My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 165


Chapter 165 

As soon as Dominic made his entrance, the atmosphere in the meeting room shifted

Benedict, who had maintained a stiff and solemn expression, seemned to relax a little at the sight of his grandson

Dominic, you’re back?” he asked

Dominic nodded. Yes, Grandfather.” 

Benedict raised his chin, gesturing for him to take a seat. However, Dominic had other plans. He strolled to the center of the meeting room and stood there, his intense gaze sweeping over everyone’s faces. His presence alone exuded power and authority, leaving everyone in the room breathless

Edward stared at him in a daze, his mouth twitching slightly as he forced out a smile

Dominic, why did you come back? Edward asked

It seems that my uncle doesn’t want to welcome me?” Dominic smirked, his tone playful yet cutting. How could that be! I was justEdward stammered, trying to come up with an excuse

Just afraid that I would steal you and my elder brother’s limelight, am I right?Dominic continued, not giving Edward a chance to explain further

Edward’s face turned pale with anger as he fixed his triangular eyes on him. Dominic walked over nonchalantly, glanced at where Edward was sitting, and chuckled, It seems that you have been sitting in the wrong seat. This one is mine.” 

YouEdward was taken aback, unable to find the right words to respond

While I may lack the ability to raise funds, there is no need for you to worry about the funds.Dominic’s gaze was profound as he enunciated each word. I’ve already taken care of it!” 

Edward felt incredulous. Such a huge amount of money, besides relying on their grandfather, how else could he have solved it

And Benedict loathed having outsiders interfering in Campbell Family affairs the most

Edward forced a smile and saw a perfect opportunity to sow discord between the grandfather and his grandson

Heh, did you use the money from the UK again? Dominic, I’m not saying this about you, but no matter what you do, you are surnamed Campbell, and whatever you do, the interests of the Campbell Family should come first!Edward exclaimed

Although it’s your grandfather’s family over there, they are still outsiders. Isn’t it inappropriate for them to get involved in our family affairs? If the Campbell Family has to borrow money from outsiders, what face will we have left?he continued

Dominic, with one hand in his trouser pocket, casually adjusted his tie, his indifferent gaze revealing a hint of disdain 

Is Uncle worried that my grandfather will also get a share of the pic?He quipped

Hub, I didn’t say that! But it’s essential to be cautious, who in the world would think they have too much moneyEdward swered, continuing to put on an act

Benedict’s expression grew more and more unpleasant, and Edward secretly laughed

Dad, I’m not opposing Dominic, but this land involves government projects. If we inject foreign 

Chapter 165 

capital without authorization, I’m afraid it won’t be acceptable to the higherups!” 

Besides, our Kevin has some connections in the official circles!Edward’s eyes and nose were almost squeezed together from his exaggerated smile. If you entrust the Western Suburb land project to both of us, it will be absolutely fine!” 

The shareholders began to discuss in low voices, leaning towards Edward’s viewpoint. Dominic remained calm and composed, his sharp face showing a faint, nonchalant smile

Benedict Campbell, still the patriarch with the final say, spoke with a deep, cold voice, The Western Suburb land project involves a large amount of money and numerous stakeholders. It needs careful consideration. I can’t trust it to just one person” 

Kevin and Dominic are both outstanding; they should cooperate on this project for the benefit of the group!Benedict declared

Dad, this” 

No need to cooperate; I can handle it alone!” 

Both Edward and Dominic interjected. The deep and chilling tone made everyone shiver slightly and many people watched the confrontation between the two people with anticipation

Benedict looked at Dominic and lowered his voice, Dominic, your uncle makes sense. Always relying on funds from England isn’t suitable!” 

It’s my own money.Dominic smiled and gestured with his eyes for Henry to distribute the documents

The shareholders were surprised to see the comprehensive and detailed business plan, with ample sources of funds from Deborah and Lebron, no companies

Deborah and Lebron had recently gone public, and they had transformed into dark horses in the stock market, continuously hitting the daily limit

No one had expected that the big loss behind these two companies was the current Third Young Master of the Campbell Family

If I’m not mistaken,Dominic looked at Edward with a halfsmile, didn’t Uncle inquire a few days ago, wanting to meet the bosses of these two companies

You youEdward was left speechless, unable to say a word

In addition to these two companies, there was also an investment company listed on the documents, and their brilliant resume detailed their involvement in several successful acquisitions

Dominic said solenudy. I have already obtained the qualifications for bidding, and winning the bid is just a formality. All the procedures for transferring the Western Suburb land have been handled in secret, and in three days, the official announcement will state that I’m the winning bidder!” 

Uncle, this and is mine now.Dominic coklly chuckled. If you and Kevin are willing to work for me, I can arrange a position for you in the project!” 


Edward’s face turned as red as a beet, and he gritted his teeth while looking at him, breathing heavily

Dominic locked eyes with him, his gaze as cold and fierce as a vicious wolf

Dominic,Edward took a deep breath. How you’ve hidden things very well! Not only are you Hidden in these aspects, but even your Identity can be concealed as well. No wonder some people still refuse to forgive you” 

Uncle, you have always remembered your own identity as a Campbell.Dominic sneered. So, is that how you’ve used the Campbell Family’s name to collude with illegal organizations overseas?What are you saying?Benedict’s eyebrows furrowed, and he looked sternly at Edward

*If so, Grandfather, how did my uncle manage to have the money to bid for this land?Dominic slammed a document on the table

All these years, my uncle’s investments have failed one after another, but in front of Grandfather, he had only reported good news and rides the had ones under the rugs. Do you really think no one knows about these shady dealings that caused the Campbell Corporation to lose so much money?Cold sweat broke out on Edward’s forehead, and he slumped in his chair

Benedict quickly skimmed through the documents and finally held the paper in his trembling hand. Edward was about to explain, but Benedict suddenly threw all the documents in his face

Useless rubbish!” 


From today onwards, you won’t sit in the position of vice president anymore!Benedict roared. My Campbell Corporation will never tolerate a waste like you who eats inside and out!” 

The meeting room seemed to be shrouded in low pressure, and everyone stared blankly at the scene before them, so nervous that they could only hear their own heartbeat

Edward’s face was pale, and he stared at Dominic as if he had seen a ghost, heavily gasping for 


Grandfather, let me help you back to rest. Dominic lightly hooked his lips. There’s no need to discuss the rest of the matters anymore!” 

Benedict frowned and nodded in agreement

Back at the old Campbell Estate, Henedict leaned against the wide chair back, and Dominic stood before him. Benedict looked at him proudly. This was truly the heir he had personally cultivated. In front of the entire board of directors, he exposed Edward and boldly declared that he had successfully bid for the land. This series of actions left Benedict somewhat confused

But Dominic was usually deep and steady, not the kind of person who would resort to such aggressive measures

Dominic,Benedict asked in a hoarse voire, Are you still hiding something from me? With his actions earlier, Benedict had already hunched that all the things that has happened before his eyes earlier would not come without a catch, especially when he nectired how his grandson handled it

Dominic hesitated for a moment, then honestly replied, Yes.” 

What else? Just tell me.” 

Dominic pursed his lips, his gaze firm, and every word resonated with determination

I want to make a deal with you, Grandfather, using this piece of land and the companies in my hands!” 



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