My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 142

Chapter 142 

There was a moment of silence on the phone

After a while, a soft and tender voice of a little woman came through

I love you too.” 

Jane’s heart was pounding, and her cheeks felt like they were burning. She quickly hung up the phone after saying those words

She held the phone for a moment, then burst into a silly smile

They had been married for so long, but it seemed like they had never formally said I love youto each other

Jane stretched lazily, feeling as if she were floating on cloud nine. Tonight, that man’s figure would surely appear in her dreams again

After hanging up the call, Dominic was about to ask Henry Finn to come and pick him up when he heard movement behind him

Is that Miss Fallon?” 

His heart tightened, and he turned around sharply, with a cold glint in his eyes

Why are you still here?” 

DominicMiranda hesitated for a moment before changing her address. Young Master Campbell, this isn’t a solution for you and Miss Fallon, is it?” 

Dominic’s face darkened. My affairs with her are none of your concern!” 

But your affairs are related to the entire Campbell family.” 

You’re not part of the Campbell family, so why bother about this?” 

Miranda’s body trembled slightly

Jealousy burned in her heart like flames, consuming her pride and rationality

She had overheard some of the argument between Dominic and Grandfather Campbell in the study just now. And the rare tenderness in Dominic’s voice during the phone call had been so unlike the usual aloof and stern Campbell family’s Third Young Master

The Campbell family and the Yeager family had already tacitly agreed to this marriage, and she had always considered herself as Campbell family’s future daughterinlaw

But why… 

Why did this Jane suddenly appear out of nowhere

Miranda took a deep breath, clenched her fists, and forced a smile that appeared almost natural

Young Master Campbell, I’m not concerned about the Campbell family, but I’m concerned about you.” 

Miss Fallon currently doesn’t know your identity, but once it’s revealed, it might scare her.” 

Will she still say goodnightto you affectionately then? Maybe she will, but can you be sure that her goodnightwill be out of love and not fear?” 

The cold moonlight reflected off Dominic’s rigid lines and the hand he tightly clenched at his side

Young Master CampbellMiranda continued further

Seeing that he didn’t react much, she thought that her words might have had some effect, so she became even holder and softly called, Dominic” 

Dominic,she tried to demonstrate her lady ofthehouse demeanor, if you trust me, I can go talk to this Miss Fallon. At least after she knows your identity, she won’t fear you and will stay by your side!” 

I don’t trust you,Dominic coldly retorted with four words

Dominic, you” 

Miranda, I warn you.He enunciated each word, If you dare to approach her, I will spare no expense to ruin both you and the Yeager family!” 

Don’t think I can’t do it, and don’t think the Yeager family is so powerful that no one dares to touch you.” 

While other members of the Campbell family might have reservations, I won’t! The fate of the entire Yeager family rests in your hands. If you don’t want the entire clan to be buried with you, you better behave yourself and stop stirring up unnecessary thoughts.” 

Dominic exuded an overwhelming aura, like a death god emerging from hell

Miranda took two steps back, looking at him with fear, her lips trembling slightly

The Yeager family’s strength was not inferior to that of the Campbell family; it could even be said that they were evenly matched

But she, the esteemed Miss Yeager, born with silver spoon in her mouth, was now warned and humiliated by Dominic all because of a lowly woman

Miranda was angry and afraid, but she didn’t dare to say a word to Dominic. She could only stand stiffly in place

Henry Finn drove up, and without looking back, Dominic got into the car and left

Miranda was left feeling choked and screamed loudly in the courtyard, Ah” 

Miss, what’s wrong?The Yeager family’s servants rushed over

Seeing Miranda’s pale face, the servant guessed what had happened and helped her put on an outer coat, consoling her softly, Miss, don’t worry. As long as the old master of the Campbell family doesn’t say anything, Young Master Campbell won’t dare to bring that woman back” 

But what am I going to do? What if he does?Miranda said, her voice choked with tears

Miss, it seems that the woman doesn’t have much background. Why don’t we secretly investigate 


Miranda recalled Dominic’s menacing expression just now, hesitated for a moment, and said, Miss, Master Campbell only said not to get close to that woman, but he didn’t say not to investigate, right?” 

Miranda narrowed her eyes. Yes, only by knowing the enemy can they find her weak points

Only then can they strike back accordingly


After Jane brought her mother home, she went to the kitchen to prepare dinner

Bailey took care of packing up their things, moving efficiently, and quickly arranging the bedroom. However, when he saw the box in the corner, his curiosity was piqued again

It seemed that this box had always been offlimits since he was a child. Even when his mother was 


My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire 

Chapter 142 

seriously ill, she had repeatedly reminded him to take good care of this box

But what was inside

Bailey was lost in thought when Jane came in, smiling and asking. Are you all done?” 

Yeah, it’s all done!” 

Dinner is ready, come out and eat!” 

Bailey agreed and helped Mrs. Kassie walk to the dining room

Kassie looked around with a sense of unfamiliarity in this room

Mom, you didn’t know that we moved, did you?Bailey said excitedly, Sisterinlaw helped us when the Yeagers came to cause trouble. We had to leave our previous place, and Brotherinlaw found this place for us!” 

Brotherinlaw?Kassie Daviseyes lit up, and she looked awkwardly at Jane, Youmarried?” 

Jane smiled and nodded


Her daughter’s eyes were clear and innocent, and her smile was still so pure. Just as her mother’s heart had once believed, she had indeed married the right person and found a lifetime of happiness. Mrs. Davis calmed herself and held Jane’s hand as she stood up and returned to the bedroom

Mom, you’re not having dinner?” 

Close the door.Mrs. Davis said softly, Don’t let little Bailey come in. Mom has something to tell you alone.” 



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