My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 159

Chapter 159
The sound of a gunshot rang out, and the bullet pierced through the glass, echoing through the small courtyard.
Chaos ensued.
Jane lay on the ground, her consciousness fading. With her last bit of strength, she struggled to crawl
“Husband, save me…”
However, a large hand tightly grasped her hair!
The pain of her scalp and skull being torn apart made her cry out involuntarily.
Before she lost consciousness, she felt the icy blade piercing her skin, and she faintly heard voices.
“Mr. Campbell! Let me go, and I’ll give you this woman, how about that?”
“It will be a great deal! As long as you let me go, I promise never to appear before you again!”
“My wife will be yours from now on, forever!”
Dominic roared in anger, and the surrounding bodyguards surrounded Dan, but they didn’t dare to make a move.
The dagger was pressed firmly against Jane’s neck, and blood slowly seeped out.
Dan sneered as he retreated to the doorway and violently pushed Jane into Dominic’s arms!
The bodyguards rushed after him, but Dan Murphy had already jumped into a black car parked on the side of the road.
The car had no license plate as if it had been waiting there for a long time.
The bodyguards missed their chance and couldn’t see the driver’s face clearly. They could only return and follow Dominic’s orders.
“Go to the hospital! Hurry!”
Dominic held Jane tightly as he and the bodyguards hurriedly rushed to the hospital.
Covered in her blood, he was at a loss, and his mind was in chaos. He used various methods to stop her bleeding, but it seemed like nothing was working.
“Jane, Jane!” Dominic cried out in despair. This was the first time he felt that death was so close to
The unlicensed black car sped all the way and soon came to the spar sely populated suburbs, where there were fewer people and the wind by the river was even stronger than in the city.
The car window was wide open, making Dan feel uncomfortable. He was about to close it when he suddenly caught a glimpse of the man beside himn, whose eyes were sinister.
“Mr. Murphy,” the man smiled, “it seems like you haven’t completed the Second Young master’s task.”
“You.” Dan Murphy finally came to his senses. How did he end up in this car?
When he ran out of the cafe, the car was conveniently parked right in front of him, as if it had been
prepared for him, waiting for him, making his escape surprisingly smooth.
However, the more smoothly things went, the more anxious he felt.
“Why were you waiting for me there?”
“Of course, it was at Second Young Master’s orders.” The man answered nonchalantly, opening the car stereo as well. The heavy metal music was piercing, sounding like a mournful ghost’s cry. “The Second Young Master originally said that once you dealt with fane, I should…deal with you!” Dan’s pupils constricted suddenly, and he placed one hand on the car door and looked at him warily. The young man in front of him looked innocent and pure, seemingly harmless. However, the cold, sinister look in his eyes made him seem nothing like a fair and clean twenty-year-old young man.
“Do not worry,
Mr. Gu.” He smiled. “If I wanted to deal with you, I would have done it already. I wouldn’t have brought you here.”
swallowed. “What the hell are you trying to do?” He mustered to speak despite his growing
The man took out a thick envelope and a business card from the car’s front storage compartment.
“Bring this money and go to this address.” He said indifferently. “There will be someone there to pick you up, and this money should be enough for you to hide for a while.”
Dan swallowed hard. He didn’t dare to accept the envelope and business card, unsure if it was another trap.
“When you failed to kill Jane, I had already informed Second Young Master.” He turned to look at him. This money is from Second Young Master. He ordered to keep you alive, as you will be useful in the future!”
Suddenly, the young man reached out and firmly pinched Dan’s cheek, wearing a mischievous expression on his face.
“Heh, the Second Young Master’s plan is not bad… it would be a shame if you lose this face of yours!”
Dan Murphy’s entire body was covered in goosebumps. Even after spending so long in prison and encountering people like Aaron from the underworld, they weren’t as chilling as the person in front
of him.
“Go now.” The car stopped on the side of the road, and the cold voice entered Dan’s ears. “Heh… you’ll be of great use in the future!”
Dan opened the car door, holding the stack of money, and fled for his life.
The person in the car lowered the hat, revealing a faintly insidious smile on his fair face.
Dominic had been waiting outside the emergency room.
His blood-soaked hands from earlier had dried and turned into a dark brownish-red color. He tightly clasped them together, trembling slightly. However, his expression was ice-cold, and a trace of killing intent gleamed in his eyes.
The bodyguards stood in a row behind Dominic, their faces soleum. The leader among them stepped forward. “Third Young Master, we have almost finished reviewing the surveillance footage at various intersections. We can confirm that the car headed towards the suburbs.” He whispered.
“But the driver is very cun ning – the car does not have a license plate. In addition, there are many unregistered cars in Cardiff. The car model doesn’t have any distinctive features, which makes the investigation a bit difficult.” The leader added.
Dominic remained silent, and his chilling demeanor was terrifying.
Kate paced back and forth anxiously, her small hands clenching into fists and biting her nails.
The light above the emergency room was like a blazing fire, burning her heart with distress.
Aaron patted her shoulder and glanced at Dominic. He intended to persuade her to sit down and wait quietly. But Kate has other plans.
“Is this person really Dominic? Kate asked with a cold tone, frowning at Dominic.
Aaron could only look at her helplessly and pursed his lips.
Since learning about Jane’s situation, she had asked the same question more than twenty times.
And each time, Aaron could only patiently explain. “Yes, he is Dominic, the Third Young Master of the Campbell Family in Central City,”
“Aaron,” Kate said softly, gritting her teeth. “So, you knew everything all along!” She said with a low

“Kate, I… Aaron tried to explain.
“You have been hiding it from us, and for so long!” Kate’s anger flared, and she pushed him hard.
“Those acting skills of yours are quite impressive! Should we give you an award?” She sarcastically spoke to him.
At this point, Aaron could do nothing but let Kate beat and scold him to relieve her
“Why didn’t you tell us earlier? Did Jane have to get hurt before you were satisfied?”
As Kate continued, her anger grew, and after pushing Aaron, she turned her gaze to Dominic, who was still sitting there blankly. A surge of anger rose in her throat, and she raised her hand, ready to slap him.
Aaron hurriedly grabbed her wrist to stop her.
“Let me go!” Kate snapped, her anger unrestrained. “I’ll beat this scu mbag to death today!”
“Don’t..Kate, don’t be impulsive!” Aaron is struggling to hold Kate, who was thrashing against him.
“Let me go!!!” Kate screamed.
Several bodyguards took a step forward, but none dared to touch her in front of Aaron.
Kate finally calmed down after venting her anger. She looked coldly at Dominic and suddenly laughed. “Hah, you’re right. I shouldn’t be the one doing this, my slap won’t affect him. It should be coming from Jane! Now that would hurt, wouldn’t it?”
“Kate!” Aaron emphasized, signaling her with his eyes.
“What’s wrong? Do I have to be afraid of him just because he is the Third Young Master Dominic Campbell?” Kate straightened her back, pointed at Dominic, and exuded a strong aura.
“I’m telling you…I don’t care whether you are Dominic or Dan Murphy. As long as you hurt Jane, you are a scu mbag and my enemy!!
“Aaron!” She glared at him, clenching her teeth. “What should I do when someone becomes my
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