My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 154

Chapter 154
Both of them were his grandsons, and he cared about both of them. Although he favored Dominic a bit more, that doesn’t mean he cared less about Kevin. He didn’t want Kevin to get into trouble as well.
Benedict angrily tapped his cane on the ground.
“Kevin is good at causing trouble but bad at dealing with it! He needs to be disciplined!” he fumed. “Summon my second grandson to see me! Let’s teach him a lesson for being a spendthrift!”
“The woman that Kevin brought, is she really Jane?”
“Master… Sebastian stammered, “It seems to be a Miss Fallon from Cardiff. But I heard that there are two Miss Fallon in Fallon Family, so I’m not sure if she’s the one..
Benedict narrowed his eyes, a cun ning glint passing through them.
If it was really her, then it would be perfect. This was a good opportunity to break the bond between Dominic and that woman.
He knew his grandson well; Dominic was possessive. If his woman were tainted by someone else, he might be angry at the moment, but later on, he would distance himself from her…
Benedict took a deep breath, feeling some of his anger subsiding.
“Sebastian, keep a close eye on my third grandson. Ensure his safety and don’t let him escalate the situation!”
Dominic rushed out like a furious lion, pulling out the gun from his waist.
As he made his way from the main house to the Campbell Estate, the ser vants looked at him with fear in their eyes. Dominic’s gaze was bloodshot as if he were ready to kill.
“In the future, we are husband and wife.”
“Now that I am married to you, I have decided to be with you for the rest of my life!”
“Don’t worry, even if you never work, your wife can support you!’
“Husband, other than the forced marriage, I won’t keep any more secrets from you. Don’t keep secrets from me either, okay?”
Dominic’s cars were filled with Jane’s sweet voice.
His mind was flooded with her smiles and expressions.
It was as if an invisible hand was fiercely gripping his heart, causing him excruciating pain.
No matter what happened, he would firmly stand by Jane’s side.
But could Jane withstand this disaster?
Dominic’s hands and feet turned ice cold. If he told her about his identity much earlier, she won’t get into this predicament!
He was an as shole, he was the one who harmed her, he was the one to blame!
As he arrived at the entrance of the Campbell Estate, several bodyguards were taken aback when they saw Dominic entering, carrying a terrifying look on his face. Under the cold moonlight, he
looked like a go d of death himself, his cold and fierce eyes exuding a powerful aura that sent shivers down their spines
“Thi…Third Young Master?”
“Get out of my way.”
The bodyguards looked at each other, stiff and motionless.
Dominic didn’t waste time on them. He advanced and kicked them away one after another. The bodyguards knew he was the designated heir by Master Campbell and didn’t dare to confront him physically.
“Take me to Kevin!”
Dominic pointed his gun at one of them, and the man trembled, only able to comply with his request, pointing shakily to the location on the second floor.
“He… He is upstairs. He doesn’t allow us to disturb…”
Dominic pushed him aside and quickly made his way up the stairs.
Fiona was in a dazed and painful state as she regained consciousness. Her skin and bones were screaming with pain.
She looked down at herself, not a thread on her body, covered in deep and shallow bruises. She panicked, trying to piece together fragments of memories from her hazy mind.
She remembered flying on Kevin’s private jet to this place, rushing to the banquet as soon as she landed, and dancing with Kevin at the party, having a great time.
Then she remembered taking the glass of red wine that Kevin handed her.
After that…
She ended up here in a daze!
As she looked around, the room was dimly lit with a peculiar red light, giving it an eerie feeling.
Everything around her resembled the decor of a love hotel, including the round bed she was lying on. There were whips and iron chains on the headboard, and half-lit candles on the bedside…
Fiona felt a surge of fear creeping inside her.
So, it turned out that Kevin Campbell was a pe rvert! He was the one who did this to her!
“Oh, is the little beauty awake?”
Fiona was startled, and before she could react, the whip came flying towards her. She quickly shielded her face and let out a panicked scream.
Kevin stood in front of the bed, looking completely different from the dashing gentleman at the banquet.
At this moment, his face was full of evil, with a horrifying smile that didn’t reach his eyes.
“Monster…” Fiona trembled all over. “You’re a monster!”
“I’m the monster? Kevin sneered, suddenly grabbing her hair and pulling it back forcefully.
“Then what about Dominic? What makes of him?”
Fiona was stunned.
“Little beauty…” Kevin drawled in a sinister tone. “You were moaning so happily on the bed just now. Did you forget everything already? It seems that Dominic can’t satisfy you normally, or else how could you be so happy with me?”
Tiona was confused. What was going on?
Why was Dominic involved now?
But she didn’t have time to think about it now. Kevin was a lun*tic, and if he wanted to torture her to death, she wouldn’t stand a chance against him.
Fiona felt helpless, her body covered in wounds, her heart filled with humiliation. At that moment, she could only endure the pain and humiliation in silence.
“Little beauty, what’s so good about Dominic? Why won’t you he with me?” Kevin approached her, holding her shoulders.
Fiona shivered and was caught in his embrace, unable to move.
She was thinking about how to break free when she heard a commotion outside the door.
Kevin immediately became excited, quickly standing up and grabbing the hunting rifle near the door.
But before he could find a good position, Dominic burst in through the broken door!
With a cold and ruthless aura, Dominic immediately reached out and grabbed Kevin’s throat.
He pushed Kevin against the wall with a forceful motion, leaving a clear mark on the floor as his feet scraped across it.
Dominic’s knuckles turned white, his fingertips deeply indented, while Kevin’s face turned purple, and his eyes rolled back.
With just a little more force, Dominic could kill this animal with his own hands!
Dominic’s eyes widened in rage. He didn’t care if his hands would be tainted after this. For Jane’s sake, he was willing to become a sinner.
But at that moment, he heard a scream.
In the corner of his eye, he noticed the woman on the bed and turned his head abruptly, freezing in place.
Dominic’s grip on Kevin’s throat loosened unconsciously, and Kevin struggled to climb to his feet, gasping for breath.
Fiona also stared at Dominic, her eyes as if she had seen a ghost.
“Dan…Dan?” Fiona said, confirming the identity of the man who had come to save her.
“W-Why are you here?!”
Dominic’s mind went blank.
So, the woman in the picture that Kevin sent him was… Fiona?
He couldn’t describe his feelings at this moment; he just felt like his heart, which was suspended in mid-air, had suddenly landed on solid ground.
It wasn’t Jane, he realized. Oh, it wasn’t her!
Chapter 151
He let out a long breath and glanced at Kevin, who was kneeling on the ground like a dog. He coldly smiled before turning around and walking towards the door.
“Dominic, stop!” Kevin said as he struggled to get up.
“Did my big brother call me here just to see him enjoying himself with a woman?” Dominic replied with his back turned to him, “Huh, I’m not interested in that!”
“Don’t you want to see who this woman is?”
Dominic didn’t say anything. He turned around, his eyes sharp, and a touch of mockery on his lips.


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