My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 155

Chapter 155
Seeing him about to leave, Kevin’s eyes widened, feeling a sense of dissatisfaction.
“Kevin, Dominic stopped, turning his head slightly with a faint smile, “Grandfather had just told me to prioritize the overall situation and not to bother with you over a woman.
“And I think he is right, so…” He turned away from Kevin. “I wish you a pleasant time!” He waved his hand before walking out.
Kevin was taken aback. How could he leave just like that? Wasn’t he just fighting with him moments ago? He had nearly choked him to death, yet he acted so nonchalantly now.
Kevin quickly picked up the hunting rifle!
Just as he was about to load it, Dominic turned around, pointing a pistol at his head.
“Kevin,” he sneered. “I already told you and Uncle that you should never play tricks behind my back, otherwise, you will suffer the consequences! Have you forgotten?”
Kevin’s face turned pale, and he threw the hunting rifle aside, staring at him in a daze.
Dominic cast a contemptuous glance at him and was about to leave when a shrill scream echoed from behind.
Fiona rushed towards him, accidentally stepping on the bedding and falling hard on the ground. She didn’t care about the pain and crawled desperately towards him.
“Dan…save me!”
Dominic gave her an annoyed look and continued to walk away.
She watched him disappear at the end of the corridor, feeling the same hopelessness as the vast darkness around her.
The sound of Kevin handling the hunting rifle was clear in the silent room.
Fiona instinctively curled up and shrank against the wall, trembling in fear.
“Heh, he really isn’t Dan. He is our Third Young Master, Dominic,” Kevin sneered, “Little beauty, you truly have encountered a monster!”
Terrified, Fiona looked at him. Kevin squatted in front of her, pinching her chin with two fingers.
“That kid changes his face so quickly that he just gave his wife away!”
“Or…” Kevin suddenly reacted. “You’re not his wife, to begin with?”
The man’s face was fierce and twisted in an instant. The moment Kevin figured it out, Fiona’s whole body began to tremble, and her face began to pale.
Kevin slapped him hard. “You bit ch! How dare you lie to me? And who the hell are you?”
Fiona knelt on the ground and pleaded with Kevin for mercy and forgiveness, tears dripping down her face and blood seeping from the corners of her mouth.
Chipler 153
“Tim sorry, Eldest Young Master, I was wrong. I’m not Jane. 1. I admired you so much, that’s why I…”
“What about Jane?”
“She… Fiona shifted her gaze, “She never wanted to come to begin with. She said she despised rich play boys like you, Eldest Young Master!”
Kevin’s face darkened even more,
“Eldest Young Master, Jane is a particularly proud and pretentious woman! From what I know about her if she knew about the Campbell Third master’s identity, she would refuse him to maintain her lofty image!”
“When that happens, who do you think will suffer? Eldest Young Master should understand that.” Kevin looked at her, his lips curling up slightly.
Though not intelligent, these words were exactly what he wanted to hear.
The scene earlier, when Dominic almost killed him, showed where Jane stood in his heart… “Eldest Young Master, I’m willing to serve you!” Fiona quickly expressed her loyalty, “As long as Eldest Young Master commands, I’ll do anything for you!”
“Heh, is that so?”
Kevin laughed coldly, his hand sliding over her face, and then gently patting her bare shoulder.
“Since that’s the case, I can’t treat you unfairly.
Fiona was pulled into his embrace and took advantage of the opportunity to untie the sheet on her body. As she didn’t resist, he continued and pressed himself down her, and the room once again echoed with unpleasant sounds.
Dominic couldn’t sleep all night, sitting on the floor of the room, continuously dialing a certain number.
Although Kevin took Fiona, he still couldn’t get through to Jane’s phone. His heart remained suspended in uncertainty.
As the day broke, Henry knocked on the door and entered the room, seeing Dominic’s sunken eye sockets and bloodshot eyes, he was silently shocked.
“Young Master, you…”
“Today, we’re going back to Cardiff!”
Henry was stunned. Today, he had to attend a board meeting to discuss the reform plan for the group. How could they go back to Cardiff at such a crucial moment?
“Young Master, are you worried about Miss Fallon?” Henry whispered, “Don’t worry, I’ve had people keeping an eye on her. Miss Fallon is safe.”
“Then why isn’t she answering the phone?!” Dominic couldn’t help but growl, feeling restless and
Henry didn’t know how to answer.
There could be many reasons for not answering the phone-her phone might be dead, she might not have heard it, or there might be no signal.
Also, why did he have to call in the middle of the night and expect an immediate response? Didn’t Miss Fallon need to sleep? This was just.
Without another word, Dominic took out the car keys and headed outside.
However, just then, the phone suddenly rang. He looked at the screen and hesitated for a moment before answering, his hand trembling slightly.
“Husband. I’m so sorry!” Jane’s voice on the other end sounded like she had just woken up. “Linda came to have dinner with me last night, and we had a little beer..
“But you know how little alcohol I can handle! I get drunk easily, so once we got home, we both passed out. We didn’t even hear your call! Huh, Linda is still asleep!”
Dominic stood against the wall, his tense nerves suddenly relaxing.
His throat rolled, and after a long while, he let out a low, h oa rse voice. “Ol.” He let out a breath of relief.
Jane was a little flustered by him. “Husband, are you angry?” She asked him timidly.
His Adam’s apple bobbed, and his eyes turned slightly red. There was an inexplicable feeling of wanting to cry, choking in his throat. Then he took a deep breath and suddenly smiled, as if he had survived a disaster, with a satisfied smile.
On the other side, Henry finally understood why Hector often said that Dominic was like a lu natic.
It wasn’t just like, it was clear that he was one…
“Husband? Husband!” Jane began to sweat. He wouldn’t be really that angry at her, would he?
“Husband, I’m really sorry.” The little woman’s voice was soft and apologetic. From now on, when you’re not at home, I won’t drink anymore. And even if I sleep, I’ll keep my phone by my side all the time to make sure I answer your calls inunediately! Heh, I’ll make sure to reply to your messages instantly too, so you don’t have to wait long!”
Dominic only hummed at the other end of the line as a response.
Jane pouted and continued to carry favors with him. “Also, if you send me a message, I’ll reply in a second, I won’t make you wait too long!”
“There’s more!” Jane thought of it again, “I can’t always let my husband worry…I should call my husband regularly to report that he’s safe!”
Dominic’s voice was h oa rse, and he laughed lightly.
Jane pouted, feeling a bit defeated. She said so much, but he only spoke such short responses, as if he didn’t fully accept her apology.
He used to never treat her so indifferently!
She puffed up her cheeks and brought out her killer move, calling out in a sweet and coquettish tone, “Husband…”
Even Henry could hear her this time, and he almost couldn’t keep standing.
Dominic gave Henry a cold glance, covered the phone, and turned back to his room, slamming the door shut.
“Husband, please forgive me, okay?”
“You’re not saying anything again! What do you want?”
“Husband, are you in the capital? Humph, if you’re still angry, I’ll come to the capital and stick to you twenty-four hours a day, watching you train and compete!”
Dominic finally smiled, his low and magnetic voice transmitted through the phone, reaching deep into Jane’s heart.
“Behave yourself these days.” He spoke in a deep voice. “I’ll be back soon!”
“Okay, good””
Henry waited outside the door for a while, listening to the laughter from inside, and finally let out a sigh of relief.
Thank goodness she wasn’t Jane last night.
Otherwise, Dominic would surely have killed someone at Mount Bright Radiance today!
The door opened, and Dominic walked out with a smile on his face, clearly in an incredibly good. mood.
“Have the driver prepare the car, we’re going out for a while.”
Henry was bewildered. “What?”
“My wife asked me to bring back some specialties from the capital, Dominic said.
‘Master, are you planning to go buy them yourself?” Henry tried to use the calmest tone possible. “Young Master, we have a board ineeting to discuss the plan…”
“What plan?” Dominic furrowed his brows. “Do I look like a plan to you?!”
No, Henry responded in defeat.
“Then hurry up and prepare the car!”


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