My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 143

Chapter 143
Jane looked at her in confusion but still closed the door as she was told.
Mrs. Davis sat on a chair, her gaze unfocused as she looked out of the window, her expression serious and gloomy.
“Mom…” Jane crouched in front of her.
“Janey,” after a long pause, she regained her senses and turned her head slowly to look at the small box in the corner, “Go and fetch that.”
Jane was taken aback, her heart pounding suddenly with a sense of unease.
She obeyed and picked up the small mahogany box, which wasn’t heavy, easily carried by one hand. The surface of the box was intricately carved with dark patterns, making it unique.
Jane had been curious about this box when she was a child, but Mrs. Davis had always forbidden her from touching it, so she suppressed her curiosity.
This was the first time she had been so close to the box.
There was a copper lock on the box, a rarity in this era.
“Janey,” Mrs. Davis looked somewhat sad, “I haven’t been a good mother, always causing trouble for you. Even when you got married, I couldn’t witness it with my own eyes.”
“Take this box with you as your dowry from me.”
“However… there’s nothing special inside, so it’s better not to open it. Do you remember?”
Jane was puzzled for a moment, not sure what to make of this.
Did this box hold some kind of secret?
The copper lock seemed sturdy and not easily opened, but Mrs. Davis didn’t mention anything about the key.
She was giving her the box but not the key, and she didn’t reveal what was inside….
What did this mean?
Jane wanted to ask, but Mrs. Davis looked tired, and she turned and lay down on the bed.
“Go outside.” She turned her back to Jane, “Mom wants to rest for a while.”
Jane bit her lip.
The doctor had said that her mother’s illness was most afraid of being stressed.
And she subconsciously felt that this box was something that could cause stress for her mother. So no matter how many doubts she had, she resisted the urge and gently closed the bedroom door. Jane brought the box back home and placed it in the same cabinet as her jewelry box.
She looked at it for a long time, sighed softly, and as she closed the cabinet door, she suddenly felt that the antique patterns on the box were familiar, as if she had seen them somewhere before.
But she couldn’t recall where.
She lay on the bed, staring at the ceiling, feeling like she was walking in a maze without an exit, her mind in chaos.
Henry Finn booked the return flight ticket for Dominic and presented him with several time slots
My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire
Chapter 143
but each one was impatiently rejected.
Henry Finn didn’t know what to do, as this was the first time he had encountered such a situation.
Finally, he sought advice from the experienced lawyer Attorney Tristan Brown.
Lawyers were always astute, and Brown immediately saw through the situation, chuckling and circling the earliest red-eye flight.
Henry was stunned, unable to speak for a while.
“Young Master used to hate taking such late-night flights!” he finally said.
“Now he will like it very much.”
“But… the first flight no longer has first-class cabins.”
“Just book him an economy seat, let the three of them squeeze into one row!”
Henry broke out in a cold sweat.
“You can trust me!” Tristan assured him with experience. “Even if you hang him on the plane, he would still willingly go back!”
As expected, after booking the red-eye economy class flight, Dominic promptly carried his luggage and rushed to the airport in the middle of the night.
He arrived In Cardiff at 3 a.m. and hurriedly entered the house.
However, as soon as he entered, he almost tripped over a pair of men’s casual shoes!
Dominic was startled; those shoes didn’t belong to him.
He slowed down and walked further inside, only to hear the sound of someone snoring?!
His face changed dramatically, but fortunately, the room wasn’t large, and he soon stepped into the living room, where he suddenly saw someone lying on the sofa…
Dominic put down his luggage and carefully approached Jane’s side.
Their bed was quite large, and Jane was sleeping with her back to Kate, leaving a considerable gaj between them. Jane was holding a pillow, the one Dominic usually used.
He raised an eyebrow, curling up his lips, and gently covered her with the blanket.
At this moment, Kate, lying beside her, suddenly turned over, rubbing her sleepy eyes. In the dim light, she suddenly realized that there was a person standing beside Jane’s bed!
“Ah-!” Kate screamed, suddenly feeling a chill!
She hurriedly shook Jane awake and then rushed towards Dominic!
“There’s a thief! A thief!”
“Aaron, húrry in!”
Dominic hadn’t reacted yet when Aaron, without saying anything, kicked him fiercely!
“Aaron, you b astard!”
“Huh??” Aaron was about to kick him again, but his leg was suspended in mid-air.
The two women were still in shock, staring wide-eyed at the scene before them.
Finally, Jane reacted, “Hubby? Is it you!”
She jumped out of bed and, after turning on the light to see clearly, she dashed into his arms.
Chapter 141
Dominic’s waist was in pain, and he glared at Aaron several times.
“You kicked my waist, huh?” Mr. Campbell gritted his teeth, “What if you hurt it!”
Aaron burst into laughter.
“Oh, Mr. Campbell, you’re such an excellent actor! Aren’t you tired of pretending?”
“That’s right, this is no longer about us, Aaron dearie, we can’t blame you!”
“It was so dark, and you stood there motionless like a ghost; weren’t you asking for a kick?”
Who can get these two people out of here!


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