My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 163

Chapter 163 

When Dominic returned home, he heard the soul of running water coming from the bathroom. His heart tightened, but he didn’t dare to make any moves, so he simply stood there quietly

He recalled what Josh had said about Jane’s behavior being indicative of posttraumatic stress disorder

She has a relatively mild form,Josh had told him. It’s best to resolve it through psychological counseling. However, to untie the hell you must be the one who tied it. Since the root of the problem lies with you, you are the one who can help her recover,” 

Dominic took a deep breath

He really wanted to help her get through this, but jane never gave him any chance to get close to her

Just then, the bathroom door opened, and Jane walked out wrapped in a bath towel. When she suddenly met his gaze, she let out a startled scream, realizing she is not alone in this house anymore. Jane” 

Before he could say anything, Jane quickly lowered her head and rushed into the bedroom, closing The door tighdy

That closed door seeined to separate them into two different worlds

After a while, Jane opened the door slightly to steal a glance at him. She watched him tidying up the house in the small living room and neatly folding the clothes from the balcony

He used to be terrible at folding clothes, but now he folded them neatly

In fact, he could give everything for her and change himself for her

Jane pursed her lips, feeling a sensation that made her want to cry, claking her duoat

After two days, she moved back to live with Kassie Davis. At times like this, she wanted to be with her mather even more

Since Kassie was discharged from the hospital and under medication, her mental state had improved significantly, and her daily life was no longer affected

This period was a rare moment of clarity for her, and after hearing about her daughter’s ordeal, she felt even more guilty and remorseful She wholeheartedly took care of Jane

Although she still had nightmares of what happened to her, being with her mother gave her some peace of mind

However, that person’s figure still lingered in her mind

When she calmed down, she often asked herself, were all the good lines of the past year really worth less than a status? However, she knew that what she genuinely cared about was his concealment

What a pity,Kassie sighed softly. I haven’t even met my son in law once. Will I really never get to see him in the future?” 

Mom!Jane looked at her, suddenly unsure of what to say

Jane, I always believe that people should follow their hearts,Kassie spoke in a gentle voice, Status, position, money, these are all just worldly things. The feelings between two people should be pure, without the burden of these worldly weights.” 


Listen mare to the voice in your heart. If you still love him, you should be with him!She said

ButJane pursed her lips, hesitating

She turned around to put on her shoes and went out, using buying groceries as an excuse. She wanted to find a quiet place to be alone for a while

In the park near the community, she unknowingly sat there for two hours and completely forgot about buying fish and groceries

To her surprise, as soon as she returned home, she smelled the aroma of cooking coming from the 


Jane walked into the kitchen, where a tall and straight figure was busily working, Kassir looked nervously at her and quietly asked, Jane, is thisis this my son inlaw?– 

Jane’s heart trembled, trying hard to control her breathing

He said his name is Dominic. As soon as he came in, he called me Momand didn’t even drink a cup of tea. He cleaned inside and out.” 

Butbut I specially placed this sofa in the middle, and he pushed it against the wall with such forcel How will I ever push it back?Kassie pointed to the balcony, frowning 

Jane was speechless at her mother’s words, feeling both amused and exasperated

He bought fish and vegetables, a whole lot of then. The refrigerator can’t hold them allKassle continued, You see, the rest is piled up there! It’s like he cleared the entire supermarket aisle!” 

Jane helped her mother sit down, planning to go to the kitchen, but at that moment, Dominic came out with the dishes, and the two of them froze upon meeting each other’s gaze

Jane lowered her head, avoiding his paze, and went straight to the kitchen

The scene inside was quite a mess, and Jane sighed with a bitter smile. In the end, she was the one who had to clean up the battlefield that the kitchen transformed into

She remembered when they first got together, he always acted like a big shot and waited for others. to serve him. Later, whenever he cooked, the kitchen would be a mess. At that time, Jane couldn’t understand his actions. Was housewark really this difficult

Looking back, everything made sense. Dominic grew up always being served by others, and doing the housework to this extent is not easy for him

Dominic brought out the last plate of fish and stood stiffly to the side, clutching his apron with both 


Jane felt her heart soften when she saw him sweating profusely, and her eyes welled up with tears

MomDominic’s voice was low. It might not look very appealing. In the taste should be fine. Please try it!” 

Kassie smiled and pulled Jane to sit down

Jane bit her lip. He had never done these things at home, right? Had he ever cooked a meal for his own parents

If it weren’t for her, he wouldn’t have to be so submissive and accommodating.. 

They belonged to two different worlds right from the start

Thinking about this, Jane felt a surge of discomfort

She stood up, intending to leave with her head down. Dominle was startled and quickly followed. He wanted to hold her hand but was afraid she wouldn’t like it, so he kept his distance. Are you going

Chapter 161 

out?he asked in a composed voice

Jane didn’t reply

However, Kassie, ever the perceptive one, tried to intervene and create a more comfortable atmosphere. Dominic, why don’t you accompany Jane outside, oryou two can eat out together!” 

Jane changed her shoes in a hurry and quickly rushed downstairs. Dominic didn’t even have time to greet Kassie and quickly followed her

Jane walked along the road, and he followed

They maintained a distance, neither too close, nor too far, their shadows elongated by the setting sun, stretching on the ground. Unconsciously, Dominic walked into her shadow

He froze for a moment, a slight smile appearing on his angular face. He raised his hand and shook it a couple of times, and his shadow fell perfectly on hers as if he were caressing her head

Even with just this, he was already content

Jane suddenly turned around and saw his peculiar movements, furrowing her brows slightly. Dominic quickly withdrew his hand and coughed slightly to disguise his embarrassment

As they continued walking, Jane spotted a dumpling shop by the roadside and decided to go in

It was dinner time, and the small shop was packed with people. Jane finally managed to find an empty seat, and Dominic squeezed through the crowd to sit across from her

The shop owner approached them with a notepad. What would you like to eat?” He asked

Jane glanced at the man across from her. A bowl of shrimp dumplings, please.She answered softly. Dominic was taken aback, his emotions surging like waves. Shrimp dumplings were his favorite; did she order them for him

But she didn’t specifically say without cilantro.She should know that he despised cilantro

Also, she only ordered one bawl 

Those must be all for herself

So, she truly treats him as if he’s invisible, as if he was no longer a part of her life

Dominic’s eyes gradually lost their luster, and he sat across from her with his head down, remaining silent for a long time



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