My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 147

Chapter 147
It was a very ordinary small car, low displacement, fuel-efficient, with not much space, and priced under a hundred thousand.
Even the ser vants of the Campbell family didn’t drive this kind of car.
But Dominic liked it very much.
Because the moment Jane saw this car, her eyes lit up, and he liked the light in her eyes.
“Honey, what do you think?” Jane intimately h ooked her arm with his.
Dominic smiled, “As long as you like it, it’s fine.”
“I do like it, but since it’s for you, it should be something you like!”
Jane knew that men had a special attachment to cars; cars were like their other wives.
So she had to choose one he would like.
“Myself and Katie have looked at so many, and we think this one is perfect in all aspects! Honey, why don’t you take it for a test drive?”
“No need,” Dominic looked into her eyes. “I like this one. It’s perfect for me.”
Jane sweetly smiled and continued discussing the car’s color.
Although black was cool, she hoped he would choose white.
He was usually very serious, and driving a black car might be a bit intimidating.
As she spoke, she couldn’t help but laugh.
Dominic had been silently watching her, listening to her chattering and laughter, like a happy little
His expression suddenly darkened, his brows slightly furrowed, and his deep gaze followed her, reluctant to look away for even a moment.
Aaron whispered, “You have cars worth millions in your garage, but are they still not as good as this one that costs less than a hundred thousand?”
Dominic remained silent.
“If you’re worried that your status might scare her, you don’t have to be.” Aaron patted his shoulder, “Your lady is brave and smart, she won’t be frightened!”
“I know.” He glanced at him.
Jane wouldn’t be seared, but she was independent and insightful. She wouldn’t accept a marriage with such a big gap between the two parties.
When that happened, she would inevitably distance herself from him and leave him.
But if she couldn’t step into his world, he was willing to give up everything to step into hers….
Dominic suddenly snapped out of his thoughts when he saw Jane waving at him not far away.
“Quick, take out your ID card!”
“ID card?” Dominic’s heart tightened, “What do you need it for?”
“Th signing the car purchase contract!” Jane pointed to a blank space, “I need your signature, and also your ID card.”
My Husband Is A Serret
Chapter 147
“Why do you need to use mine?”
The petite woman was amused and exasperated, “Why do you keep asking silly questions again?”
“It’s a car for you, of course, it should be under your name! Hurry up and take out your ID card!”
Dominic’s throat felt tight, his lips moved, and he looked at her with complex emotions.
“Honey! What’s wrong? Are you unhappy?”
“He’s not unhappy: he’s just overly happy!” Aaron chuckled, trying to ease the situation, “But Jane, are you really planning to buy it in his name? I advise you not to do that!”
Jane frowned, looking puzzled.
“Um, I think,” Aaron racked his brain, “it’s better to buy it in your own name! Heh… Don’t focus all your attention on a man and spend money on him! Take care of yourself too!”
“Things like cars and houses should be in your name for security!”
“No objection, right, Mr. Murphy?” Aaron nudged him with his elbow, giving him a signal.
Dominic smiled lightly. “Of course, I have no objections. In fact, I was thinking the same thing.”
“But…” Jane hesitated.
“Katie,” Aaron turned to Kate, “why don’t you persuade your friend?”
“Oh, what’s gotten into you today?” Kate laughed, “Why are you suddenly speaking up for women?”
“Swear to the heavens, I’ll be the friend of only one woman in my life!” Aaron put her hand over her heart, “Your friend!”
“Go to hell!”
Kate jokingly h ooked her arm around Jane’s shoulder, “Janey, I think Aaron my dear is right. I’m not trying to ruin your relationship with Mr. Murphy! I’ve told you before, a woman should hold onto her own things!”
“Having these things under your name will give you more security in life. Besides, even if you buy it in your name, Mr. Murphy can still drive it!”
“That’s right, honey.” Dominic looked at her, “Let’s buy it under your name. Everything at home should originally be yours.”
“Including me,” Dominic affectionately smiled, “I’m yours too.”
Jane’s heart was filled with love and affection, and she tightly held his hand, a hint of tenderness in her eyes.
Kate’s eyes sparkled with a pink glow, then she rolled her eyes at Aaron.
“Aaron dearie, when have you ever said such sweet words to me?”
“Aaron, besides smoking, what else can you do? Go sleep with your cigarettes!”
“But don’t you remember? I don’t even have money to buy cigarettes now!”
“Oh so now you dare talk back to me?”
Aaron fell silent, glaring at Dominic resentfully.
Why should he be the one scolded when he got a new car, while Dominic was praised by his wife?
This was totally unfair! Totally unfair!
Dominic parked the car outside the cafe, meticulously wiping it until it was spotless, shining under the sunlight.
Not far away, Hector White and Attorney Tristan Brown couldn’t help but stare.
“Tristan, didn’t you want to study medicine before?”
Attorney Brown was taken aback, “What do you mean?”
“Have you seen descriptions of psychiatric patients in your medical books? Does he match the description?”
Tristan Brown rolled his eyes at him.
Dominic was wiping the car enthusiastically, humming a song. If he had a tail, it would be wagging in the air; he looked quite pleased with himself.
Compared to the usual aloof Third Master Campbell, he was indeed abnormal…
Attorney Tristan Brown couldn’t hold it in anymore.
“Can he really drive this kind of car?”
“What’s he unable to do?” Attorney Tristan Brown whispered, “As long as it’s bought by Jane, he can drive even a tractor!”
Hector White burst into laughter accidentally, immediately covering his mouth.
He always remembered Third Master Campbell’s warning to him: Within five hundred meters of Jane, don’t make any noise!
Dominic finished wiping the windshield, and as soon as he looked up, he saw the two of them. sneaking around. Now that they were discovered, they couldn’t hide, so he waved at them with a playful smile.
“What are you two doing here?”


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