My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 152

Chapter 152
Fiona abruptly stopped in her tracks and glared at Jane.
“Whether you believe it or not, I don’t know this Kevin Campbell at all,” Jane said calmly. “Whoever he is and whatever influence he has, none of it has anything to do with me.”
“I have a husband, and I love him very much. My life goal has never been to marry into a wealthy family!”
Fiona frowned, doubting the sincerity of her words.
Could there really be someone in this world who doesn’t like wealth and prosperity? Someone who doesn’t want to marry well.
But as she saw Jane’s determined and indifferent gaze, she suddenly felt bashful.
“Hmph! Sounds nice!” Fiona retorted stubbornly, “You’re just sour grapes, pretending you don’t want this because you can’t have it!”
Jane smiled.
Earlier, Fiona mocked her for not knowing about top international brands, calling it playing plano to the cow.
But now, she felt like she was the cow being played piano.
Their definitions of happiness were different, their values were vastly different, and naturally, they couldn’t understand each other.
“Believe whatever you want, I don’t care,” Jane said with a light laugh, turning away with a carefree demeanor.
Fiona stomped her foot in anger.
She had expected to see Jane in a state of desperation, and she even prepared to add fuel to the fire when Jane got annoyed.
But she hadn’t expected that her efforts would all be wasted!
The opportunity she valued seemed worthless in Jane’s eyes!
Joy tried to console her, “Alright, alright, don’t get angry! This little vixen, she says one thing and does another. Don’t listen to her!”
Fiona wanted to say more, but at that moment, someone from the Campbell Family came over and respectfully bowed.
The car that came to pick her up was an extended Rolls-Royce, and she was flying in a private jet, with the entire flight dedicated to her.
“Daughter.. Joy held her hand and beamed, “Look at how much Young Master Campbell dotes on you. Seize this opportunity and take him with you!”
“Don’t worry, Mom. I will!” Fiona reassured her mother.
“Once you marry into the Campbell Family, I’ll have hope for the rest of my life!”
Fiona smiled on the surface but felt uncomfortable inside.
All of these things were originally prepared for Jane!
Chapter 152
She bit her lip, feeling like a thorn was stuck in her heart. The flight departed when the sky was already dark, and the plane landed in Central City just in time for the banquet…
Fiona took a deep breath, forcing herself to gather her spirits.
Her mother was right. If she could marry into the Campbell Family, not only would she have hope for the rest of her life, but she could also let Jane see with her own eyes how great it was to marry into at wealthy family!
Jane walked out of the Fallon family villa, and the gentle evening breeze brushed against her skin. The horizon was tinged with a layer of golden dust from the setting sun.
She didn’t want to miss such a beautiful sight, so she strolled slowly along the main road.
At this moment, a call came in from Linda, asking if she wanted to have dinner together. Since Jane was free, she agreed and asked her to wait at the cafe.
Arriving at Purple Iris, she immediately spotted the petite figure of Linda, who waved enthusiastically at her.
“Jane! Let’s have fried chicken for dinner!” Linda excitedly suggested, “Look, I brought some, also have a beer! Fried chicken and beer are the perfect combo for watching TV shows!”
Jane laughed at Linda. “Do I need to bring my laptop for you to watch your TV shows?”
Linda nodded enthusiastically.
and I
As the evening fell, the courtyard was lit up with small lights, and the two sat in the courtyard, eating fried chicken, drinking beer, and watching TV dramas, feeling relaxed and at ease.
“By the way…” Jane suddenly remembered something. Linda, I want to ask you… who is Kevin Campbell? Is he someone from your family?”
Linda nearly choked on a chicken bone.
“Why are you asking about him?” She asked, seemingly flustered by Jane’s question.
“Nothing. I just received an invitation out of the blue. Heh, but Fiona went on my behalf.”
Linda was taken aback, not knowing what her elder brother was up to.
As far as she knew, Kevin was up to no good; a traitor or a thief in certain situations, he wouldn’t be doing anything good.
Well, it was good that her sister-in-law didn’t go. It saved her third brother from worrying!
“It just occurred to me,” Jane smiled at her, “Your name is Linda, and he is Kevin, both from Central City, I guessed you might be related.’
“You guessed right,” Linda whispered, “Kevin is my older brother.”
“He is the child of my second uncle and the eldest grandson of our family.”
“Jane, his character is really awful; you must not associate with him!”
Jane was startled, then burst into laughter.
She had no intention of getting involved with any man other than her husband!
“Jane,” Linda looked at her, “Actually… I have an older brother.”
My Husband Is A Secret Bilionaire
“Oh.” Jane didn’t react much.
“He’s my real older brother!” Linda licked her lips, smiling as she said, “His name is Dominic. Do think this name sounds good?’
“Dominic?” Jane played along with her happiness, “This name sounds nice, much better than Kevin!” “Really?”
“Yes, really.”
Linda sneakily took out her phone and switched to recording mode.
“Sister, can you say it again?”
“What do you want me to say?”
“You said Linda ‘s name sounds better than Kevin’s!”
Jane chuckled, pinching her little cheeks. She was already eighteen years old, but sometimes she acted like a child!
But she didn’t want to dampen her excitement, so she said clearly and slowly:
“Dominic is the most beautiful name in the world, a thousand times better than Kevin!”
Linda signaled her to say more.
Jane used all her brainpower and thought hard. “Hmmm… The name ‘Dominic’ not only sounds. beautiful but also has profound meaning! As if a man who’s carrying such a name is a strong man full of knowledge and integrity!”
Linda’s eyes suddenly welled with tears. “Could you say this name a few more times?” Jane felt that the little girl was acting a bit strangely today, probably because she was in a foreign. land and missing her big brother.
So, she smiled gently and said warmly, “Alright, I’ll say it a hundred times! Dominic, Dominic, the most beautiful name in the world is Dominic!”
The Campbell Family in the Central City, Condominium.
Dominic sat by the floor-to-ceiling window, staring out into the boundless night. A faint warm smile appeared on the usually stern and serious man’s face.
From his phone, he occasionally heard the gentle voice of the woman he cherished.
“The most beautiful name in the world is Dominic!”
“Dominic, Dominic…”
He smiled.
Sometimes, he could even dream of her calling him like this-
addressing him by his name, “Dominic.”
Isn’t that how most couples address each other?
“Dan Murphy,” not “husband,” but
Dominic carefully saved the recording. The day he returned to Cardiff, the day he would confess his identity to her, he wanted to hear her call him “Dominic” with his own ears.
Henry knocked on the door and entered, suddenly sensing a warmth in this usually cool-toned study.
Chapter 152
“Young Master,” he cleared his throat, “All the documents are here. Just the profits from Deborah and Lebron companies alone exceed two-thirds of Campbell Family’s net profit.’”
“As for transferring them under Miss Fallon’s name, the process is quite complicated. Tristan has already engaged a top-notch legal team, and they are currently working on it.
“Hmm,” Dominic was very satisfied.
“But Young Master.” Henry was still a bit worried. If Master finds out about what you’re doing, he might…’
“I want Grandfather to know,” Dominic chuckled, “That Jane isn’t without background or support; she has me.”
“If Grandfather can’t give her a place in the Campbell Family, then I’ll make her the fifth prominent family in Central City!”
These companies had always operated in secret and were his hidden weapons. Now, it was time to unsheathe the sword.
Of course, he would use his sword to protect Jane, his Jane, his whole world.
My Husbandh A Secret


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