My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 149

Chapter 149
Dominic frowned, feeling a momentary awkwardness inside.
Linda was not worldly-wise and had always been a good girl since she was young.
However, it was often these kinds of girls who were more susceptible to meeting the wrong people. He took a deep breath, feeling a bit of a headache, and then quietly drove back.
Outside the private club in Central City, Carl Sherwood had been waiting for seven consecutive days.
Every day, he came and pleaded to see Edward Campbell, standing outside from seven in the morning until eight at night. However, no matter how much he spoke, the guards outside remained expressionless.
As soon as Edward Campbell heard his name, he became annoyed, let alone seeing him.
Just as Carl was about to despair, the butler came out and announced, “Mr. Sherwood, the Young Master Campbell invites you inside.”
Carl’s eyes lit up, and he immediately rushed inside.
In the backyard of the club, there was a giant iron cage. As Carl approached, he could smell a rotten. and foul odor in the air.
He was slightly surprised and continued to force himself to walk forward. Suddenly, he saw two vultures kept inside the cage!
Kevin Campbell played with amber bracelets and turned to look at him. The profound and sinister look in his eyes shook Carl’s heart.
“Y-Young… Young Master Campbell,” Carl smiled reluctantly.
The vultures flapped their wings fiercely, emitting a h oar se and unpleasant sound.
Carl’s face turned pale, and he froze on the spot, no longer daring to move forward.
Kevin had a strange smile on his face and glanced at him, saying coldly, “I heard that Mr. Sherwood has been waiting outside for several days?”
“Heh, these people are really inhospitable! They should at least bring Mr. Sherwood inside to see my two treasures!”
After saying that, he put on gloves and took two pieces of rotten meat from the basket nearby, throwing them into the cage. The vultures flapped their wings and landed on the ground to peck at
the food.
Carl’s back turned cold. He knew that wealthy people liked various exotic things, such as raising lions, tigers/pythons, and leopards.
But he never expected that Kevin Campbell would like to keep creatures that feed on rotten meat!
“Mr. Sherwood,” Kevin finished feeding the birds, turned around with a smile that wasn’t a smile, and stared at him, “You’ve been standing outside for several days, haven’t you?”
Carl felt sickened by the smell, but he forced himself to stand up and hit his lip.
“I heard that you want money? Kevin dragged his tone, “Is that what this is about?”
Carl lowered his head humbly, and his heart pounded.
“Three billion…” Kevin Campbell clapped his hands, with a strange look in his eyes, and suddenly
My Husband Is & Sacrai Dillmansira
sneered, “Mr. Sherwood, do you think my dad is a money-making machine?”
“This… is the end of the line. Young Master Campbell, if this three-billion funding gap cannot be filled, the company will face bankruptcy, and…”
“You want money? Then bring something valuable to use as collateral!” Kevin interrupted him. Carl was taken aback.
Then, Kevin lowered his voice, with a cold smile on his lips.
“Mr. Carl Sherwood, do you think you can mortgage yourself for how much? My two treasures haven’t tasted human flesh yet!”
Carl’s eyes widened, feeling frightened, and sat on the ground shivering.
Kevin burst into laughter.
“Amusing, truly amusing!”
“Mr. Sherwood, do you think my dad is an easy target?” A sinister look suddenly appeared on Kevin face.
The bodyguards around them immediately pulled out their guns and pointed them at Carl’s head. Carl wailed, kneeling on the ground and kowtowing for mercy.
“You ba stard, do you think I don’t know everything you did in Cardiff?”
“You’ve betrayed me and sought refuge with Hector White, and yet you still have the audacity to act like a loyal dog in front of my Campbell family!”
“I didn’t! Young Master Campbell, please believe me, I was forced by Hector White, and I had no choice…”
“Then go ask him for money!”
Carl looked pained, beads of sweat as big as beans rolled down his temples.
He wanted to ask Hector White for help, but the young master of the White family didn’t give him any attention at all.
So, he had to turn to Mr. Edward Campbell.
But he didn’t expect that Mr. Edward Campbell had known about his capture by Hector White a long time ago and had already become wary of him, cutting off the funding for his company.
Kevin sneered and threw a piece of rotten meat toward Carl’s face!
Carl endured the nauseating smell and struggled to get up from the ground, gritting his teeth.
He had never thought of seeking refuge with Hector White, nor did he ever plan to be loyal to Edward Campbell.
He was just a small pawn, surviving in difficult circumstances, hoping to gain some benefits from the company.
But now even survival seemed impossible.
Carl bit his lip fiercely, realizing that he was now in an inhumane situation. He might as well reveal all the secrets and information!
“Young Master Campbell!” He enunciated each word, “Hector White approached me for a reason…”
“Hmph, a reason?” Kevin glared at him with disbelief, “Do you still have any value that he can exploit?!”
“Yes,” Carl looked at him, trembling, “Because I know the whereabouts of Edward Campbell. The
My Husband Is A Secret BillionaireChapter 149
Third Young Master is not in England but in Cardiff!”
“I already told Second Uncle about this, but Second Uncle didn’t take it seriously!”
Kevin was taken aback and then narrowed his eyes.
“After the plane crash, Dominic has been recuperating in Cardiff. I don’t know why he took Mr. Murphy’s identity and even got married…”
“Are you sure this is true?” Kevin suddenly grabbed his collar, “If you dare to lie, I’ll throw you into the cage right away!”
true, it’s true!” Carl’s legs were shaking, “I saw it with my own eyes. The woman wore a ring with an emerald gemstone, engraved with the unique symbol of the Campbell family. I can’t be
“So, Dominic really got married?” Kevin felt like he had just stumbled upon a heaven-sent opportunity.
“Haha… does he dare to defy Grandpa’s will and casually marry a woman?!”
“This… needs to be investigated.” Carl said in a low voice, “After all, he is using Mr. Dan Murphy’s identity!”
“That’s not difficult.” Kevin stroked his chin, pondered for a moment, and instructed his subordinates. “Contact Mr. Wilson immediately and ask him to come to Central City if possible!”
“Young Master, are you referring to Mr. Aaron Wilson?” Carl sneered.
“What’s wrong? Do you know him?”
“He betrayed you a long time ago, and yet you still treat him as your own?” Kevin looked at him in.
Carl swallowed hard and continued, “I’ve been in Cardiff all this time, so I’ve seen it clearly.”
“Aaron had long joined forces with Dominic; they are in cahoots with each other!”


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