My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 150

Chapter 150
Chapter 150
Kevin was stunned for a moment, then suddenly grabbed the teacup from the table and violently smashed it!
“Y-Y-Young Master, please don’t get angry!” Carl took a cold breath, cautiously observing his expression, “If you trust me, give me a few days, and I’ll investigate everything!”
Kevin’s eyes flashed with a sinister and vicious light, and he smiled lightly at Carl.
“So, you’re willing to join us again?”
“I originally received Young Master Campbell’s favor, so I should repay it!”
“Don’t speak so high and mighty!” Kevin Campbell was a despicable person and knew very well what was going on in the mind of a sly person like Carl. “It’s just that Hector White is unreliable, and you need money, so you sold this information to me!”
“If Hector White was willing to cover this three-hundred-million gap for you, you would have kept- all this information to yourself, right?”
Cold sweat kept pouring down Carl’s forehead.
“But this is good news…. At least Dominic, that dead man, now has a stain in front of my grandfather.”
“Yes, yes!” Carl tried to smile, “He went ahead and got married without permission, which violated the Campbell family’s taboo!”
“What does the woman look like?” Kevin became interested.
Carl’s throat tightened, and after a moment of hesitation, he stammered, “She’s… she’s very… beautiful.”
“Really? What makes her beautiful?” Kevin had always been lustful, and even he could tell that the woman who could captivate Dominic to this extent couldn’t be an ordinary person.
Suddenly, he felt itchy in his heart.
What was it like to have Dominic’s woman?
“Mr. Campbell,” Carl said in a low voice, “That woman’s name is Jane. The Fallon family in Cardiff also has some influence, but Jane is a ba stard and isn’t treated well by their family.”
“I had some dealings with Jane because of business relations. Not only is she beautiful, but she’s also very capable. She’s indeed an exceptional woman.”
“Not bad!” Kevin raised an eyebrow, and his interest in Jane’s name grew.
He signaled his subordinates, and they immediately brought over a box of money.
“Take this as a temporary solution.” Kevin Campbell smiled lightly and patted Carl’s shoulder, “As for the rest, it depends on how you handle things for me!”
Jane helped Dominic pack his luggage while folding clothes and softly said, “Darling, you seem to have a lot of competitions and training lately!”
Dominic was slightly startled.
Jane had this kind of temperament; even if she felt dissatisfied, she never complained openly.
Just saying these few words in a low voice was her way of expressing her discontent.
Dominic couldn’t help but curl his lips.
Chapter 150
He didn’t want to leave either, but several companies under his name-Downtown Industries, Rain Technology, Wetherton Investments-were all due for annual assessments, and he had to personally visit Central City.
Though he had kept a low profile, these two years had seen considerable capital gathered through those companies.
Even Grandfather, the head of the Campbell family
enough power to rival the whole Campbell famidn’t know that Dominic had already ama ssed
“Darling, do you have any formal occasions to attend during this training session?” Jane stood in front of the wardrobe. “If so, take this suit with you!”
Dominic remained silent.
Jane continued, “The weather forecast says Central City will have rain in the next few days. I’ve packed a foldable umbrella for you, it’s on the side of the suitcase.”
“Also, it’s early autumn now, and it gets cool in the mornings and evenings. Remember to cover yourself with the blanket when you sleep, okay? You always have the habit of kicking the blanket off!”
“Darling, take a look at what else you need to bring.”
Dominic walked slowly over, clean underwear, socks, T-shirts, jackets, and miscellaneous everyday items in Jane’s hands seemed to be magically arranged, neatly lying in the box, accompanied by her faint sweet scent.
His heart trembled, and he suddenly hugged her, his deep eyes gazing at her quietly.
“Why are you looking at me like this?” Jane smiled gently.
“Janey… I feel very happy.” Dominic licked his lips, “Very happy with you.”
Jane was taken aback.
Lately, this man seemed to be feeling quite a lot, and it was all about how happy he was with her.
Jane chuckled and gently covered his mouth with her small hand.
“Being happy is something you should know for yourself. Don’t say it out loud; it won’t work if you
“Janey, when I come back this time, I want to tell you something.”
Seeing him looking serious, Jane couldn’t help but ask, “What is it?”
“Well… It’s a long story.” He spoke with a heavy tone, “In this year of our marriage, you still don’t know my family situation. In fact, there are other people in my family, but we rarely have any
Jane was somewhat puzzled. When they got married, she learned that the Murphy family had already declined, and both of Dan Murphy’s parents were deceased. He was a delinquent who often fought and caused trouble.
But she didn’t expect that there were still other people from the Murphy family.
But now that she thought about it, if there really was a relative who had been to prison, it would be better for a normal person to keep their distance.
Jane smiled lightly, her voice gentle as she asked, “Why are you telling me this now? You should have told me earlier. I could have visited your family with you!”
“Right, where is your family? Are they not in Cardiff?”
My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire
Chapter 150
Dominic shook his head.
“Is this what you wanted to tell me?” Jane looked at him tenderly, “Do you want to reconnect with your relatives and friends but find it hard to open up?”
“Then don’t worry!” Jane smiled, “During these days, focus on your training and competitions. I’ll prepare the gifts for your relatives and friends. When you come back, we can visit them together, okay?”
“You’re willing to go with me?”
“Of course. Your family is my family too.”
Dominic held her small hand and made up his mind to reveal everything after he handled the
“Honey, I won’t be gone for too long, just two or three days at most. You stay at home and wait for
“After I come back. I’ll tell you everything about my family and relatives.”
“Okay!” Jane smiled and rubbed his face.
After rechecking for anything left behind. Dominic put his luggage in the trunk.
Cardiff wasn’t too far from Central City, so he planned to drive back.
Jane once said that a car was like a man’s other wife, and now he understood why. With this car by his side, it felt as if she was accompanying him, and he had no fear.
“Hubby, be careful on the road, drive slowly!”
“Mhm,” Dominic waved his hand, “Go back quickly!”
Jane stood in place as the car gradually disappeared from her sight, then she turned back and walked into the corridor.
At that moment, she received a phone call.
“Miss Fallon?”
Jane didn’t react for a moment, “Who is this?”
“My name is Macy!” the warm voice on the other end said, “Miss Fallon, someone delivered a letter this morning. It came from Central City, and it seems to be… some kind of invitation! The envelope has Miss Fallon’s name on it.”
“Miss Fallon, when do you have time to come and pick it up?”


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