My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 153

Chapter 153
“Master…” Henry hesitated.
“Just say what’s on your mind.” Dominic looked at him as he ushered him to say his thoughts in a low
Henry licked his lips. “I know that you are doing everything for Miss Fallon, but legally, she is still Dan’s wife.”
“If you give her all these assets, including the companies, wouldn’t that be equivalent to giving half to Dan as well?”
Dominic smiled confidently.
He had thought about this issue long ago and had asked Tristan to study the relevant laws.
Even if they were a married couple, their respective financial situations were still independent. The most secure approach for Dominic was to draft a declaration emphasizing that these assets solely belonged to Jane and had nothing to do with anyone else.
“Don’t worry, Henry.” Dominic looked at him. “That Dan Murphy won’t get a penny from me!” “Furthermore, when I return to Cardiff this time, I will explain everything to Jane. She is smart and will know what to do next. I believe that no matter what happens, she will face it with me!” Henry nodded, feeling a faint sense of discomfort in his heart.
But since the young master was in a good mood, he didn’t want to say too much. “Yes, Miss Fallon is not an ordinary woman. She will understand you.” He just smiled and agreed.
Dominic displayed a somewhat coquettish expression.
Henry wanted to laugh when he saw this, but he coughed lightly to hide his smile. “The main residence informed me that Grandfather is waiting for you in the study.” He said.
Dominic immediately got up and walked towards the study.
On his way, he wanted to call Jane, but after several attempts, no one answered. The cafe should have closed by now, and she should have already returned home. Why wasn’t she answering the phone?
He then asked Henry, and Henry assured him that the men under him were keeping an eye on her, and that Miss Jane Fallon is not in any danger.
Dominic wanted to ask for more details, but the butler came out of the study and respectfully bowed. “Third Young Master, the chairman has been waiting for you for a while.” The butler announced.
He could only nod slightly and walked into the study.
The butler stayed outside and chatted with Henry. “Has the Young Master encountered something recently?”
Henry was momentarily stunned.
“Sebastian, what do you mean?”
The butler sighed. “The Young Master has grown up before my eyes, and there’s not much difference between him and my own grandson. But now, he can’t even afford a car?”
Henry was utterly surprised by the butler’s words that he couldn’t give him a reply.
Chapter 153
“Moreover, with so many good cars in the garage at home, why did he come back with that kind of car?”
Henry almost couldn’t hold it in and covered his mouth, pretending to cough.
“Our Young Master always wants to be strong, and even when he encounters difficulties, he won’t say anything!” Sebastian shook his head and sighed. “Henry, you have to understand something. When you’re with him, advise him to come back home if he encounters any difficulties. We have everything ready for him at home!”
“Yes, yes of course!” Henry was afraid he would laugh out loud if he said more.
If Sebastian knew the significance of that small car to Dominic, he wondered what expression the butler would have.
“Sebastian, the Young Master hasn’t encountered any trouble! Even if he does, he will definitely come back and tell us. Please don’t worry!”
“And that…car?”
“That car…” Henry smiled. “The Young Master likes it!”
Sebastian was stunned for a moment, then shook his head and sighed. “Young people these days are changing too fast. Well, since the Young Master likes it so much, I’ll have someone come and fix the car tomorrow, and we’ll make sure it’s clean and tidy!”
Dominic didn’t spend much time in the study before he received a call from Kevin.
“Dominic, are you running to Grandpa again?” Kevin’s voice was filled with strong sarcasm. “You’re so diligent, no wonder Grandpa likes you! Ha, if you keep going like this, all the good things in the Campbell Family will end up in your pockets!”
Dominic’s face darkened.
Benedict Campbell, his grandfather, glanced at him without showing any emotion and played with the tea set in his hand, pouring a cup of premium Chinese black tea into a small cup.
Dominic walked to the window, with his back facing his grandfather, and asked nonchalantly. “Kevin, is there anything you want to do with me?”
“Nothing special, just…” Kevin paused deliberately.
There was only a cold laughter heard from the other end of the phone.
“Dominic, if you don’t have anything important, let’s talk another day.” Dominic sneered. “After all, in front of Grandpa, I can’t just talk to my big brother and leave Grandpa aside!”
“Fine, then you can continue flattering Grandpa!”
“By the way, speaking of flattering… Dominic, your woman’s butt is quite nice to slap!” Kevin laughed like a maniac at the other end of the call.
“What did you say?” Dominic’s heart suddenly tightened, and a chill climbed up
S spine
Kevin laughed wildly, enunciating each word, “I said your woman is fragrant and smooth, and she tastes really good!
“Oh, Dominic, how come you didn’t bring the beautiful Miss Fallon home earlier? Let your big
brother also have a taste!” Kevin continues to taunt his younger brother happily.
The call ended abruptly, and soon a picture was sent to Dominic’s phone.
The picture was dimly lit, with low resolution, but it vaguely showed a woman lying on a large round
bed, her upper body naked, and she looked like she had been tortured badly.
Dominic felt a loud thud in his ears. He was shaking, the knuckles of his fingers holding the phone. turned white as he grips it tightly!
At this moment, there was only one thought in his mind: Kill Kevin!
He rushed out in a frenzy, but behind him. Benedict’s voice came, “Where are you going?”
“Are you going to find your big brother?”
Benedict didn’t know the details, but he could guess roughly what had happened, especially since. someone had told him that Kevin would bring a Miss Fallon from Cardiff. He could imagine what would happen.
“Dominic, it’s just a woman.” Benedict held the dragon-headed cane and lightly tapped the ground. “Your big brother likes her, let lura have her. He’s that kind of person, why bother to argue with him?”
Incredulous, Dominic turned to face him. “Grandfather?” That is all that he can say from disbelief.
“I, your Grandfather, have decided to leave the Campbell Group to you.” Benedict’s devious expression masked a grin, “Apart from the Campbell Group, everyone else is worthless to you.”
“Your elder brother is an obstacle to your success. You have to find a way to appease him. It doesn’t matter if you sacrifice a woman for the greater good, do you understand?”
Dominic clenched his fists tightly.
“Grandfather, she’s just not an ordinary woman, she’s my wife.” He emphasized every word, “If I can’t even protect my own wife, am I still a man?”
Benedict felt a little annoyed at Dominic’s.


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