My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 146

Chapter 146
“Alright, don’t tease!”
Jane softly refused, her small hand gently holding onto him.
Dominic smiled and gave her a deep kiss on her neck, suppressing the sudden surge of desire.
He knew she was a conservative woman who wasn’t used to being intimate outside the bedroom.
Looks like he’ll have to properly teach her in the future….
“Honey, why are you in a daze?”
Dominic’s thoughts returned, and he licked his dry lips, chuckling at her.
“Feeling better now?”
“Honey,” he whispered, “what do you think about the shares?”
She bit her lip, not knowing how to tell him.
“These shares are not worth much,” he touched her hair, “if you want them, take them; if you don’t, then don’t. There’s no need to overthink it.”
“These shares?” Jane burst out laughing, “You talk as if you’re incredibly rich! You don’t even care about ‘these shares’ anymore!”
Dominic smiled lightly without saying a word.
Jane leaned against his chest, her voice soft and tender, “Actually, I’m not after the shares… I used the agreement to return the shares as a way to test him.”
“Don’t you find my father’s attitude strange?” After calling him ‘father’ for over twenty years, it’s still difficult to change the way she addresses him.
“He clearly knew I wasn’t his daughter, yet he still wanted to give me the shares. Why is that?”
“Also, I carefully recalled all these years. Although he didn’t show me any fatherly love, le covered my school expenses, our living expenses, and even took care of Little Bailey’s share.”
“Honey,” she looked up at him, “from a man’s perspective, would you treat a child with no blood
relation like this?”
Dominic’s eyes slightly darkened, and after a moment, he answered in a low voice, “If I love the child’s mother very much, then yes.”
“Heh,” Jane sneered, “Does he really have feelings for my mom? I don’t believe it.”
How could someone who truly had feelings for a person force her?
How could they be so cruel to her, except for giving her some money, without caring about anything else?
So there must be another reason behind it.
“Alright, stop thinking about it,” Dominic gently stroked her back, “Don’t ask your mom about this either; we can’t meddle in the grudges of the previous generation. If you’re still worried, just be cautious around Mr. David Fallon in the future.”
Okay,” Jane smiled lightly.
My Husband la A Soccer Tollinaire
After talking to him, she felt much better in her heart.
Looking at the time, it was already almost one in the afternoon. Jane quickly got up to prepare lunch in the kitchen.
gaze turned towards the closet in the bedroom.
He quietly walked in, gently opened the cabinet door. He knew that the locked drawer inside contained their marriage certificate.
But he didn’t know where Jane had put the key.
He looked around, searched under the pillows and in other drawers, but he couldn’t find the key. Instead, he discovered a small sandalwood box standing quietly in a corner.
Dominic was stunned.
He stared at the box in silence, suddenly feeling that the patterns on the box were familiar, as if he had seen them somewhere…
“Honey!” Jane’s voice came from outside, “Lunch is ready!”
Dominic hurriedly closed the cabinet door.
Jane made two simple dishes and stared at her phone while eating, then burst into laughter.
He was curious, “What’s making you so happy?”
Jane showed him the bill on her phone.
It turned out that the cafe had made quite a profit in the past two months.
“Adding the previous savings and the investment returns… The corners of the cheery petit woman’s eyes and eyebrows were filled with excitement. “Honey, guess how much money we have now!” Dominic chuckled lightly, shaking his head.
Jane quietly mentioned a number, making him unable to close his mouth with joy.
“Honey, I can finally buy you a car!”
“What?” Dominic put down his chopsticks, looking somewhat surprised.
“A car!” Jane repeated, “Didn’t I say I wanted to buy you a commuter car a long time ago? It’s just that we didn’t have enough savings back then.”
Dominic’s heart warmed.
It seemed that when she was still working in that company, she got promoted to sales manager and. her salary doubled.
After that, she said she wanted to buy a big house on mortgage and get him a car for convenience.
She spent money on him as if she never cared….
Dominic gently held her small hand, gazing at her intently.
“No need to buy for me. Save the money for mom and Little Bailey.”
“I’ve already set aside their living expenses!” Jane smiled, “Although taking care of mom and my brother is important, I can’t neglect my husband! I promised to buy you a car, so I must buy it for you.”
“Then… you said before that you’ll support me for the rest of my life, right?” Dominic’s voice
sounded bitter.
Jane nodded very seriously.
My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire
-When she said “for the rest of my life,” she meant every day, every hour, every minute, and every
“Honey, it’s decided.” She picked up a dish and put it into his bowl, “This weekend, let’s go check out the cars! Oh, I’ll bring Kate with us; slie worked at a car dealership during college and knows a lot about cars!”
Dominic couldn’t resist her, so he went to the 45 store with her over the weekend.
Unexpectedly, Kate brought Aaron along.
As soon as the manager of the 45 store saw Aaron, his eyes widened in shock. He had been acting all high and mighty just now, but in an instant, he became submissive, as if he wanted to smile from ear
to ear.
“Mr. Wilson! Oh… Mr. Wilson, why do you have time to come today? Look, if you had let me know in advance, I could have rolled out the red carpet for you!”
“That’s the legendary Mr. Wilson?” Several salespeople whispered, “He really has the aura of a Black
“No wonder the manager treats him like he’s meeting an ancestor.”
“But why would Mr. Wilson come here to buy a car? Is he being watched by the police?”
Aaron helplessly lowered his cap.
He didn’t plan to come today. The most expensive car in this store didn’t exceed five hundred thousand. It was really….
He had a look of despair on his face.
Jane and Kate were enthusiastically choosing cars, and Aaron went to Dominic, trying to laugh, “Third Master Campbell, it’s your first time at a 45 store, right?”
Dominic didn’t feel like talking to him when he saw his evil expression.
“Hey, Third Master,” Aaron continued to smile, “the most expensive car here is still not as good as one of your car tires, right?”
“So… Jane is going to buy a car here. The budget won’t exceed one hundred thousand. Will you be comfortable with that?”
Dominic let out a light sneer, patting Aaron on the shoulder.
“You don’t even have money to buy cigarettes, yet you’re talking to me about buying a car?”
Aaron’s face changed, “You…”
“Speaking of which, I’m really annoyed.” Dominic pretended to be dramatic. “My wife always wants to buy things for me and spend money on me. She’s afraid of treating me badly.”
“Aaron, what should I do? I’m really fed up!”
Aaron:…D amn you!
Dominic couldn’t hold it anymore, he turned around and walked towards Jane.
“Honey, you came at the right time!” Jane pointed to one of the cars, “Kate and I have looked into it, and this one has the best value for money, and it fits our budget!”
“Do you like it?”


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