My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 158

Chapter 158
Dan’s face changed, and he secretly gripped the hidden dagger in his sleeve.
Before he came, Edward had instructed him to act efficiently, speak less, and not let anyone see any problems.
But this woman didn’t seem to be easy to deal with….
Besides, if he wanted to kill her, he should take her to some desolate place, not attack her here in the cafe. That would be unwise.
Dan couldn’t help but take a few more glances at her.
So, this was Jane, the woman Dominic married for him!
He never expected that while he was wandering on the streets with his finger cut off, Dominic had already taken care of his lifelong matter.
He squinted his eyes. Jane was indeed beautiful. It would be a shame to kill her. At the very least, he should enjoy her first.
Dan grinned slightly, a trace of malice flashing across his eyes.
He coughed a few times to conceal his thoughts, and Jane hurriedly poured him a glass of water, asking him to sit for a while as she quickly prepares a simple meal.
Jane caught a glimpse of the man’s agitated motions on the chair out of the corner of her eye. He appeared odd as he cast a wide-eyed gaze around the cafe. Even a tiny coffee cup caught his attention for a while.
The Dan she knew was nothing like this at all.
Jane’s busy hands paused for a moment as she noticed the cumin seeds in a box near her. She absentmindedly sprinkled some onto the chicken and rice dish she had just prepared.
“Husband, the meal is ready.” She said with a light smile, bringing it over.
Dan panicked and almost knocked over the glass beside him. As he reached out to steady the cup, Jane noticed the finger cover on his left little finger.
“Husband! What’s wrong with your hand? Are you hurt?” she asked, somewhat surprised at what she
Dan raised his eyes to glare at her!
Jane’s heart trembled, this was an extremely fierce gaze, something she had never seen from him before.
“Husband, you…
“I’m fine,” he lowered his head, using his left hand to pick up a spoon and gobbled down mouthfuls
of food.
He ate noisily and spat out whatever he didn’t like on the floor.
Even more unsettling for Jane was that he seemed completely unaffected by the scent of cumin seeds. And her husband particularly disliked the smell of cumin seeds!
Jane felt a chill down her spine, and cold sweat formed in her palms. Her eyes are fixed on him as
Chapter 13 5
she slowly backed away.
Dan quickly finished the dish, contentedly wiping his mouth. Jane went over to clean up, and he stared at her busy and slender figure, a cold smile curving his lips,
“Do you want coffee?” Jane turned around and met his gaze, feeling terrified.
Dan licked his lips, wiping them with his thumb and revealing a malevolent smile.
“Forget the coffee, that stuff is bitter, and I can’t stand it!”
Jane gasped.
In her mind, an image flashed of the person she had encountered at the hot spring resort in Central City….
The man was slowly approaching her, suddenly pulling out a dagger. The sinister glint in his eyes mixed with the cold light of the blade.
Jane screamed, instinctively trying to run towards the door, but he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her back!
“Don’t… help! me”
“Husband, help me, Dan, help me!”
Dan burst into laughter and violently threw her to the side.
Jane’s forehead hit the counter, and blood immediately gushed out.
Dan took the opportunity to lock the cafe door.
Jane struggled to endure the pain, keeping herself conscious. She saw the man slowly approaching her like a devil, the sound of his leather boots on the wooden floor was like the tolling of a funeral bell.
“Heh, don’t bother screaming.” The man laughed. “I am Dan Murphy!”
A buzzing sound filled Jiang Can’s ears, and she widened her eyes in disbelief.
“Who did you marry? Could it be that you don’t even know yourself? Dan held the dagger to her neck, “Hmph, I am your husband, and you are my wife!”
“No, no!”
Jane’s heart shattered, feeling like she had stepped into an abyss of despair.
“I know this might be difficult for you to hear, but I am indeed your husband!” Dan sneered, “Rest assured, since we’re husband and wife, I’ll end it quickly and let you die more easily!”
“But before that…” Dan licked his lips. “I should get a taste of my very own wife!”
Dominic couldn’t stop calling Jane’s phone as soon as he got off the plane, but there was no answer. The feeling of unease gnawed at him like thousands of worms, consuming his heart.
He hurriedly rushed towards home, but as he arrived at the bottom of the building, he ran into the people that Henry had stationed there.
They all looked dumbfounded at the sight of him.
“Third Young Master, didn’t you go to the cafe?” They asked.
“What?!” Dominic’s heart tightened. “What cafe?!”
“Just now, two guys over there said they saw you enter the cafe! Henry had instructed us not to disturb you and Miss Fallon, so they left when they saw you go in!”
“Da mn it!” Dominic’s hand instinctively went up his head to pull his hair out of stress and frustration.
He immediately understood what had happened.
It was Dan who went into the cafe and at this monent… Jane was alone, facing him!
“Drive over there immediately! Now!!!”
The guards exchanged glances and immediately got into the car, speeding towards the cafe as fast as they could.
Jane had already taken a few slaps from Dan, her mouth and lips swollen, and her consciousness was slowly fading.
She forced herself to muster the last bit of strength to fight back, but Dan Murphy held the dagger to her throat, lightly cutting her arm, and fresh blood began to trickle.
Then, his other hand viciously tore her clothes open!
Seeing her exposed skin, Dan got excited. He licked his lips and his eyes gleamed with delight as he gripped her hair and slammed her head down twice, making sure she had no strength to resist. He smiled wickedly as he unbuttoned his own clothes.
“Wait!” Jane desperately tried to speak. “Dan.. I don’t want it to be here…
“What did you just say? Dan paused in the middle of undressing himself.
Jane forced back her tears, trying to remain composed despite trembling in fear. “I mean, the floor here is too cold, it won’t be comfortable…’

“Hmph, you’ve got plenty of problems, woman!” He ignored Jane’s words and went back to removing his clothes.
“Because I’m about to die…” Jane stared at him firmly. “So, for the last time, I want to be comfortable.” “Dan, I’m trapped here. Do you really think I’ll run away? You just said that we are husband and wife. As your wife, I want to make the first and last request. Won’t you grant it?” She said.
Dan’s eyes flickered. “Where do you want to go?” He said, finally giving up so this woman before him would shut up.
“The storage room will do.” Jane pointed with her hand. There are cus hions inside, and it’s soundproof. No one will hear us.”
Dan Murphy’s grip on the knife shifted, and the blade left Jane’s neck.
“If you don’t believe me, you can tie me up and take me in there.” She said.
“Tie you up?” Dan repeated.
“Yes,” Jane’s heart pounded. “You have a belt, right?”
Dan glanced down and suddenly smiled wickedly. He didn’t expect this seemingly demure woman before her to enjoy playing games like this!
His desire clouded his judgment, and he immediately put down the dagger to undo his belt.
Chapter 15
Jane crouched on the ground and, taking advantage of the moment Dan was untying his belt, mustered all her strength to kick the knife far away!
She couldn’t outfight him, so she would rather neither of them get what they wanted!
Dan was taken aback and hadn’t reacted yet when Jane grabbed an ashtray from the bar and smashed it fiercely toward his forehead!
“Ah!” Dan Murphy was hit, his skin split open, and blood gushed from his head.
“You bit ch!” He yelled, his hand stopping the blood flowing from his head. “Dare to play tricks with
Jane then picked up a piece of broken glass from the ground and stabbed it toward him!
However, this time, Dan Murphy had already prepared for her attack. He quickly grabbed her wrist and twisted it forcefully!
Jane felt a tingling numbness from the pain and fell heavily to the ground.
Dan picked up the dagger again, the cold light gleaming on the blade, aiming to pierce into Jane’s
“You wh ore! I’m going to kill you!”
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