My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 166

Chapter 166 

Meanwhile, at the small rental house that Jane and Dominic shared, the landlord called to ask if Jane wanted to continue renting the place

Jane’s heart tightened. There were many memories belonging to her and Dominic that were tied to that place. Despite being angry with him, she couldn’t bear to let go of such memories

Mrs. Murphy, could you give me an answer? the landlord shouted loudly, If you don’t want to continue renting. Fll rent it to someone else! My house is in high demand now!” 

You can’t give it to anyone else!Jane blurted out. The contract we signed was for a year, and it hasn’t expired yet!” 

It’s true that it hasn’t expired, but you still have to pay the rent, Mrs. Murphy!” 

Don’t worry, I won’t owe you!Jane pouted, I’ll transfer the rent to you later!” 

Also, please pay attention, I am not Mrs. Murphy!she raised her voice. My husband’s surname is Campbell!she clearly told the landlord

Ohalright, Mrs. Campbell!The landlord didn’t care if it was Murphy or Campbell; as long as there was money to take, any surname was acceptable

Jane hung up the phone, sighing helplessly

Kassie smiled and placed a hand on her daughter’s shoulder, raising an eyebrow as she asked, What did you just say?” 

Jane was taken aback

What did she say

Did she say that her husband’s surname was Campbell

Jane’s face turned red in an instant. She lowered her eyelids, remaining silent for a while, and her heart started to beat restlessly

Jane,Kassic smiled gently at her, I may always appear confused at most times, but I can tell that you still like him very much, am I right?” 

MomJane whined

No woman would easily call someone husband. Kassie said softly. Since you did, it means that person has an unshakable place in your heart, someone you want to entrust your life to.” 

Jane, I actually think that Dominic is someone you can rely on.She finished

Jane lowered her head, and a hint of melancholy flashed in her big eyes

She was well aware that she could rely on him. It was easy to say that before, but now things had changed. Her identity had changed, her position had changed, and she was relying on more than just an ordinary man; she was relying on the heir of the Campbell Family

All she wanted before was a simple life but stepping into Dominic’s work meant facing turbulent 

Mom, I justjust misspoker Jane fidgeted with the corners of her clothes. As for why I want to keep that room, I think since we’ve already signed the contract, if we terminate it early, we might have to pay a penalty fee. Anyway, the landlord hasn’t increased the rent, so I might as well just keep 

Kassie’s lips curved into a meaningful smile, and her eyes became more complex

Chapter 155 

Deceiving others with that explanation was one thing, but trying to get away with it in front of her own mother

Silly child.Kassie said softly. Sometimes, a slip of the tongue reflects what’s inside the heart. It’s something you say subconsciously, and you can’t deny it 


Are you bothered by him lying to you, or by his identity?” 

Jane couldnsay for sure

Kassic analyzed for her, If you’re bothered by him lying to you, then I think it can end here. He’s been coming to apologize and seek forgiveness every day. I think his sincerity is sufficient! Besides, who doesn’t tell a lie in life?” 

But if you’re bothered by his identity, then” 

Kassie reached out to hold Jane’s hand gently, Jane, don’t worry about it. He may come from a prestigious family, but you are not inferior!” 

What?Jane was stunned 

Kassie didn’t say more; she just gave her a meaningful smile

Anyway, it’s not easy to encounter somerne who truly loves you in this lifetime. When happiness comes, you should grasp it, or you’ll live in regret for the rest of your life.” 

Jane felt that her mother had more to say but seeing her thoughtful expression and her lest and forlorn back, Jane didn’t dare to pursue the matter further

She gave Kassie the medicine, helped her back to her room to rest, and only left after her mother had fallen asleep

Subconsciously, she looked out of the window, the street was empty under the streetlights, and no one was there

Dominic wasn’t here today…. 

Suddenly, Jane felt that something was missing from her heart, and she felt a little sad

In Central City, at the Campbell Estate

The spacious study room was eerily quiet, where even the sound of breathing could be heard crystal clear. The air was filled with a tense atmosphere

Dominic stood there calmly, his deep and cold gaze sending shivers down Benedict’s spine

Many years ago, he had held a little baby in his arms, led a young boy by the hand, and personally sent a spinted young man to Wharton Business School 

Now, that boy had grown into a man beyond his control

He had personally nurtured Dominic’s talents, but he ne use those talents to protect someone else

expected that one day Dominic would 

This is your condition? Benedict’s voice trembled with anger. You’ve done all this just to marry that woman into our family?!” 

Dominic remained composed and calmly replied, Yes.” 

Benedict smashed the redwood walnut in his hand onto the table, shattering the teacup into pieces. Do you even know what you’re saying?Benedict was furious. You’ve lost your rationality overa 

Chapter 106 

woman. You are not worthy of being called the heir of the Campbell Family!” 

Tine.Dominic looked at him indifferently. I can issue a statement that I will never inherit any of the Campbell Family’s assets.” 

YouBenedict had only spoken those words, intending to provoke him, but he never thought that those words would not have any effect an Dominic

How could the Campbell Family not have him? Moreover, he no longer had another twenty years to cultivate such an outstanding successor

You better think it through!Benedict said coldly. If you cut ties with the Campbell Family, that woman will have nothing to gain. She will eventually leave you!” 

She won’t.Dominic chuckled. Even if I become destitute and beg for food, she will stay by my 


You’re absolutely crazy!” 

Grandfather, I’m perfectly sane.Dominic enunciated clearly, I am currently going through legal procedures to transfer the ownership of the three companies under 

my name to Jane. If you still refuse to let her into the Campbell Family, she will bring those three companies and the West Suburb Land to marryine!” 

Benedict’s expression became even uglier, his knuckles turned white as he tightened his grip on the dragonheaded cane

Ive said everything I needed to say,Dominic nodded slightly and bowed. Grandfather, Jane is a very good girl, and I really don’t want to miss out on her.” 

Tve already made the mistake of concealing my identity from her once, and this time, I will do everything in my power to keep her by my side!” 

After speaking. Dominic turned and left, feeling much lighter in his heart

As he walked on the paths of the mansion, he looked up at the night sky. Throughout his life, he rarely had such leisurely moments

He suddenly wondered if Jane was also by the window, enjoying the same night view as him

Dominic stopped in his tracks and glanced at his phone. After hesitating for a moment, he made a video call to Jane


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