My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 162

Chapter 162 

Kate stood there, utterly stunned and rendered momentarily speechless by Aaron’s unexpected display of kneeling on the washboard

The commotion around them only intersified as more and more people gathered, either looking on with envy or amused smiles. 

The scene had caught the attention of many, prompting them to take out their phones to capture the unusual sight unfolding before them

Hushed whispers spread through the crowd as people recorded videos, expressing their astonishment and disbelief. Ive heard people talk about kneeling on a washboard, but I never thought I’d witness someone actually doing it for his wife!they murmured, shaking their heads in 


Laughter can be heard among a few of them

Kate’s cheeks felt like they were on fire, and she wished she could disappear in this instant

Aaron! What on earth are you doing, making such a scene in broad daylight?she chided, trying to maintain a semblance of composure despite the embarrassiner.L 

Get up quickly and stop kneeling like this Kate implored, feeling the need to put an end to the spectacle

She moved closer, intending to pull him up and lead him away from the curious gazes

However, to her surprise, Aaron raised his voice even louder, declaring. Don’t touch me!It was as if he was determined to make a point, to ensure that she understood the depth of his conviction

Whoever dares to delay me from making up with my wife today will become my enemy! I still have some reputation in the martial world, and if anyone dares to be my enemy, I willouch!“” 

Before he could finish his words, Kate had had enough and grabbed his ear

Although Aaron’s expression was painful, he couldn’t hide the sweet affection in his eyes when he secretly glanced at Kate

The few men standing behind him were thoroughly amused by the entire spectacle, unable to contain their laughter as they turned around to cover their mouths

Aren’t you embarrassed enough? Kate said in exasperation. We’re done, we’re donethat’s enough, now came back with me!‘ 

Alright, alright, I’ll go home! Hey, wife, be gentleAaron was pulled up by her and followed. behind her, still holding the washboard. Hey, wife, what size of ring do you want? Is a ten carat diamond ring enough?” 


During those days, although Jane hadn’t seen Dominic, she always knew that he had been by her side

She knew he slept on the couch at night. And in the morning, she knew that he bought breakfast for her before she woke up, then left quietly

In reality, he didn’t go too far, just lingering around downstairs

Jane would often lean against the window, gazing at his tall, salliary figure, the feeling of bittersweetness swirling in her heart

As the days passed, Dominic received several urgent messages from Central City, urging lan to 




After listening to them, he fell silent for a long time and simply instructed Henry, Send my car back.Henry hesitated for a moment but eventually nodded in agreement

Young Master, 1 think it’s better for you la came lanck for a while. The current board of directors is under the control of the two old masters, and it seems like they want to take over the entire Campbell Family!Henry stated

Hmm, let them enjoy their victory for a few days,Dominic said coldly

He hadn’t had the chance to settle the score with those who hurt him, and now they had harmed Jane. He wouldn’t let them off easily

Young Master, what’s your plan? Henry asked

You keep an eye on the board of directors over there. Contact me immediately if there’s any unusual situation.Dominic ordered

After saying that, Dominic hung up the phone, and Sarah handed him the prepared white peach oolong tea

Dominic, you did the right thing by not rushing back to Central City.!Sarah scoffed. I told you not to listen to your Grandpa and insist on going back. That old fox always fakes illness, and it’s infuriating!” 

But once he pretends to be sick, Edward would start running around like a headless chickensigh. your father is great in many ways, but when it comes to dealing with those three sticks, he’s hopeless and it’s so exasperating! I wonder why he doesn’t visit your grandfath 

As she spoke, she suddenly felt that her tone was off. Why was she teasing Dominic’s father in front of his son

Oh, I didn’t mean it that way,Sarah smiled apologetically. I mean, if your father could shoulder this responsibility, there would be no need for Edward to act, and you wouldn’t have to work so hard. You could stay here and accompany Jane with peace of mind.” 

Speaking of Jane,Sarah continued, how is she doing? Is she still avoiding you?” 

Dominic’s face turned gloomy, and he nodded

Yes, she’s still ignoring me. I’m afraid that ifI take her back to Central City, she’ll hate me even mare. Dominic gloomily answered

I think you can take her back to Central City! The Campbell family has me and your father anyway. Jane can stay with us, so she won’t suffer.” 

Thank you, Aunty Sarah,Dominic forced a smile. I’m afraid that she’ll hate me even more.” 

Did you catch Dán?” 

Not yet.Dominic lowered his voice. The person who took him away is cunning. He’s familiar with every road in the suburbs of Cardiff, especially around the river. Whenever there’s surveillance, he hides his face. Plus, the car has no license plate, making it difficult to investigate.” 

If you need my help, just ask, Sarah comforted him

Dominic looked at her gratefully and nodded casually, then asked, When are you and Linda going back home?” 

It’ll be in the next couple of days, I guess two. Linda should start preparing for the college entrance exam!Sarah replied

As soon as she finished speaking, Linda bounced into the room, enger to know about Jane’s 

Chapter 162 

condition. However, Dominic noticed there was someone else following behind her

Hello, Third Young Master.Erie greeted Dominic respectfully 

Dominic carefully observed him and asked. Who are you?” 


I am Eric Koller. Third Young Master probably doesn’t know me.Eric replied humbly

So, this was Eric Koller

Dominic felt a sense of awkwardness, not expecting to meet Eric under these circumstances. This young man appeared to be around twenty years old, but he exuded a sense of maturity and composure that didn’t match his age

He had a clean and handsome face, yet his eyes carried an inexplicable sense of coldness… 

As Eric saw that Dominic’s teacup was empty, he took the initiative to refill it. At that moment, as he bent down to pour the tea, a flash of insight hit Dominic’s mindreminiscent of the surveillance footage he had seen before

The driver’s face in the footage was partly obscured, but the thin and pale profile that peeked out from under the cap seemed eerily similar…. 

Dominic’s heart trembled

Are you Eric?” 

Erie remained composed, standing humbly in front of him and slightly nodding. Yes, Third Young Master.” 

In a few days, you will drive Auntie Sarah and Linda back to Central City. Don’t drive too fast, and check if the license plate is obstructed before departure.Dominic reminded him

Oh. Third Young Master,Eric smiled. My apologies, but I haven’t gotten my driver’s license yet. However, I’ve already booked their flight tickets to send Madam and Miss back. You can rest assured that I’ll prioritize their safety

Dominic fell silent for a moment, looking at him with complex eyes

In the next couple of days, buy some gifts to bring back. I heard there are several good specialty stores in the outskirts of Cardiff, located near the river.” 

Third Young Master, I am not familiar with the outskirts. In fact, this hotel sells specialties, and I will arrange everything before they leave.” 

Dominic’s eyebrows furrowed slightly

In his previous questions, he mentioned license plate,outskirts,and river,all of which were related to Dan’s escape

However, this person seemed calm and answered fluently, showing no signs of nervousness… 

Could it be that he really had nothing to do with this matter

Dominic fell into contemplation, becoming increasingly puzzled

Subconsciously, he felt that he couldn’t let Eric accompany them alone. So, he stood. Crowne Hotel, and called Henry

  1. up

left The 

Withdraw your people. There’s no need to watch my house for now,he lowered his voice, Arrange for them to send Auntie Sarah and Linda back to Central City.” 

Yes, Young Master,Henry answered

Also, investigate the longterm worker with the summe Koller in the house.” 


With that, he hung up the phone and then hurried back home

Meanwhile, Jane’s injuries had almost healed, but she became more and more reluctant to see people, taking more and more baths. Any slight movement made her react like a startled bird




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