My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 161

Chapter 161
A loud burst seemed to erupt in Jane’s heart. rausing a jolt af einations that she struggled to contain. Dominic reached out his hand but stopped halfway, then gently pulled it back.
“I lied to you,” he said in a deep voice. “And I harmed you ton. I’m sorry, Jane. I’m so sorry’
Jane tightly closed her eyes, tears streaming down like rain..
Now, as she replayed their time together in her mind, she finally understood why he always exuded an aura that transcended beyond ordinary prople, why he could effortlessly resolve any difficulties she faced, why he never cared about money, and why he seemingly feared nothing and no one. It was because he had been destined for greatness from the start. He was originally the hair of the Campbell Family after all, and the whole world was beneath his feet What did he have to be afraid
Jane forced a bitter smile. She used to call him foolish.
But in reality, she was the one being played by him, turning around in circles like a fool, “Jane…”
The weight of the truth hung heavily in the air as Jane found herself at a loss for words. “Please leave,” she finally managed to say.
Jane covered her head with a blanket, her weak and quivering voice coming out through a small gap. Dominic saw her messy hair and her shivering bod
He wanted to caress her back and embrace her like before.
But he couldn’t do it
He silently walked out of the sick room and sat on a chair in the corridor, never leaving.
A few days later, Jane was discharged from the hospital, her physical wounds healing but her heart is still wounded and fragile. As she stood at the door of their small rental house, she couldn’t bring herself to step inside.
Kate noticed her hesitation and asked softly. “Do you want to stay at tny place for now?”
Jane, though appreciative of the offer, declined with a gentle shake of her head.
She knew she had troubled her friend enough already, and she didn’t want to trouble her any further.
She felt that facing this hurdle was something she needed to do on her own.
Jane took out the key to the house and opened the door. As she beat down to change into slippers, she noticed Dominic’s leather shoes still placed in the shoe cabinet, and her heart trembled violently,
Everything in the house is the same as it was-
On the balcony, there was a sandbag and baxing gloves that he used for training. In the laundry basket in the bathroom, there were lds shirts that he had changed out of. The sofa backrest silll held the casual clothes we used to wear.
On the shelf above the sink, their toothbrushes were placed side by side, just like before, as if they were embracing and kissing each other.
Jane’s nose tingled, her eyes moistened.
Chapter 161
Walking into the bedroom, the bed was covered with the freshly changed bed sheet with iris flower patterns they had chosen together.
She had solemnly told him that the iris flower symbolized abundant love and happiness.
But she had no idea that the iris flower also had a hidden meaning, representing desperate love. Looking around, everything hadn’t changed, yet everything had changed.
“Jane,” Kate supported her shoulder. “Why don’t you rest for a while? What would you like to eat tonight? I’ll go out and buy it for you!”
Jane sat by the bedside with her eyes closed, saying nothing.
Kate was worried; she had been in this state since she was hospitalized, not talking much and even
up from avoiding eye contact with people. She remained silent during the day and often woke nightmares at night.
Kate kneeled in front of her, Kate felt anxious.
After Jane was in danger, she lost her temper at the door of the emergency room. But for her, losing her temper was equivalent to turning the page around, and her life had to go on.
When she calmed down and thought about it, Jane genuinely loved that man, madly and deeply, and the pain of their breakup was unimaginable.
Besides, apart from concealing his identity, it seemed that Dominic wasn’t entirely innocent.
At that moment, her phone vibrated. As she opened it, a message from Aaron could be seen, saying that he and Dominic were already downstairs.
Kate discreetly glanced through the window.
Indeed, two grown men stood there, looking somewhat awkward, as if they had done something wrong and didn’t dare to enter the building.
However, it was strange that Aaron seemed to be acting grand today. He had a group of followers behind him, each wearing large black sunglasses with serious expressions. People passing by in the community couldn’t help but look curiously at them.
Kate pursed her lips, finding it amusing.
Could it be that Dominic was so timid that he needed so many people to give him the courage just to enter his own home?
“Jane, you should rest first,” Kate whispered, “I’ll go downstairs for a moment to buy something
Jane nodded and lay down under the covers, feeling somewhat exhausted.
Kate carefully closed the door and went downstairs, approaching the two men with her arms crossed.
“Da….” she bit her lip and changed her address, “Mr. Campbell, Jane just fell asleep. If you’re going back now, be gentle. While her physical injuries are healing, the wounds in her heart will take a long time to heal.”
Dominic’s expression was solemn, and he nodded, saying in a deep voice, “Thank you”
“No need to thank me.” Kate looked at him, “Actually, she can’t let go of you in her heart, she just needs time to accept it. Take your time to talk to her, she’ll eventually come around.”
“But remember, if you dare to lie to her or hurt her again, even If I have to go down with you, I’ll make sure Jane gets justice!”
Chapter 161
Aaron coughed loudly and hurriedly stepped forward. “Kate, it’s not that serious. It’s not that bad…”
“What do you mean it’s not that serious? Jane almost lost half of her life this time! Are you me?” Kate angrily ranted at Anron
Aaron can only glance at her and remain silent throughout her rambling. He then gave Dominic a meaningful wink.
Dominic ascended the stairs and gently opened the door to the house.
Kate stood there for a while, but there was no movement upstairs, everything seemed normal. Teeling slightly relieved, she was about to leave when Aaron suddenly stopped her!
She glared at him, asking. “What are you doing?”
Today, Aaron was acting very oddly.
He usually greeted her with a smile on his face, and his features would scrunch up together. He was, however, unusually serious today. His gaze was gloomy, and he exuded a dominant aura as if he could conjure up a storm at any moment.
Kate furrowed her brows and felt a bit intimidated.
Perhaps this was the real Aaron
“What are you saying? Kate tried to remain composed. “What do you want?”
Aaron smirked and took a step closer, locking his eyes on hers.
“Last time at the hospital, you said men always lie when they speak. I don’t agree with that. So today. I’m going to fulfill my word!”
“What do you mean?” Kate asked out of confusion
Aaron reached into his collar and took out a necklace, weighing the ring hanging from it.
“When you gave this to me, I said I would give you one with a diamond in the future!”
“I’m telling you, men’s words don’t always fall short, at least not mine! Come on, now come with me to buy it!”
“Are you crazy?”
Kate glared at him again. But whenever she tried to walk to the left, he blocked her to the left, and when she tried to go right, he blocked her to the right.
Finally, Kate got annoyed. She yelled, “Aaron, get out of my way!”
“Kate!” He raised lus voice too, gritting his teeth and asking her, “Are you sure you won’t come with me to buy it?”
“I won’t!”
“Tine! Then brace yourself!”
Aaron roared in anger, and a few of his followers stepped forward.
Kate was taken aback. Brace herself for what? Did this jerk want to hit her?!
However, she watched in astonishment as Aaron took a washboard from one of his underlings and threw it forcefully on the ground. Then, with a flerce expression, he knelt on it
Kate’s face changed, and she took a few steps back in fear.
“Kate, listen carefully! If you don’t come with me to buy the ring, I will pester you with this
washboard every day! I will hug you and kneel for you wherever you go! One day, I will break this
washboard, and then we’ll see if you dare to reject me!”


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