My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 156

Chapter 156
Linda stretched lazily and got out of bed, leaning against the door with sleepy eyes.
As she smelled the fragrance wafting from the kitchen, she immediately perked up and hurried out barefoot.
The scene on the dining table didn’t disappoint him!
“Wow, Jane! Are you the Goddess of Snails?” She exclaimed, “You can make so many varieties of food this early in the morning!”
Jane smiled and placed the preserved egg and lean meat porridge on the table, completing the
“Dig in!” She handed the tableware to Linda.
“I don’t know what you like, so I made a mix of Chinese and Western dishes. Don’t be picky!”
“How could I be picky?” Linda nibbled on the custard bun while holding a deep-fried dough stick in her hand, looking very content. These taste so good!”
This kind of meal was the most warming to the stomach Jane’s cooking was like magic; she could turn these ordinary ingredients into such delicious dishes that even the family’s chef keep up with her skills.
No wonder her elder brother was so happy here. It turned out that to capture a man’s heart, one had to start by winning his stomach…
Thinking of this, Linda couldn’t help but grin.
“What’s wrong with you?” Jane looked at her curiously. “Are you so happy just to have breakfast?”
“No, no! I just feel that with you here, my brother is really fortunate! Now that I’m eating the food you made, I feel so happy too!”
Jane blushed slightly.
Her words were just like what her husband said. Why did these two people always like to talk about happiness?
She smiled and poured a small bowl of soy milk for Linda.
“Linda, are you staying at the Emperor Hotel? I’ll take you back later.”
“No need!” Dominic smiled. “I have someone coming to pick me up!
Linda kept her lips pursed, but her radiant expression gave it away. It must be a man coming to pick her up.
Sure enough, in no time, Jane’s thoughts were confirmed.
Downstairs, Dominic introduced him to her, “This Eric Koller, my… friend!”
You mean your boyfriend, right?
Jane didn’t have the heart to expose her like that. After all, she was only eighteen years old, with a Thin face. If she pierced through her like this, she would be too embarrassed to show her face.
Jane sized up the young man.
He looked refined, with clear eyebrows and eyes, tall and clean-cut. He was the kind of handsome guy that stood out even in a crowd.
But for some reason, when she met his gaze, her heart inexplicably felt a slight chill.
There was a particularly melancholic aura about him, perhaps that was how he managed to captivate a girl who was just beginning to experience love.
Jane smiled politely, and she saw Linda’s hand gently interlocking with his.
“Sister, we’ll leave now!”
“Alright, be careful on the road.”
Linda sk ipped away with Eric. However, the strange feeling in Jane’s heart lingered for a long time.
Campbell Family Manor, the main residence.
Dominic sat in the conference room, having just finished discussing company matters with several major shareholders.
He leaned back in his chair, rubbing his temples with a tired expression. He instinctively took out his phone to check the messages sent by Jane.
The latest one was from this morning, showing a photo of Jane making a Black Forest cake.
Dominic’s lips curled up; the ice on his face during the meeting seemed to melt slowly now.
He really wanted to go back quickly, but….
At this moment, Henry walked in. ‘How’s Grandfather doing?” Dominic asked him in a low voice.
“He is going to be okay.” Henry replied, “Several doctors examined him, and they are all present at the main residence. Grandfather’s condition shouldn’t be that serious.”
“But he can’t handle the company’s affairs right now.”
Dominic’s smile froze.
On the night he almost strangled Kevin, news of Grandfather’s serious illness arrived.
Several housekeepers who usually served by Benedict’s side all said in unison that he was scared by Dominic. Suddenly, his blood pressure soared, and he lost consciousness.
He finally escaped danger, but he couldn’t exert himself anymore, nor could he be subjected to any
So, Dominic had to temporarily take over managing the Campbell Family.
As a result, his return to Cardiff was repeatedly postponed.
Jane had no complaints and allowed him to focus on his responsibilities.
However, he couldn’t stop worrying about her. Each day without seeing her made him restless.
“Is Grandfather available to see visitors now?”
“Sebastian said that Second Master is currently taking care of ham at the bedside.”
Dominic sneered.
He recalled a couple of days ago when Sarah Hastings was arguing with Alex Campbell on the phone
because she heard that Benedict was sick. She asked Alex to quickly bring soups and medicine to the
But the clueless Alex remained silent.
Sarah scolded him. “You’re not showing any concern now, but you don’t want to let your brother steal your thunder? Alex! Why are you so spineless? You can’t even compete with Edward over leftovers!”
Heh, she was right.
Dominic shook his head and was about to get up when the company assistant knocked on the door and entered with another stack of files.
“Third Young Master, these are trial reform plans for the group. Chairman Huo wants you to have a meeting with relevant departments today and come up with a preliminary result.
Dominic squinted his eyes.
In the past, his grandfather cared for him and wouldn’t have made him do so much work in a single day, even if he had the energy.
But now, why was it different?
The abnormal situation made him doubt Benedict’s intentions.
“I understand.” He replied calmly without revealing any emotions. “The meeting is scheduled for 4 o’clock this afternoon, and I have an hour of free time before that. I want to visit my grandfather
The assistant’s face changed slightly, “Third Young Master, you…”
“What’s the matter?” Dominic’s aura was overwhelming, “My grandfather is sick, and I want to visit him. Are you going to stop me?“
Henry immediately stepped forward and blocked the assistant, who dared not move and could only watch Dominic leave.
Benedict leaned against the bed, and the large screens across from the bed displayed recent company data reports and the results of Dominic’s work in the past few days.
He nodded in approval while playing with a redwood walnut, showing a satisfied and contented expression.
Edward entered the room with a tray of abalone, carefully ensuring that it had cooled down before presenting it to Benedict.
“Dad, I especially stewed this. Would you like to try it?”
Benedict glanced at him and turned off the screens.
“Heh, Dad,” Edward continued to flatter, “Dominic is really good! He has managed the Campbell Family exceptionally well in these few days. Everyone in the company praises him for having your style!”
“That’s only natural,” Benedict smiled, “I was the one who murtured him. How could he make any mistakes?
Edward felt the urge to be annoyed but couldn’t show it. Instead, he mentioned another topic, “By the
way, Kevin has been having a hard time lately. Did you know that he was hit by Dominic recently? Is he okay?”
“Of course, he’s fine!” Benedict exclaimed, and Edward chuckled with his response.
“Kevin is just a rascal who needs discipline, and Dominic did the right thing by hitting him!” Edward
“I know you’re just saying that. Heh, you also care for your son!” Benedict said.
“I’ve advised Dominic. that it’s just a woman, no need to be too concerned with his brother.” Benedict took a sip of the abalone, which tasted good.
Edward took a deep breath, gathering the courage to explain further. “Well, this is a misunderstanding. The woman involved wasn’t Jane.
Although she wasn’t involved in that incident, it’s evident that as long as that woman is around, Dominic can lose his rationality at any time.”
“So, we still need to get rid of this Jane girl,” Benedict said with determination, his gaze darkening Edward saw this as an opportunity to prove himself and make a significant contribution to the family. He felt that it was his moment to shine and impress his father.
“Dad. I have a plan. I don’t know if it’ll work?” Edward cautiously mentioned his idea, hoping for his father’s approval.
Benedict turned to look at him, his scrutinizing gaze seemingly piercing, with a smile that wasn’t quite a smile. “I heard that you found a secret weapon and have been keeping it hidden?” Edward’s heart sk ipped a beat, surprised that his father knew about the secret weapon he had discovered. He had hoped to use it discreetly, but it seemed that nothing escaped Benedict’s attention. “Don’t you think that I don’t know what you’re thinking? Benedict coldly remarked. “But since you have this secret weapon, why not use it?”
Edward hesitated for a moment, considering his father’s proposal. He looked around, ensuring their privacy, before speaking again. “Dad, are you suggesting to let Dan Murphy take care of Jane?”


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