My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 144

Chapter 144 

Jane’s face turned pale, and she quickly lifted his Tshirt to examine his injury

Sure enough, there was a clear mark on his lower back

It’s red!She gently rubbed it, then turned to look at Kate

“Kate, look! Aaron kicked him like this!” 

Aaron, who had just been showing affection to Kate a moment ago, was taken aback by her sudden change of attitude

That’s right, why were you so reckless!” 

Kate,Aaron looked innocent, weren’t you on my side?” 

On your side for what?Kate put her arm around Jane’s shoulder. My Janey is upset now! Go, go, go, get some medicine for Mr. Murphy!” 

Aaron widened his eyes

My Janey?” 

Wasn’t she just calling me Aaron dearie a moment ago?! 

Did that mean sisters were more important than men?! 

So does love disappear

Aaron stood there stunned for a moment, then raised his eyes and met Dominic’s slightly smug expression

So, Mr. Wilson, can you do me a favor and buy some medicine?” 

At six in the morning, Aaron not only bought the medicine but also brought breakfast for everyone. After he set the table and utensils, he opened the balcony door and handed the medicine to Dominic with a cold sneer

Just a little kick to see you being dramatic! Trying to frame me?” 

Dominic smiled, You flatter me. I’m just returning the favor.” 

Aaron rolled his eyes, almost rolling them to the heavens

This little thing didn’t need medicine at all, so Dominic just put the ointment aside

Jane and Kate enjoyed their breakfast happily, while the two men leaned against the balcony railing, wearing the same smile on their faces

By the way, let’s talk about something serious,Aaron said with a serious expression

Dominic was taken aback, What’s the matter?” 

Give me a cigarette first.” 

Dominic glared at him

Aaron gestured for him to hurry up and get one

With a snort, Dominic reluctantly took out the remaining halfpack of cigarettes from his pockethis limited stock

He took one for Aaron and then the two of them hid in a corner of the balcony where the two women couldn’t see them, quickly lighting up their cigarettes

Chapter 144 

What’s going on?Dominic furrowed his brow. Don’t even have money to buy a pack of cigarettes?” 

All my money is with Kate,Aaron replied nonchalantly. She didn’t allocate a budget for cigarettes 

my pocket money.” 


Oh,Dominic nodded, suddenly feeling a little sympathetic

Compared to Jane, Kate was much stricter about controlling his spending

As a result, he was now barely managing with this halfpack…. 

Aaron wanted another cigarette, but Dominic suddenly opened his hand and put the cigarette back in his pocket

Tell me the important stuff!he said in a low voice. Otherwise, they’ll come looking for us in a bit!” 

Aaron sighed, taking one last drag before looking at him. Kevin has been in touch with me these past few days.” 

Dominic’s eyes darkened

He got in touch with me for no other reason than to ask about your whereabouts. Didn’t the news of you secretly returning to the capital city reach his ears?” 

I returned secretly,Dominic said, his voice low, and I only stayed for two days. It’s normal that Kevin didn’t know.” 

Yeah,Aaron nodded. I didn’t tell him anything else, just said that you weren’t in England. We need to continue searching for the exact location.” 

Dominic patted his shoulder

Also, I got some more information.” 

What is it?” 

They are secretly training Mr. Dan Murphy to imitate you. The real Dan Murphy. From dressing to mannerisms, even small gestures and microexpressions, they’re making Mr. Murphy mimic you completely.” 

Dominic’s expression changed slightly, lost in thought

He had already expected this

After finally catching Mr. Murphy, they wouldn’t easily waste such a valuable pawn

They must really want him to replace you,Aaron played with his lighter, when I said you weren’t in England, Kevin smiled in a strange way.” 

My second uncle has been wanting the land in the western suburbs of the capital city,Dominic mused, but he doesn’t have enough money. It would be very difficult for him to take on that project.” 

If they could mobilize a British consortium at this time, my second uncle could easily obtain that piece of land.” 

SoAaron frowned

So, if I’m not mistaken, my second uncle wants Mr. Murphy to sign in for me and get the money from the British consortium!” 

Aaron suddenly understood

He thought Kevin would immediately take action against Dominic after capturing Dan Murphy. So during the time Dominic was away from Cardiff, he didn’t want Jane to be alone and came with Kate to keep her company

-Now it seemed that Kevin wasn’t foolish enough to directly harm Dominic; instead, he first used Dan 

Murphy’s face to deceive people

Aaron,Dominic smiled slightly, Saying that I wasn’t in England actually did me a big favor!” 

Aaron was a clever person and quickly understood what he meant

If they think you’re not here, they can send a fake Dominic, and since your consortium is full of foreigners, they won’t be able to tell the difference between you and Mr. Murphy!” 

Dominic sneered, Then let them have what they want!” 

But when Mr. Murphy arrives in England, Aaron grinned, we can catch him in the act!” 

As scheduled, the Fallon family’s board meeting was held, and Jane took a deep breath as she entered the building, heading straight for Mr. David Fallon’s office

Before the board meeting, she needed to talk to Mr. Fallon

Mr. Fallon was preparing meeting materials, and he was slightly startled when he saw her

Jane didn’t call him Dadand politely addressed him as Chairman Fallon.” 

Mr. Fallon’s brow furrowed

Jane pinched the documents in her hand and placed them in front of Mr. Fallon

What does this mean?Mr. Fallon’s face suddenly changed

The documents clearly stated Return of Sharesin black and white

Below was Jane’s handwritten signature

Ever since she learned that she wasn’t Mr. David Fallon’s biological daughter, she had decided to cut off all ties with the Fallon family

I’m here today to return these shares,Jane said clearly, Chairman Fallon, I believe you must knowI am not your biological daughter.” 

Mr. Fallon’s face turned even uglier, his sharp foxlike eyes fixed on Jane, showing complex


Jane’s heart pounded as she had two possible scenarios in mind before coming

First, Mr. Fallon would accept her request to return the shares, and she could sever all ties with the Fallon family

However, this possibility was very low

If Mr. Fallon had known all along that she wasn’t his biological daughter but still gave her shares, then there must be something suspicious, and that was the key she needed to figure out

Therefore, returning the shares was just a pretext

The actual test was David Fallon’s attitude



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