My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 160

Chapter 160
Aaron stood still, his temples pounding. After a while, he looked at Kate with a complicated expression. “Please calm down. Dominic didn’t want things to turn out this way…” He said.
“What does he not want?” Kate raised her voice, “Hah, has the pampered days of being the Crown Prince of Central City got boring, so he disguised himself as a convict and came here to deceive someone into marriage?”
“Don’t say such harsh words. You don’t understand the situation. At that time, he was ambushed and seriously injured, so he had to hide his identity in Cardiff.” Aaron blurted out.
For a brief period, Kate fell silent, scrutinizing him with her eyes. “So, you were really aware of everything, aren’t you?” She scoffed.
Aaron fell silent, realizing that he had talked too much.
Oh, How Aaron wished he could slap himself.
“Dominic,” Kate’s voice trembled with anger, “You could’ve focused on recovering from your injuries. Why did you have to come to provoke Jane?”
“Do you really think of yourself as the Crown Prince? Ha, even though you’re severely injured, you still dare to stir and cause a scandal. In the future, all those young masters around you will envy you!” “But what about Jane? Can you really marry her?”
“Kate!” Aaron’s expression turned serious, “That’s enough!”
Kate took a deep breath, forcing herself to hold back the tears welling up in her eyes.
The corridor suddenly fell silent, as if it had been sucked into a vacuum. Not long after, the light in the emergency room went out, and Dominic rushed over.
“Don’t worry, there’s no life-threatening danger.” Josh Green walked out from inside, smiling with relief.
“The wound was shallow, and it didn’t cut an artery. As for the other injuries on her body, they are all superficial wounds that can be treated with proper care.”
Dominic’s lips twitched, and his eyes turned red.
Facing Josh now, he felt a mixture of emotions. He never imagined that the person he had saved back then would have such a significant background.
“Dom…Young Master Campbell,” Josh said softly. “Now the nurse is finishing the final treatment. inside. After observing for a while and confirming that there are no abnormalities, we can transfer Jane to the ward.”
Dominic nodded and thanked him in a low voice.
“Also,” Josh licked his lips. “I suggest you let Kate accompany her…”
Dominic was taken aback by his statement. “Why?” He asked,
“She almost suffered a s*xual assault, so she might have some psychological resistance towards men. This is a normal reaction. Give her some time and let her recover gradually.” Josh explained.
Dominic’s expression dimmed, and he fell into silence.
Kate quickly nodded, “Yes, I can do that! I’ll go back and pack my things, then come to accompany her!”
“Then… I’ll go with you!” Aaron followed behind her.
“No need!” Kate glared at him irritably, “Mr. Wilson, just rest! Every man only knows how to lie! Not a single good one among you!”
“Kate, you can’t judge everyone based on one person. I am different from Dominic.
Kate turned around and glared at him. Her eyes seemed to remind him of all the lying he has done for eight years.
Aaron immediately surrendered, standing still, and listened to the sound of Kate’s high heels gradually disappearing at the end of the corridor, heaving a sigh.
“If you had told her earlier, this wouldn’t have happened!” He complained to Dominic, “You caused this!”
“Dominic, I don’t care. You have to either comfort Jane or compensate me with a wife!”
Josh smiled helplessly, realizing that he had been deceived for an awfully long time as well.
“Indeed, being deceived doesn’t feel good,” he whispered, “Young Master Campbell, you suddenly transformed from Dan Murphy into Dominic. Even I feel uneasy. You can imagine what Jane must be feeling.”
Dominic’s hit his lip, sorrow evident in his deep eyes.
He never wanted to deceive her; it was something he had no control over in the past. He had planned to find the right opportunity to explain everything to her..
But it was just that small step.
That one little step almost took her life….
Dominic’s palms went cold, and he felt completely afraid.
Jane was pushed into the ward by the nurse. Dominic’s gaze lingered on the door for a long time before cautiously opening it and quietly walking in.
Jane lay on the hospital bed, her cheeks swollen, her face covered in blue and purple bruises, and her wrists wrapped in thick bandages.
The most horrifying sight was the wound on her neck
Dominic could never forget what he saw when he rushed in earlier… Jane covered in bruises, lying on the ground with torn clothes, despairingly pleading, “Husband, save me…”
Dominic’s heart felt like it was being crushed with pain.
Dominic sat by the bedside, holding her icy cold hand, and suddenly felt a tingling sensation in his nose, tasting the bitterness in the corner of his mouth.
At that moment, Jane’s eyelids twitched, and Dominic almost held his breath, silently watching her.
“Don’t… don’t come near, help me…
Jane was still trapped in that nightmare, where a man with a missing little finger held a knife and laughed maliciously. One moment, she called him her husband, and the next moment, he was about
to take her life…
Chapter 65
Jane screamed, waking up with excruciating pain that made her feel like she had fallen into hell.
In her cars, a gentle voice called out, Jane…”
Her consciousness slowly returned, and she focused on the person before her… He was still the handsome and sharp-featured man, with deep eyes like ink, and the warmth in his palm remained just like before.
“I am Dan Murphy, and you are my wife!”
“Mr. Campbell! Let me go, and I’ll give you this woman, how about that?”
“You bit ch! I am going to kill you!
Suddenly, Jane felt a splitting headache, her heart pounding wildly. She instinctively pulled her hand back, her eyes filled with fear and dread as she looked at the man in front of her.
“Jane.” Dominic’s voice was h oa rse. “Don’t be afraid, it’s me…”
“Get away from me!”
Jane tightly wrapped herself in the blanket, trembling with fear.
“Who are you?” Tears rolled down her cheeks.
Dominic’s heart felt like a knife was cutting it. He tried to reach out and touch her hair.
“Don’t touch me!
“I’m begging you, stay away from me!” Jane cried uncontrollably, burying herself in the blankets. “Every time I close my eyes, I see you hitting me…”
“That person wasn’t me.”
After a long silence, Jane revealed her eyes from the blanket. The clear and contrasting colors in her starry eyes had lost their luster, replaced by fear and dread.
“I know. That person was Dan Murphy.” She whispered, “But I’ve always thought you were Dan Murphy.”
Dominic clenched his fists tightly, his nails digging deep into his flesh without feeling the pain.
“I’m sorry, Jane.” His voice was low and heavy. “I should have been honest with you from the very beginning…”
Jane tightly gripped the edge of the blanket, hearing hin clearly say:
“I am not Dan Murphy. I am Dominic Campbell.”


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