My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 151

Chapter 151
Jane stopped and hesitated for a moment.
She didn’t know anyone in Central City, so what was this invitation all about?
“Miss Jane?” The maid named Mrs. Macy urged her, “When are you coming to pick it up?”
“Oh, how about tomorrow… Jane replied.
Before she could finish her sentence, Mrs. Macy had already agreed, and then she heard Fiona’s footsteps and arrogant voice.
“I called you several times! Are you deaf? If you can’t continue working here, then get out of my house immediately!”
Mrs. Mary hung up the phone in a fluster, leaving Jane with a busy tone on the other end. She shook her head helplessly.
“Who were you talking to just now?” Fiona asked with her arms crossed, giving Mrs. Macy a scrutinizing look.
Mrs. Macy was usually afraid of her and couldn’t say a word under her questioning gaze.
Fiona’s eyes lowered, and she noticed the letter in Mrs. Macy’s hand.
“What’s this?”
Mrs. Macy’s face stiffened, trying to hide the letter behind her back, but it was already too late.
“Hand it over!”
“Miss, this is for…” Mrs. Macy hesitated.
Seeing Mrs. Macy’s hesitant expression, Fiona became even more annoyed and reached out to snatch the letter to herself!
Mrs. Macy sighed. She couldn’t bear to see that something that was meant for Miss Jane would be taken away from her.
“Miss Second, this letter is for Miss Jane. You can’t…” She said.
“This is my house!” Fiona shouted and coldly smiled before Ms. Macy could finish her sentence. “What can’t I do?” She added,
“If anyone in here can’t do something, it’s you, an old serv ant! Do whatever you’re supposed to do and don’t get in my way here!”
“This is a letter for the Miss Jane!” Mrs. Macy said anxiously, “She said she’ll come to pick it up tomorrow!”
“Huh, aren’t you quite loyal to her?” Fiona gritted her teeth in anger, “I was so blind to take you in!”
“From now on, you dare say one more word, and I’ll have my father send you back to your hometown without a penny of your pension! Do you understand? Fiona shouted.
Mrs. Macy helplessly glanced at her before she silently went back to the kitchen.
Fiona felt proud of her dominance. She then turned her attention back to the letter, but as she was about to open the letter, her expression changed as she read the text at the back of the envelope.
The envelope bore the words “Invitation,” with an address below it, sent from the Campbell Family
Chapter 191
in Central City..
A raging fire of hate ignited in Fiona’s heart. She gritted her teeth in anger.
She tore open the letter, and indeed, a beautiful invitation card was inside.
The card invited Miss Jane Fallon to attend the evening banquet.
The invitation was signed by Kevin Campbell?!
Fiona was taken aback.
She remembered being stopped at the entrance of the Campbell Family banquet before and hearing some discussions. Although the third young master was the most favored in the Campbell Family, Kevin Campbell held significant weight as the eldest grandson.
But how did Jane get involved with someone like Kevin Campbell?
At that moment, the landline in the house rang, and a serv ant went to answer, handing the phone to Fiona
“Yes, this is the Miss Jane.” She answered as she brought the telephone up to her ears.
Fiona took the phone and heard a gentle and polite voice on the other end, “Miss Fallon, our young master sincerely invites you to attend the banquet with him. Please arrange your time in advance. and someone will pick you up at the airport.”
“Also, regarding the dress… the Eldest Young Master specifically instructed to have a designer measure you for a custom-made gown!”
“Is there anything else you’d like to add, Miss Fallon?”
Fiona angrily hung up the phone, feeling more and more resentful.
Why did that wretched girl always attract the attention of the likes of him wealthy, young men? Were there no other women left in the world? Did men only have eyes for her?
Fiona had to put her anger somewhere. She thought of tearing the invitation letter in her hand.
But just as she was about to do so, Fiona suddenly had a thought…
Since Jane could marry Dan for her, why couldn’t she attend this banquet for Jane?
Heh, the person on the phone kept calling her “Miss Fallon”, but there was only one Miss Fallon in this family – and that was her, Fiona!
Regardless of whether he was the eldest or third young master of the Campbell Family. He was still part of the Campbell Family.
If she married into the Campbell Family, she would be able to hold her head high in the whole entirety of Cardiff, and even in Central City!
Thinking about this, an insidious and triumphant expression appeared on her face.
“Mrs. Macy!”
“Miss…” Mrs. Macy hurried over, feeling nervous at first from Miss Fiona’s angry outburst earlier, but when she raised her head, she suddenly noticed that Fiona seemed to be in a good mood.
“Is there anything I can do, Miss Fiona?
“Call back the person who just called,” Fiona ordered, raising her chin as she spoke again after a short pause. “Tell them I’m available to let the designer measure me at any time!”
My Busi
Chapter 151
“And also, call Jane!” She laughed coldly.
“When the designer comes to make my gown, I want that little bit ch to watch as I’m escorted away by people from the Campbell Family!”
Jane arrived at the entrance of the Fallon Family mansion as scheduled.
She stood there for a while, reluctant to ring the doorbell, as she didn’t want to step into a home that never truly belonged to her.
But at this moment, Mrs. Macy, the maid, came rushing out and waved at her. “Miss Jane, you arrived!”
“Mrs. Macy,” Jane greeted with a polite smile, and Mrs. Macy led her inside. However, as soon as she entered, she sensed a different atmosphere.
“Mrs. Macy, didn’t you say that there was a letter sent to me, right?”
The old serv ant looked embarrassed, glanced upstairs, and stammered, “It’s upstairs, Miss Jane… follow me.
Puzzled, Jane followed her, but Mrs. Macy led her into Fiona’s room
Before she could react, she was startled by a teasing voice.
“Oh, little sister is here! Come over and see how I look!”
Jane was taken aback.
Fiona’s dress was indeed se xy and alluring, accentuating her figure with certain parts subtly revealed. Her makeup was exquisite, a clear sign of meticulous effort.
“This is Andy, the stylist.” Fiona proudly introduced the man behind her ensemble. “He’s also the chief designer for IV and CiCi!”
Jane remained expressionless while looking at her.
“Oh.” Fiona casually shook the large sapphire ring on her hand. “These top international brands, I’m sure you’ve never heard of them from where you’ve come from. Ha! It’s like playing the piano to a cow!” She tauntingly smiled at Jane.
“I came here to get something,” Jane showed no interest in what Fiona was saying, “Mrs. Macy said there was a letter for me…”
“Oh, the letter?” Fiona sneered, “I opened it!”
Fiona made everyone else leave and then took out the invitation card, deliberately flaunting it in front of Jane.
“Look at this! Ha, I never expected, Jane, that you’d be involved with the young master of the Campbell Family in Central City!”
Jane was utterly confused as she saw the beautiful invitation card, clearly inviting her, Miss Jane Fallon, which was signed by Kevin Campbell.
But she had no idea who Kevin Campbell was!
“Don’t pretend to be innocent! Do you think all men fall for your tricks?” Fiona glared at her with
Chapter 151
“Jane, let me make it clear to you, don’t even think about attending this banquet!”
“The invitation was extended to the real Fallon family heiress me! You, as a wild child, have no connection to our family. How dare you try to climb into the Campbell Family? Forget about it!”
“Oh, my darling daughter, don’t get so angry!” Joy entered from outside, looking disdainful. “Fiona, hurry up and go downstairs! The young master from the Campbell Family has sent people to pick you up at the airport!
Fiona stomped downstairs, casting a disdainful glance at Jane as she passed by.
“What a bumpkin!” She sneered, “You’re only fit for someone like Dan Murphy, that hooligan!”
“Heh, I’ll attend the banquet for you. Since you’re marrying Dan for me…I guess we’ll be even now…”
Jane found it all baffling and couldn’t help but snort, er been showing off for so long in front of me, did you really think I want to go to this banquet?”


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