My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 157

Chapter 157
It made sense for Edward to use this concept.
But Dan could not compare to Dominic, even though they had discreetly trained him after they had captured him. The underlying foundation and background were different. Dan would never be able to match Dominic’s level of skill no matter how much training he obtained.
The idea was i
to have Dan pose as Dominic to steal money from England, where Dominic was highly known, particularly by his mother. However, if anything were to go wrong, it could lead to severe consequences for Edward.
“Is that Dan really so similar to Dominic?” Benedict asked casually.
Edward felt sweat forming on his forehead. “Yes.
“And I heard that Dan was the one originally engaged to the Fallon Family, but it was a twist of fate that led our Dominic to that village..

Edward suddenly stopped himself, afraid that it might lead to the discussion of that plane crash incident.
“Anyway, that’s the general situation!” Edward forced a smile. “Dad, it was all just a
misunderstanding Dominic was undoubtedly interested in a woman from a small family, therefore he was merely curious for a little while.”
“Once we get rid of her, Dominic will still be the most outstanding heir of our Campbell Family!” He laughed, but this time. Edward genuinely laughed.
Getting rid of Jane was akin to saving Dominic’s life!
This method was much more effective than tampering with airplanes or anything like that. Besides,
it would be done with someone else’s help, so even if things went wrong, no one could trace it back to them. Benedict also despised that woman!
Edward felt more and more clever as he thought about it.
“Dad…” He grinned. “Don’t worry, I’ve already found Jane’s whereabouts. She and Dominic opened at small cafe in Cardiff-
Tll send Dan there, and all you need to do is stop Dominic!”
Benedict looked at him and smiled lightly. “Alright, I’ll leave this matter to you. Just be efficient!”
“And if Dominic causes trouble later…” Edward had to consider the presence of Benedict in the family, as he didn’t want to end up with a grave on Mount Bright Radiance.
Benedict said, “If Dominic causes trouble, I’ll handle it!”
Edward had been waiting for this response. After speaking, he left the room with a happy smile.
“Immediately book a flight for Dan Murphy. Send him to Cardiff on the next available flight, two hours from now! He immediately started making arrangements.
“After he gets rid of Jane…” Edward lowered his voice. “You can find another opportunity to deal with him!”
Dominic hadn’t reached the main residence’s entrance when he saw Sebastian coming out of the
“Is Grandfather feeling better now?” He asked.
“Much better,” Sebastian replied with a hint of guilt.
“What did the doctor say?
“Well Sebastian didn’t know how to answer.
Sometimes, even he couldn’t understand his master, Benedict’s actions. Even if he wanted Dominic to take over the company’s affairs, he could simply explain it openly. Why pretend to be sick?
Was it because he was afraid Dominic would leave the capital again?
But even when he wasn’t in the capital, Dominic had contributed a lot to the Campbell Family. Sebastian shook his head and sighed.
“Young Master, the Chairman is just getting older, and his health isn’t what it used to be. This has affected his mood as well. You should try to understand him more.”
“Hmm.” Dominic nodded, “Tll go in and see him.”
“The Chairman just fell asleep.” Sebastian handed him a stack of documents, “He asked you to look through these before you go in. He’ll see you later in the evening.”
“But didn’t he just meet with my Second Uncle?” Dominic’s brow furrowed slightly, feeling that something was amiss.
Sebastian hesitated, “Second Young Master did come, delivered the abalone, and left immediately.” A slight twist appeared between Dominic’s eyebrows. He always felt that something was off. He stood outside for a while before deciding to return to the meeting room. Several consecutive business negotiations had left him a bit tired.
He wanted to rest in the lounge for a while when he received an international call
“Hello, my son!” The voice on the other end was that of a decisive person. As soon as he heard the voice, he knew who it was.
Dominic chuckled, “Mom, why are you calling at this time?”
Calculating the time from his time zone, it should be morning in London. Dominic’s mother holds an important position in the company and wouldn’t have time to chat with him so early in the morning. “I was going to ask you! Didn’t you say you had someone pretending to be my son and asked me to catch him on the spot?”
“But it’s been several days, where is he?”
Dominic furrowed his brows.
In theory, Edward and Kevin should have taken action by now.
Dominic hung up the phone, with a sinking feeling in his chest. Something was wrong. and he has to get to the end of it.
“Henry,” he said in a deep voice, “what has my uncle Edward been busy with these past few days?” “It seems like he has been serving Grandfather by his side.”
“And what about Kevin?
Before Henry could respond, the feeling of discomfort in Dominic’s heart grew stronger.
He had never experienced such feelings before, as if his heart were being torn apart.
He subconsciously called Jane, but there was no answer.
Dominic’s face darkened, and he made a decision immediately, “Book a night ticket back to Cardiff!”
“But Young Master…”
“Don’t you understand what I said?!”
Dominic inexplicably felt agitated, pulling at his tie forcefully, and his heart thumped loudly.
In the evening. Jane was preparing to close the cafe when she heard some commotion at the courtyard gate.
She looked outside and saw a tall figure entering the courtyard. Her heart sk ipped a beat, and she called out loudly. “Husband”
The man’s figure stiffened
He slowly raised his head, and in the twilight, his face lacked the charm of Dominic. Instead, his eyes carried a trace of lewdness
But this face looked too much like Dominic’s.
“Husband! Weren’t you supposed to come back in another week? Did you plan a surprise for me by coming early?’
Jane ran towards him like a joyful little bird, diving into his embrace and holding him tightly. However, the moment she hugged him, an odd feeling washed over her.
Jane felt startled and cautiously loosened her grip on his hands, carefully looking up at him.
He wasn’t wearing the clothes she had prepared for him.
His gaze seemed somewhat unfamiliar, but in that brief eye contact, she distinctly saw a lecherous color in his eyes. He openly scrutinized her from head to toe, his desire and wickedness making her whole body tremble.
Jane’s bark chilled, and she instinctively took two steps hack.
Before, when they were separated for a few days and he returned, he would indeed have certain needs, but he would never look at her like this
What had happened to him?
Her heart pounded fiercely, and she forced a smile, Husband, are you tired? Why don’t you rest here for a while? I’ll prepare something simple to eat for you.”
Dan nodded and walked towards the cafe.
Jane followed behind, subconsciously glancing outside the courtyard. Strangely, he didn’t bring the car back.
And where was his luggage?
She had already changed his habit of wearing black clothes, and he usually preferred white or grey
Chapter 157
But why did he return in black clothes today?
Jane’s mind was in chaos, and her husband’s change today made her feel extremely uneasy.
“Why are you standing there?” Dan turned back. “Aren’t you coming in?”
Jane was startled, took small steps, and hurried over, cautiously holding his arm.
“Husband, are you are you catching a cold? Your voice sounds hoarse?”


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