickered with a chilling light as he stared at him for a moment, furrowing his brows.
“So, you’re not married yet?”
Dominic gritted his teeth.
Grandfather Campbell let out a sigh of relief.
He knew that Dominic had been recuperating in Cardiff after the plane crash. Perhaps he had met this woman during that time.
When a person is injured, it is when their willpower is weakest and when they are most vulnerable to being taken advantage of.
“It’s good news that you’re not married yet,” Grandfather Campbell said calmly, “This kind of woman can’t be trusted. She’s only after your status and position. You better stay alert and not fall into her trap!”
“Grandfather,” Dominic’s voice was low, “She doesn’t know who I am.”
“Even better!”
A Secret Billionaire
Grandfather Campbell placed his hand behind his back and paced slowly to the French window.
“Break up with her now while you still can. You won’t lose much. If this Jane insists on sticking to you, you can compensate her in some way. Let her name a price!”
Dominic tightened his fist, his fingernails digging into his flesh
He looked into Grandfather Campbell’s eyes and spoke each word clearly.
“I came back today to tell you honestly, I won’t separate from Janey. In this lifetime, I only want her!”
“Dominic!” Grandfather Campbell was furious, “Do you know what you’re saying?”
“I think I made myself very clear, grandfather.”
Grandfather Campbell raised his hand suddenly, but it trembled in mid-air, and he eventually didn’t bring it down.
This was his own grandson, the heir he had raised and was proud of
And now, he was losing his rationality over a woman!
“Dominic,” his voice trembled, “Are you really going to disappoint me like this?”
Dominic took a deep breath, feeling tormented deep inside.
But in the end, he raised his head slowly and met Grandfather Campbell’s cold and stern gaze.
Grandfather Campbell intended to give in, and after a while, he said in a soft voice, “If you really like this woman, bring her here.”
Dominic’s brow furrowed, unable to believe his ears.
“Central City is so big; there must be a place for her to stay. If she becomes your wife, you can visit her a few times a month.”
“As long as she behaves, doesn’t cause trouble, you can keep her by your side!”
Dominic was stunned for a moment and then coldly smiled, “So, you just want her to be a mistress?
“That kind of woman should feel honored to be a mistress!”
Dominic’s heart trembled.
“Impossible!” he said sharply, “I will never let her suffer such injustice!”
“What do you want to do then? Marry her? Grandfather Campbell’s voice grew harsh, “I think you’ve lost your mind!”
He was breathing heavily and turned to look out the window, one hand covering his chest.
“I tell you right now, Dominic, cut ties with her immediately! Even if you don’t want to marry
Miranda Yeager, you can choose someone from the other three major families!”
“I said, in this lifetime, I only want Jane!”
“Only her?” Grandfather Campbell raised his voice, turning back to glare at him coldly, “What if she disappears from this world?”
Dominic’s ears buzzed, and he involuntarily took two steps back.
Grandfather Campbell approached him, “Dominic, you are my personally cultivated heir. No matter what you do, it should be for the Campbell family!”
Chapter 140
“And my responsibility is to clear all obstacles for you.. including women!”
Dominic’s throat tightened, his gaze growing darker.
He clenched and loosened his fists at his side. The air froze again as his silence brought a satisfied expression to Grandfather Campbell’s face.
Grandfather Campbell was about to reach out and pat him on the shoulder when Dominic suddenly evaded his touch.
Dominic looked at him, his cold and fierce gaze like a fierce beast stalking in the night.
“Grandfather,” he bit out each word, “If you make her disappear, I promise you’ll lose the heir you’ve personally cultivated!”
Grandfather Campbell’s face was full of shock. He moved his lips but couldn’t say a word.
Dominic turned and left in big strides.
The housekeepers and serv ants outside the door were in a panic, but Henry caught up with him. Seeing Dominic’s dark expression, he wanted to ask something but swallowed his words back.
“Young Master, what do we do now?”
“Go back to my apartment!” Henry immediately went to arrange a car.
But then, they heard light footsteps approaching from the other end of the corridor.
“Dominic, you’re back…”
Dominic gave a cold glance, and the woman’s body leaned slightly to one side, looking uneasy.
He nodded in greeting, about to walk forward, but Miranda Yeager gently grabbed his arm. “Dom….”
Dominic shook off her hand with a sharp movement, keeping a considerable distance from her.
“Did you come to see Grandfather?”
“Mm…” Miranda Yeager said softly, “I came to see Grandfather, but most importantly, I came to see
Dominic felt increasingly annoyed. The closer she got, the more he avoided her.
He couldn’t understand how she could carry such an unpleasant scent of perfume.
Jane never used perfume; she had a clean and sweet scent, a fragrance that captivated him.
“Dom, it’s still early. Why don’t you come to my place for a while? I also want to talk to you privately.”
“It’s not early,” Dominic said coldly, “I just arrived in Central City today and want to rest early. If you didn’t bring a driver, I’ll have the housekeeper send you later.”
His rejection couldn’t be more obvious.
But Miranda Yeager was unstoppable.
“If I want to discuss our alliance, don’t you want to hear it?”


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