My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 145

Chapter 145 

Just as she had expected, Mr. Fallon did not sign the documents for returning the shares. Instead, he set them aside and scrutinized her with a particularly complicated expression

Jane felt uncertain, not knowing what he was going to say or do next

The atmosphere fell into an awkward silence, and after a long while, Mr. Fallon looked up and asked in a slightly hoarse voice, Is this how you want to cut ties with me immediately?” 

Jane pursed her lips but remained silent

Has your all this?” 

mother been discharged from the hospital?Mr. Fallon’s gaze was sharp. Did she tell you 

No,Jane replied softly. I found out by accident. We have no blood relation.” 

So, today I’m here to return these to you….” 

Her palms were sweaty as she discreetly observed Mr. Fallon’s expression

David Fallon straightened his posture and asked, Why do you want to do this?” 

Because I’m not surnamed Fallon,she answered. These things don’t belong to me.” 

Janey, I’ve treated you as my own daughter for so many years,David said. Well, haven’t I? Is it not worth something to you?” 

Huh, is that so? Jane sneered inwardly

When she was bullied by Fiona, when she was scolded by Joy, when she watched other girls being loved by their fathers while she had nothing.. 

Where was this father of hers

Jane took a deep breath and looked at him calmly. My mother taught me from a young age that I shouldn’t take what doesn’t belong to me. The company’s shares involve too many interests, and I don’t want to get involved in this mess or bring trouble upon myself.” 

These shares were a gift from me,Mr. David Fallon insisted. Janey, the company is mine, and I have the right to dispose of the shares!” 

It’s your business whom you want to give them to, but whether I accept them or not is my business.” 

Janey!Mr. Fallon’s voice grew stern

Jane’s body trembled slightly, and her doubts grew heavier

Who would insist on giving money to someone else

The only explanation was that the person could bring him a value greater than that money

Her heart raced, and her scrutinizing gaze made Mr. Fallon worried

This girl was too clever, just like her mother… 

But to get those things from Mrs. Davis’s hands, Jane was an obstacle that couldn’t be bypassed

Mr. Fallon calmed himself, about to say something, when suddenly the door was forcefully pushed 


Dad! What’s going on here?” 

Fiona, the bully stormed in, glaring fiercely at Jane the moment she entered the room

So, you’re not Dad’s daughter at all! You” 


Chapter 145 

FionalThe head of the Fallon house scolded her in a harsh tone. This is the company. How dare you eavesdrop outside my office? This is not professional! You have a lot of nerve!” 


Fiona was full of resentment, and her jealousy burned away all her reason

What a joke

The reason she had bullied Jane since childhood was that she was an illegitimate daughter and had no right to compete with her

But she never expected that Jane wouldn’t even be considered a member of the Fallon family…. 

With red eyes, Fiona became emotional

What she couldn’t understand was, even without any blood relation, why would Dad give away the shares like this

Dad, don’t you think you’re going too far?Fiona’s voice trembled as she pointed at Jane. She’s not your daughter; I am! How can you treat me like this?” 

Shut up!Mr. David Fallon was exasperated

Even if Fiona had half of Jane’s cleverness, he wouldn’t be so furious

The company is mine, and I can give the shares to whomever I want. What right do you have to make such a scene here?” 


I’ve already given the shares to Janey!Mr. Fallon said firmly. If you can’t stand it, then get out and. leave the Fallon family!” 

Fiona was stunned, and her brain went blank as she trembled on the spot

After a while, she ran out of the office, slamming the door loudly

The loud sound echoed in Jane’s heart as she suddenly looked up and inadvertently caught Mr. Fallon’s cold gaze, along with a faint smile on his lips

Leaving the office, Jane hadn’t even walked out of the building when she was pulled from behind by 


Stop right there!” 

Jane turned her head, and Fiona slapped her across the face without hesitation

However, Jane had been prepared for this and swiftly dodged the attack. Fiona missed and wast about to slap again, but Jane firmly grabbed her wrist! 

Fiona’s eyes were fierce, but Jane didn’t back down and forcefully pushed her away

The documents for returning the shares scattered on the ground, the empty spaces where Mr. David Fallon hadn’t signed, seemed particularly ironic

Fiona screamed in a fit of madness

At that moment, Jane’s mood became somewhat complicated

Looking at it from a different perspective, if she and Bailey were halfsiblings, and if she had disliked Bailey since childhood and done everything to make things difficult for him, but then found out that Bailey was not her brother, and her mother still gave him what belonged to her… 

She probably would have been furious as well

She had taken something that belonged to Fiona, but she herself didn’t belong to the Fallon family. It- 


Mu Huchand de å forral klimmuin 

pier 145 

was truly a farce

Jane took a deep breath and was about to advise Fiona not to cause such a scene in the company

But as soon as she approached, Fiona suddenly turned around, picked up the potted cactus from the front desk, and hurled it at Jane

Ah!Jane was startled and instinctively covered her head

At that moment, a tall figure rushed over, holding her in his arms and quickly moving to the side! The potted cactus crashed on the ground and shattered into pieces

The lobby fell into silence as the employees watched in shock

Jane tried to suppress her racing heartbeat and looked up, Hubby” 

Dominic’s expression was cold, and he stared at Fiona fiercely

Hubby, let’s go home,she said softly

Dominic stroked her head. Did you get hurt?” 


He glanced at the scattered documents on the floor and sneered softly, Quite a lot of shares. It seems Chairman Fallon is quite generous!” 

YouFiona wanted to say something, but she dared not speak in the face of his cold and imposing 


My wife has been bullied by your Fallon family for so many years, so it’s only right that you compensate her!” 

Are you being serious right now? What a joke!Fiona’s voice trembled as she tried to appear composed. She’s not my father’s daughter, why should she get so much money?” 

So, Miss Fallon is feeling discontented?Dominic raised his voice, and the surroundings fell silent

Fiona also timidly took a step back

These shares rightfully belong to my wife,he said in a deep voice, but she doesn’t care about this superficial money at all!” 

Dominic held Jane close and walked out, kicking the scattered documents on the floor

The oppressive aura brought by the man made the entire hall feel like it was under low pressure. Even after he left, no one dared to make a sound

Once Jane returned home, she sat quietly on the couch, unusually calm

This made Dominic a bit worried

He poured a glass of warm water and handed it to her, then sat gently by her side, wrapping his arm around her slender shoulder, allowing her to lean against him

What are you thinking, honey?” 

Jane held the glass of water, feeling the sense of security he brought, and her tense nerves gradually 


She chuckled and said to herself, Wouldn’t it be nice if I could hide in your embrace forever?Why not?He smiled. Isn’t it said that if you truly love someone, you should cherish them like a child?” 


My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire 

Then from now on, I’ll pamper you like my daughter.” 

Jane was taken aback and looked at him with a mix of laughter and tears

What, do I need to call you daddythen?” 

Wellthat’s even better,Dominic grinned, leaning closer to her. His voice was low and hoarse, Come on, say it, and I’ll listen!” 

Hmpf! You’re annoying!” 

Jane laughed and pushed him, but the man was like a solid wall, firmly standing in her way, and he seemed to have the intention to push her over… 



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