My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 164

Chapter 164 

Soon, a bowl of shrimp wontons was served

Jane leisurely stirred the hot wontons with a small spoon. The aroma of shrimp and seaweed filled the air, enticing Dominic’s nose

He glanced at her again, but she didn’t return the

His heart sank once more


However, not long after, Jane suddenly stood up and brought an empty bowl over. She picked out all the coriander and poured most of the wortons from her bowl into the empty one

Then, she pushed the bowl in front of him. “You can have that.She softly said after ignoring him and not talking to him this entire time

Dominic was taken aback, then he smiled. This was the first time she spoke to him after being discharged, and he couldn’t help but feel excited

He remembered when she invited him to The Crowne Hotel for a meal. She had little money at the time but was willing to do anything for him, even ordering a plate of lobster fried rice despite her limited funds. When the lobster rice arrived, she shared most of it with him, hardly eating any herself

Dominic suddenly felt that even if he fell into destitution and had to her for something to eat, this woman would still stand by his side

But she could accept someone who had been in jail, so why couldn’t she accept him

Dominic put down the spoon and looked at her seriously

Jane, I need to talk to you.” 

Jane’s movements froze, her eyelids flickered, and it took a while before she lifted her eyes slowly

As their eyes met, she felt a bit uneasy and scared

DaShe almost called the wrong name, pursing her lips, and then gently called, Mr. Campbell.” 

Dominic’s heart tightened

What do you want to say, Mr. Campbell?” 

Jane,his voice was low, Are you trying to distance yourself from me?” 

I just don’t know what to call you.She smiled bitterly. Tve been calling you Dan all this time, but 


Now you can still call me husband, he hurriedly said. Just like before!” 

It’s not the same.She felt upset. You’re not my husband; I am someone else’s wife.” 

Dominic was startled, feeling like his heart had dropped. Her stall hand suddenly pulled away from 


Jane, It’s the same!He stared at her intensely. Do you remember what you told me before? You said no matter how I change, you will always love me, the man I am! You made a promise in the church!” 

Jane took a deep breath and desperately held back her tears

She hadn’t changed, but facing this sudden identity switch, she didn’t know how to face him, especially after knowing his true upbringing

It felt like walking on a road, and one day the scenery suddenly changed, but you had no idea what awaited you at the end of the road

I know I shouldn’t have lied to you.Dominic anxiously held her stall hand. Hut I was planning to tell you everything when I came back from Central City this time. But Dan suddenly appeared. disrupting my plan!” 

When he wasn’t there before, you had countless opportunities to say something!Jane looked at him. But you never mentioned anything to me! Why didn’t you say anything

Daminie paused, his emotions swirling inside him, leaving hit at a loss for words. He couldn’t believe how much things had changed between them

When they first got together, he never imagined he would fall into such a situation

Back then, he was even planning how to get rid of her someday

But life had a funny way of teaching lessons, and now she wanted to get rid of him, and he found himself desperately wanting to mend what was brok 

Jane,he spoke softly, trying to gather his thoughus. Can you really not forgive me?‘ 

Jane’s eyes turned red, and her big eyes became watery

Dominic,she said, her voice trembling slightly. It was the first time she called his name in front of him. This is a very unfamiliar name to me. You have to give me time to adapt to it” 

You know, I’m not impulsivecan you let me take things slowly

Although he really wanted to take her back to Central City right away, he smiled and nodded firmly

She was right. She needed time to adapt and recover. It was fine to take it slow. He doesn’t mind ast to how much time she would take, he had the patience to wait for her

At least tonight was a major improvement, she no longer rejected him

Once the first step was taken, the second and third steps wouldn’t he that far behind

Dominic stiled, lowered his head, and continued to eat the wantons. This was the most meaningful and delicious bowl of shrimp wontons he had ever caten

Several days later, Edward brought up the bidding for the land in the western suburbs of Central City during a board meeting

We have almost prepared everything.He smiled as he looked at Benedict. The funds will be in place soon, and as for the other competitors, they are not our rival!” 

HmmBenedict listened quietly, his weathered face showing to expression. He had been playing with a mahogany walnut in his hand, which had already developed a layer of polish

Edward was about to continue the discussion when Benedict cleared his throat and asked in a deep voice, I remember that land. Dominic had made plans for it too.” 

Oh, yes!Edward cursed Dominic in his heart. Tve also see Dominic’s project proposal, and It’s impeccable Ite truly lives up to being your son, Father. Cultivated by your own hands!” 

However,Edward’s eyes flickered. Dominic is still young, Father, and he lacks experience in raising funds.” 

That’s right, Chairman!Someone chimed in Although the Third Young Master is capable, such a large project requires not just abilities alone; the experience of the older generation is ericial!” 

I also think Vice President is more suitable than the Third Young Master. We can rest assured it Vice 

Chapter 161 

President takes over!Another commented

I heard that Third Young Master was lingering in Cardiff for a woman. Huh, young prople are emotional! If he handles such a big project with such a temperament, he’ll probably suffer losses!Another one pointed out

Edward raised an eyebrow, his smug expression becoming more and more pronounced

Benedict remained calm amidst the growing discussion. Though he wore an indifferent expression on his face, he was unhappy that Dominic’s affair with that woman is now being exposed in public

He glared at Edward, his sharp gaze making everyone shudder

He began to suspect if this was Edward’s plot. On the surfarr, he agreed to have Dan remove Jane, but in reality, he instructed Dan not to do it and to continue to deceive that woman by posing as Dominic

Benedict struck the ground with his cratch, creating a muffled sound that silenced the entire conference room

It seems you have reached a conclusion. Do you want to assign this project to Vice President Campbell to handle

The people at the board meeting looked at each other and fell silent

Edward sensed that something was wrong. Just as he was about to defend himself, the door of the conference room suddenly opened…. 


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